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Reiki in Hospital

The general public is turning with ever-increasing interest to complementary health care, including Reiki Therapy. Reiki in Hospital is even actively being integrated it all over the World. Reiki healing can find its place in integrative medicine and contribute to the development of a more preventive care approach in order to reduce health costs by […]

Phycocyanin super detox

What is phycocyanin ? You’ve certainly heard of this powerful antioxidant: phycocyanin. This pigment present in a micro-algae has incredible properties to strengthen your immune system, even more than spirulina.  The human body, a wonderful organism 100,000 billion cells A machine whose main activities are done automatically Which regenerates naturally Our cells renew themselves regularly […]

Benefits of CBD for health

Benefits of CBD and CBG for health There is numerous system in the body : respiratory, digestive, circulatory, nervous, muscular and skeletal, reproductive, immune… but there is also one who is less know, however very important.  The endocannabinoïde system (ECS) The ECS is part of a much larger communication system called the “endocannabinoidome”.  The signalling molecules […]

How to overcome anxiety

How to overcome anxiety ? What is anxiety? Stress is a physiological response of the body to a situation that will require immediate adaptation. If it becomes chronic, we talk about anxiety. If Stress can have a positive reaction on the body boosting performance through the secretion of adrenaline hormone, in the long terms, it can lead […]

Start your day with morning meditation

Start your day with morning meditation Beginning your day with morning meditation has many advantages: being at peace, concentrated, in harmony, away from stress… For some people morning meditation is a long-established ritual, while for those just starting out it can seem like a whole world. But did you know that there is not only […]

Benefits of dance for health

Benefits of dance for health Dance allows everyone to reconnect and express their deepest self. A real discovery of one’s body and its potential, beyond the simple physical dimension. Dance heals the body and mind !  Movement is something natural and ancestral. For many tribe I have met, dance was part of their life. Whether […]

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