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We are dedicated to provide your the best services with high value for your wellness. We make sure that we do our best to accompany you toward inner peace and freedom. Thanks to take care of yourself : you act on much higher than yourself !

Your wellness is our goal !

  • Doubt, worries, anxiety and emotions take too much space ?  You feel lack of energy, lost, but wish to change and make good choice to move forward?
  • You want to feel positif, relax, and eat healthy because you know it will improve your life and but you always end up to fail in your good resolution ?
  • You have various mental or physical health troubles and you can’t succeed to recover a stable health and mood ?   
  • You hope to have good relationship with your partner, your kids, with yourself, but can’t find the harmony you wish to find ? 
  • You have a personal or professional project that you dream about but you don’t know if you can or how to achieve it ? You took the decision but ordering the actions to do seems challenging ? 
  • You realized your goals but still can’t feel satisfied, fulfilled and peaceful inside your heart ? 

This is understandable, It can be hard to deal with some situations when you are the head right inside it ! We are human being, experimenting life on earth, and we face various challenge. However, you don’t have to face them alone ! Because I can feel what you are going through, I decided to share my experience and support to give a hand to anyone who need with body-mind and art therapy. 

I offer a wide spectrum of wellness and creative technics to harmonize your physical/mental/emotional health. I believe that life is all about learning. My mission is to help you to empower yourself, from now. I am not only guiding and practicing healing, I actually teach you how to relax, breath, reprogram your mind set and create your reality, develop your creativity and intuition, to feel and listen to your body, to understand relationships and yourself… I share my experience from my heart, and make sure you learn how to do by yourself as fast as possible. But remember, I’m always here if you feel sliding down the wave… of when you want to rise higher ! 

My mission is helping you to optimize your potentials and master your body, mind, spirit to live life fully !

The best investment we can do is on ourself. By changing our reality we act on the world. Let’s live life with gentleness respect and serenity. Explore yourself here and now, share your talent to the world.

Thanks for making the right decision ! Taking care of yourself is a beautiful way to transform yourself and the world.

Do you want to know why you don't live your dream yet ?

You born with many memories coming from your family, ancestors… and more programs are created according to what you will experience in your childhood, by your education, the culture and society where you evolve… Plus some patterns you created by yourself. I could also talk about your karmic memories, but it may be or not one of your believing… 😉 

To resum : your brain and your body kept all in memory, and your subconscious makes you repeat the same patterns… You probably was wondering why this situations kept happening to you, didn’t you? Now you know the answer ! 

As a results, this patterns, thoughts, emotions related, all coming from your subconscious limit yourself and your growth. If you don’t encounter success in life, this may be true that you didn’t do the right actions to achieve your dream, or not with the good purpose… but the main reason may be in your subconscious. Good news, it’s not forever : you can master it and reprogram it… and believe me, miracle can really happen when you release yourself ! If you want to recover your free will and live your life according to your own value, you need first to get rid of this old patterns, and create some new positive one. Then, time to master your mind and your emotions to create your reality !


How can I help you

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I discovered amazing tools to change your mindset, releasing your body and soul, and transforming fully your life. Indeed, I studied about the brain and mind functioning and conduced some research amount various tribes and what the westerns likes to call “shamanism”. 

The spiritual and personal evolution is 100% grounded : the 3D reality and the pains in your body do exist, in the same time another invisible higher reality does… However, you can create a new reality by becoming aware, and by understanding yourself and the world surrounding you. The more you evolve, the more you understand.

You’re motivated and ready to travel toward  happyness, freedom and success, I am delighted to be your guide during your transformation. Always remember, I’m the guide, you own the ship ! You have the free will. Your mission ? Accepting it, and trusting me and yourself : together we will move forward !  

With all my benevolence and compassion, I help you to relax and teach you some exercices. You can also join one of our meditation with dance and soundwave to go further. Then, I research the original cause of your problem, release the memory in your body, and together we collaborate to build your new positive pattern. Once you’re reset, your body will start its self balancing process : a natural ability that every alive being have. Now, the coaching starts : I help you to set your goal or refine it, and organize your actions for setting up your life and self transformation. 


Meet us


Body Mind Therapist, Coach

Dance & meditation instructor 

I am Leiya, body-mind and art therapist, coach, and instructor in energy healing. I accompany motivated people on their way towards inner peace. I allow them to discover their full potential and act to realize their dreams and goals. I have the ability to see and connect with the invisible being extrasensoriel since a very young age, and I’m highly connected with nature.  

I share with you my dancer experience, as well as my intense researches on natural and ancestral medicine around the world.

crystal bowl Naoshi


SoundWave therapist 

Composer & Soundscape designer

Naoshi (a.k.a DJ NaosisoaN) is a sound artist and a healer from Japan. He composes music and creates ambiant live music using synthesizer, lapotop, tuning forks, lyre, crystal bowls, karimba… He develop his music activity in the US, then has beeing touring in Japan. Today, he collaborates with visuals artist by creating high vibes and subtiles musics. He has the special ability to see the sound wave shapes and colors.

Allow yourself to be accompany in a magical cosmic sound journey, and healed by the sound vibrations.

A little more about me and my studies...

In the same time I was teaching Oriental and Indian dance, I graduated in 2006 as a make-up artist and a Superior Aesthetic Cosmetic technicians in Peyrefitte school in France. I learnt during 3 years face and body care such as Shiatsu, Reflexology and Lymphatic and Vascular massages, and also about marketing and management, bio-chemistry, laboratory, general and skin biology, anatomy… 

I created my make-up art company in 2006 and was naturally including personal development and body-mind care in my services to my customers. 

In 2010 I became artistic director of my dance company, oriented art therapy with the intention to spread healing vibrations in my performances. 

I joined the same year a theater schools and a contemporary dance school, and started Reiki Healing. 

In 2013 I learnt kinesiology and improved my dance skills at the national center of dance while collaborating with many kinesitherapist to improve my anatomic knowledge. 

My encounter with Naoshi opened another door to my activity : it reopened the doors of the forgotten musician inside me who used to practice few instruments when I was younger… We enjoy combining my comedian/dance skills to his magical music work to created healing sound waves compositions. 

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To advice you the best match.

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