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About Body Mind Therapy TOkyo

Be yourself: align body & mind with body mind therapy Tokyo! Your wellness is our goal. Together, let’s optimize your potentials

Holistic therapy Tokyo

Otomi Namaste (Therapy)

Your body mind therapy in Tokyo.

Both characters come from Chinese, which is the ancient basis of Japanese writing. The letters 音観 read backwards refer to the goddess of compassion : Kannon sama.

  • Otomi means “to see the sound” in Japanese.
  • Namaste is a greeting in India, but also means “I recognize and greet the divine in you”.

Be yourself with Body mind therapy Tokyo, fully aligned and true.

Thérapie psycho-corporelle

Nice to meet you, I'm Emmanuelle Valette Matsumura.

Your wellness is our goal !

Doubts, worries, anxiety and emotions

Take too much space ? Make you lose your means? You feel short of energy, lost ? But you want to change, make the right choice and move forward ?

Passages of depression or physical pain

Are recurrent but you want this to change permanently to regain good health and a stable mood?

Eat healthy, sleep well, think positive, focus

Are your goals knowing that it will improve your life, but you struggle to remain determined in your resolutions ? Or the stress is disturbing your good balance ?

Your place, your desires, your happyness

Are things that you are concerned about. You can't feel fulfilled, confident and at peace in your heart, not knowing your verse or going into life to be aligned with yourself ?

Harmonious relationships

Is what you want with your partner, your children, yourself, but communication is sometimes a problem?

You need a new direction in your life ?

That you dream about but you don't know how to make it happen? You have made the decision to take action but ordering them seems difficult ? You have reached a goal but are not satisfied ?

Together, let's change perspectives

Facing challenges with support

This is understandable, It can be hard to deal with some situations when you are the head right inside it ! We are human being, experimenting life on earth, and we face various challenge. However, you don’t have to face them alone.

Therapy with the body and creativity of the mind

Because I can feel what you are going through, I decided to share my experience and support to give a hand to anyone who need with holistic therapy in Tokyo / Online, and with dance therapy & meditation. I offer a wide spectrum of wellness and creative technics to harmonize your physical/mental/emotional health. 

Life : a wonderful opportunity to learn

I believe that life is all about learning. My mission is to help you to empower yourself, from now. I am not only guiding and practicing healing, I actually teach you how to relax, breath, reprogram your mind set and create your reality, develop your creativity and intuition, to feel and listen to your body, to understand relationships and yourself…

A generous sharing of experiences and a benevolent listening.

I share my experience from my heart, and make sure you learn how to do by yourself as fast as possible. But remember, I’m always here if you feel sliding down the wave… of when you want to rise higher ! 

Live the life of your dream, it's possible

One step after another, we go out of our confort zone, and we move forward gently with self respect and love.

Align body & mind with body mind therapy Tokyo

WELCOMING GIFT : my morning meditation for centering and protection !

My mission: helping you to optimize your potentials with body mind therapy Tokyo

Live fully your life !

The best investment you can do is on yourself.

By changing our reality we act on the world. Let’s live life with gentleness respect and serenity. Explore yourself here and now, share your talent to the world.

Taking care of yourself is a good decision

It’s a wonderful way to connect with yourself, get to know you and then transform yourself for the better…. it will shine around you! 

Your transformation contribute to harmony and balance

Everything is interconnected in nature and in the living world, visible or invisible. Your transformation has positive repercussions around you: on your loved ones, your environment, on harmony and balance.

Master your body and mind

Why you don't live your dream yet ?

We born with many memories coming

Coming from your family, ancestors… and more programs are created according to what you experienced in your childhood, by your education, the culture and society where you evolve… Plus some patterns you created by yourself. I could also talk about your karmic memories, but it may be or not one of your believing… 

Your subconscious makes you repeat the same patterns

Your brain and your body kept all in memory, and your subconscious makes you repeat the same patterns… You was probably wondering why this situations kept happening to you, and this despite lots of personal development work didn’t you? Now you know a part of the answer ! The rest may have its origin if the complex and not always well understood functioning of the law of attraction.

This patterns, thoughts, emotions related, slow down your evolution

As a results, all those subconscious behavior limit yourself and your growth. If you don’t encounter success in life, this may be partly true that you didn’t do the right actions to achieve your dream, or not with the good purpose… but the main reason may be in your subconscious. 

This can be transformed !

Good news, it’s not forever ! Stop blaming yourself and focus on the change to come : you can master it and reprogram it… Believe me, miracle can really happen when you release yourself.

You want to recover your free will ? Live according to your own values ?

Let’s start by getting rid of your old patterns, and create some new positive one. Then, time to master your mind and your emotions to create your reality.

How can I help you

Some amazing tools for your change

With body mind therapy, I discovered amazing tools to change your mindset, releasing your body and soul, and transforming fully your life. Indeed, I studied about the brain and mind functioning and conduced some research amount various tribes and what the westerns likes to call “shamanism”. 

The personal and spiritual evolution manifest in the every day life

The 3D reality and the pains in your body do exist, in the same time another invisible higher reality does… However, you can create a new reality by becoming aware, and by understanding yourself and the world surrounding you. The more you evolve, the more you understand.

Motivated and ready to travel toward your happyness, freedom, and success ?

You’re motivated and ready to travel toward  happyness, freedom and success, I am delighted to be your guide during your transformation. Always remember, I’m the guide, you own the ship ! You have the free will. Your mission ? Accepting it, and trusting me and yourself : together we will move forward !  

With benevolence and compassion, body mind therapy Tokyo helps you to RELAX your body and mind and teach you some exercices. Our sounds waves offers a deep healing of the soul, and help you to totally let go and feel lightness and relief. 

I research the original cause of your problem, and we release the memory related in your body.

Together, we collaborate to create a new positive pattern and believing, more aligned with your desires and needs.

Once you’re mind is “reset”, your body will start its self balancing process : a natural ability that every human being has.

I help you to define your goals and organize the necessary actions for your personal transformation.

About Leiya & Naoshi

thérapeute psychocorporelle

Leiya (Emmanuelle)

Holistic therapy Healer – Body, mind & spirit

Diffuser of spiritual knowledge

Purificator of living space

Potential and joy awakener, nature and plants lover.

I inspire my clients to tap into their resources in order to create their reality while moving towards inner peace through the knowledge of their desires and needs.

For me, nothing is more important than living in consciousness and harmony with one’s being and the universe, for a brighter extension of the world.

 I put my experience and my 15 years in-depth research on the natural medicines of the world at your service.

Very sensitive to nature, to the elements and to the inter-relationship between all things on earth and in the universe, I infuse in you a wider multi-dimensional vision, beyond your physical being.

Extrasensory from a very young age, I have the ability to see and feel the invisible. I can also purifying spaces with vibrations… being same as energies (dance, sounds…)

crystal bowl Naoshi

Naoshi (Studio Shupi Lita)

Soundscape weaver

Healing sound wave creator

Magical DJ (ambient, electronica) a.k.a NaosisoaN

Magical sound vibration artist, roasted coffee lover.

He composes live ambient music using synthesizer, computer, tuning forks, lyre, crystal bowls, karimba …

He developed his musical activity in the United States, then toured a lot in Japan with music groups or as a DJ.

Today, he collaborates with visual artists and creates subtle music with a high vibratory rate. 

He performs in local festivals and events, notably in the first city in ecological transition, Fujino, where he contributed to the development of solar energy following the explosion of the power plant in 2011.

He has the particular ability to see the shapes and colors of sound vibrations, and invites you to be transported in a cosmic and magical journey, and to purify your cells.

Just for the curious ones...

I'm a nomadic artist

In parallel to teaching oriental and Indian dances while being active in the world of theatre, I obtained my diploma of Make-up Artist and Advanced Technician in Aesthetics and Cosmetics in 2006 at the Peyrefitte school in France. I learned during 3 intense years facial and body treatments such as shiatsu, reflexology and lymphatic and vascular massages, but also sales, marketing and management, biochemistry, laboratory biology, general and cutaneous biology, anatomy… All this period was difficult because I was going through a multitude of challenges on a personal and family level, health, financial, spiritual, but I was clinging to the dance of life trying to fully embody my body.

I started teaching world dances in 2004 and created my make-up and massage business in 2006. I naturally incorporated personal development and care into my customer services. That same year, I made my first research trip about dance and natural medicine starting in Egypt, followed by Bali, Thailand and Benin in 2008.

Researcher in Ancestral Natural Medicines

In 2010, I created and artistically directed the Yalisaï company. The objective was to spread beautiful vibrations of care and awakening during performances, as well as to create a bridge between cultures and arts while developing an ecological consciousness both human and environmental. In the same year I went to Greece to take part in the anti-fascist movement with protest artists in a crisis situation. 

On my return, I joined an experimental music and visual art group “Barocco Project”, in parallel with my contemporary theatre and dance schools which also included Feldenkreis, du mîme, kathakali, as well as a school of contemporary and classical dance. I also practiced BMC, movement analysis, and trained in Reiki.

We're becoming experts in what we need to learn...

2012 was an important turning point: I went to Peru, Bolivia, Belize, Guatemala, and then I went back to the country of my ancestors: Mexico. An important phase in a quest for truth, letting go and identity that allowed me to accept and develop my full potential, in the heart of sacred lands and so-called “shamanism”. 

In 2013, I learned kinesiology, holistic therapy, and improved my dance skills at the National Dance Center, while working in parallel with physiotherapists and osteopaths to refine my knowledge of anatomy, movement analysis and body placement work. By deepening my research on the in-depth action on fascias, organs, vertebrae and energy circulation in the body in relation to the seasons, I developed my work on the emotional language of the body and cellular decoding. 

Our experiences and challenges are our strength

Right after, I left France to settle in Australia and explore Oceania and the Pacific, and I moved to Japan at the end of 2015. I am a hyperactive person, with a very strong why in life who never gives up despite the difficulties and resistances I encounter on my path as a healer and teacher. All these experiences are my strength: I am able to understand the challenges you encounter in your life and to accompany you with all my heart and authenticity.

My meeting with Naoshi in 2017 has extended my creative and therapeutic activity: it has reopened the doors of the forgotten musician in me who played many instruments at a younger age. We enjoy combining my skills as an actress and dancer with a passion for writing with her work to create magical musical compositions with healing sound waves to create hypnosis and vibrational sound journeys. Today I integrate vibratory waves in my treatments in order to act more deeply on the physical and energetic levels.

We adapt our holistic therapy Tokyo services to your needs.

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