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conscious health

Inspiring life advice, with respect for the living world

Conscious Health: natural health advice and conscious living. A blog to inspire! Everything for your natural health of body, mind, home; Not forgetting your relationships with you, others, and your environment etc…

The goal? More alignment, joy, beauty, and inner peace. Life is abundant: let’s dream, and do our best. Because “together, everything is possible”!

Conscious health: harmony with the living world

First of all, taking care of one’s health consciously consists of a whole. Therefore, my blog can only deal with one subject. Indeed, respecting ecological values is a vast subject! The environment as a whole must be taken into account. Finally, it is a lifestyle in itself.

Living close to nature means taking into account everything around us. Observe first, then co-create. Then finding balance and harmony with the whole environment and all the living beings present in it.

Above all, you are a nature lover? Are you concerned about the environment? Do you love ecology? Or none of the above? BUT you are curious and open to follow my adventure, and be inspired? You’ve come to the right place!

Lifestyle full consciousness

With authenticity, I share my adventures around the world. My natural medicines, healthy food recipes, experimentation with homemade cosmetics and hygiene products. As well as observations in and around my garden.

So you will find everything you need for your holistic natural health. Get ready to have fun!

MAIN SUBJECTS: Healthy body / Healthy mind / Healthy relationships / Healthy home

  • Tips for improving body and mind (心身改善)
  • My natural medicines and grandmother’s remedies
  • Healthy food, recipes

But also,

  • Natural, DIY homemade ecological cosmetics & cleaning products
  • Natural agriculture, gardening in Japan, organic food around Tokyo
  • Japanese philosophy of life and culture

Conscious health: natural self-care

Moreover, be it through your thoughts, your actions, your lifestyle. But also what you choose to bring into your home, into your life, into your family. Because everything is inter-connected: to move towards a healthy and aligned life is to consider the whole as one big inseparable whole. And to do this, you have to start by accepting what is, in order to better transform and co-create!

Ready to take care of your body and mind? Let’s start the adventure together! Become an actor of change.

Feel free to make comments, and contact me with any questions!

More awareness in your daily life, for natural health and more inner peace.

Author of the conscious health blog

Emmanuelle Matsumura a.k.a Leiya :

Body mind therapy Tokyo / Dance & music artist

Kinesiologist & seitai・Reiki master・Shiatsu & Massage therapist・Dance therapist・Sonotherapist・Meditation teacher

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Take care of yourself today

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