Par Emmanuelle Matsumura

In this blog, I share my experience and accompany you in your spiritual and personal development.

You will find health, well-being and beauty advice to find or maintain the balance and harmony of your body and mind.  

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Start your day with meditation

There is not only one way to meditate, there are many way and some are very simple to start with. If I tell you that there is another simple way to start, would you like to try it ?

Prepare your pregnancy

Welcome a new wonder in this world, what a full program ! We all wish to offer our child the best for a harmonious and soft development. Take care of yourself is the best gift that can be made to this second little heart growing inside yourself.

How to overcome anxiety

Stress is a physiological reaction of the body to a situation that will require immediate adaptation. However, everyone reacts differently, and if it becomes chronic, it can lead the body to a state of exhaustion.

How to stop a panic attack

During a crisis, the person feels an imminent danger, a fear of losing control, or even a fear of death. It is a fear coming from the subconscious mind, awakened by a particular thought and/or situation. You can gradually progress in crisis management, and learn to spot the first signs.

Benefits of CBD for health

There is numerous system in the body : respiratory, digestive, circulatory, nervous, muscular, immune... but there is also one who is less know, however very important : the Endocannabinoïde system, who maintain the inner body balance.

Secrets for natural beauty

Thousands of moisturizers, chemical compositions with complex names, but you still want to take care of your skin ethically ? Here is my secrets for natural beauty.

Phycocyanin, super detox

You probably heard about this powerful antioxidant : the phycocyanin. This pigment-protein present in a micro-algue has some incredible property for health to reinforce the immun system, more than spirulina.

Benefits or dance for health

Dance is a wonderful allows everyone to reconnect and express their deepest self. A real discovery of one's body and its potential, beyond the simple physical dimension. Dance heals the body and mind ! 

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