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What do you really want ? What is your WHY, your reason to wake up every morning ? Think well, think big, clarify ! I’m helping you to change your old believing, your family programing, your vision of yourself, to gain confidence and trust in life and in yourself.

To manifest and create what you want, you need to make sure you have a positif mindset. It is the key for successful and joyful life ! I’m helping you to open yourself to the change. Let’s follow your inner guide and making choices respecting yourself.

Time to move on. Ready to reach inner peace ? I help you to understand and release your anger and your worries : you are supported by life ! Ready for Success ? Let’s work on your fears, your value, on your right place to live in harmony.

Live your dreams

Together, with my method CLAPACTION let’s CLARIFY your goal, ORGANIZE your mind, and be ready for ACTION. Make yourself ready for the change and move toward your dreams.

I am here to  support you on your journey toward inner peace and success. Get your power back, trust yourself, create your life !

During personal and spiritual development, we face various challenge, pushes us to adapt and evolve. Sometimes a boost is needed to recover energy, self confidence and quickly solve situations.





We sometimes can’t find another way and let the stress, negative thoughts and emotions take over the mind control.

This is understandable, nothing wrong about that : this is part of the learning process toward perfect alignment with our higher self being and its desires. 

Ready to learn how to reprogram your mindset ? Stop dreaming, do it ! Time for action : together everything is possible. I offer you a collaboration, a co-creation of your reality. Build your world !  





Basics you can expect

Release of your believings and patterns who doesn't serve your expansion

Ecologic productivity and non violent relation with yourself

Communication, relationship improvement 

Food and body work advices

Stress and emotional management

Mindset, intuition, attraction law mastering

Effective action to realize your project, self confidence

THE +_+ BONUS :  Ecological” marketing, technical tools for your entrepreneurial activity, time management and organization, positive state of mind… While opening your conscience to see bigger!

Remote energy treatment for deepening your mindset change

Before or after the coaching, I give the option to perform a REMOTE HEALING to harmonize your energy flow, release your recent/old memories, and make sure your cells integrate the mind work. 

It is a powerful complementary work : the body, the mind and the soul need to move hand to hand for significant results. When you start to change your mind, your body will as well. The body is more slow than your mind, and need to release its memories. It help you during this process. 

Or a pack of 6 hypnoses

You are invited to travel deep into your subconscious and transform your state of mind through the powerful effect of energy and vibration work.

A complete restructuring of your most hidden programs, an action on the processes of self-sabotage, a liberation from old traumas and your trans-generational memory.

Give a boost to your evolution

Much more effective to have a regular support when you want to move on. When you change, your projects and goals may evolve as well. New questions may pop up into your mind. Write it down for the next time !

Consider a 4-month follow-up

  • I’m here to help you with your personal work, and to readjust your direction if needed.
  • By seeing each other once a month during 4 month, you will have a very precious and personalize support : give a boost to your evolution !
  • Be ready : I am quite generous. The more motivated and devoted to your change you are, the more I can give you.
  • Not there yet ? This is fine : for sure you will be after the first session !
  • Be sure that I will encourage you a lot.

Every step forward is to celebrate !

Coaching 1:1

  • New Moon Meditation offered (one time only).
  • 1h via the zoom application (free app)
  • Access to your member area on New Moon day
  • Instructions and encoded music
  • Remote sound waves healing


Pack Hypnosis

  • 6 hypnoses accompanied by sound waves.
  • Reset your mind and cells in depth.

Coaching 4 month

  • 1 New Moon Meditation offered
  • Once a month
  • 4 meetings of 1 hour (méthode 3in1)
  • Exercises 


Payment facilities

4 month Intense Coaching

  • 1 New Moon Meditation offered
  • 10h coaching
  • Once every 15 days
  • Month 1 : RELAX (empty your bag) -> 2 rdv of 1 hour
  • Month 2 : RELEASES (emotional release, resistances) -> 2 meetings of 1h30 each.
  • Month 3 : RESET (your mind) -> 2 meetings of 1h30 each
  • Month 4 : ACTION -> 2 rdv of 1h (méthode CLAPACTION)


Payment facilities

Any questions?
Ask for a free discover 15min call !


IMPORTANT : LES HORAIRES SONT EN GTM +9 (Horaire du Japon). France = GTM+1. 18h sur le calendrier = 8h en France !

1. BOOK via the calendar

2. PAYEMENT (click on the “start” button of your coaching choice).

3. FILL THE FORM – Try to be as precise as possible about what is your needs.

4. DOWNLOAD ZOOM free application

Be ready, change is on the way : get a bottle of water to drink, a pen to write, and your motivation to move forward together. 

My smile and my energy will make your wings appear : your transformation is my biggest joy !  

Become the artist of your life 

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