Program live your dream​

Together, let’s RELEASE your soul, RELAX your body, and RESET your mind. Make yourself ready for the change and organize your actions to move toward your dreams.

I am here to  support you on your journey toward inner peace and success. Get your power back, trust yourself, create your life !

During personal and spiritual development, we face various challenge, pushes us to adapt and evolve. Sometimes a boost is needed to recover energy, self confidence and quickly solve situations.





We sometimes can’t find another way and let the stress, negative thoughts and emotions take over the mind control.

This is understandable, nothing wrong about that : this is part of the learning process toward perfect alignment with our higher self being and its desires. 

Ready to learn how to reprogram your mindset ? Stop dreaming, do it ! Time for action : together everything is possible. I offer you a collaboration, a co-creation of your reality. Build your world !  








With relaxation, visualisation, meditation technics, body exercices, brain gym, eyes movement reprocessing and EFT, body langage and psycho-genealogy, let’s find out the origin of your blockage and change your mindset from now. I teach you how to train your thoughts to be positive, be confident, trust yourself and your project. Your key is the mastering of your mind… emotions.


Become aware of your functioning and believing, transform your old habits. Improve your communication and relationships. Increase your energy and brain abilities with a healthy diet. Optimize the feminine cycle, understand the feminine mysteries for man. Organisation and clarification of your actions if you start a new project / company, and more according to your situation. The more you know yourself, the more you shine and inspire ! 


Before or after the coaching, I give the option to perform a REMOTE HEALING to harmonize your energy flow, release your recent/old memories, and make sure your cells integrate the mind work. It is a powerful complementary work to the mindset and the exercices : the body, the mind and the soul need to move hand to hand for significant results.

Become the artist of your life ! 

Basics you can expect

Stress and emotional management

Communication, relationship improvement 

Mindset, intuition and attraction law mastering

Activation for the realization of your projects

Self confidence and clarity 

Every coaching are specially adjust to your situation. Allow yourself the best match with your situation : fill the form !

Every step forward is to celebrate !

1 time

4 time ( 6 month duration)

1 x 350€ / 2 x 175€ / 3 x 117€

Be ready, change is on the way >>> Get a bottle of water to drink, paper and pen to write, and your motivation to move forward together ! 

You don’t have yet ? You will : my smile and happyness will grow your wings ! Your transformation is my biggest joy.  

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