Group and individual session

UMU Therapy

Rebirth to yourself,

Become all and nothing, pur existance

Release your blockages and emotions gently, that’s what UMU therapy offers you.

Each session is a profound treatment: take time for yourself, rediscover your decision-making power, and take advantage of the benevolent energy: reconnect, re-establish links with yourself, nature and the universe. We are always connected with the universe and beings: we are never alone. 

  • DO-IN and IQ-QONG

The session begins by balancing the energy flow in the meridian of the season with self-acupressions and massage. This aims to prepare and strengthen your body to welcome the new season and to prevent further weakness with gentle stretches inspired by Do-in and Qi qong.


I use kinesiology (brain gymnastics) to help your left and right brain connect, to activate more of your brain and increase your body’s capabilities. With positive affirmations and eye movements (EMDR), we re-program your mind, oriented towards solutions and transformations.


The entry into the intuitive movement is done gently and freely with guidance in the form of proposals and invitations: we gradually embody the element of the season and connect it with our matter/body.
This work allows you to transcend some of your blockages in a subtly modified state of consciousness, reinforced by the effect of sound vibrations.


Musical accompaniment by Naoshi Matsumura with my humble contribution of voice, handpan, tuning forks and sacred geometry.

Take care of your body and mind through movement! 

Experiment the benefit of UMU and dance,

Reconnect body & nature.

Example of a session objective :

I am in peace and security / I have confidence in myself and in life / I make the choices that are beneficial for my evolution / I welcome life in me with joy

-> See the programs of our “NEW MOON SOUND WAVES MEDITATIONS“, we follow the same evolutionary scheme.

Dhyana, silence of the soul

Ecstatic dance

No shoes, no booze, no chitchat. A warming-up with kinesiology, a music progressively evolving to encourage letting go, dance in the dark and meditation. 

Sensory & oneness

  • Organic Dance (inner connection)

 Dance from your sensations, connect to the elements and nature. Energy flow balancing : meridians, organs, following Chinese seasons.

  • Sufi Meditation (cosmos connection) 

Dance with the univers and the planets. Experiment mystical ecstasy, the path of love, the quest of the divine self. 

Zen walk

A technic coming from Zen bouddhism. A walk in silence, in a contemplation state, in full consciousness. 

Learn with a world dance artist

(Select “Online Call session”)

Emmanuelle is not only a body mind therapist. She is a contemporary dancer and actress called “Leiya”. She has been traveling the world and share with you a wide range of dance flavor.

People trusted her to let her attend to some ceremonies in various countries. She could spent times with “shamans” and tribes around the world.  She created her own method of movement therapy : “the Organic Sacred Dance”.

She enjoy a lot dancing in nature and “in situ” improvisation : dancing the space, the moment, interact and connect, express the invisible, transforming the space energy. She collaborates with musicians, has been touring for concerts with music bands, performed and taught world cultures in international schools (gipsy culture in India, japanese Zen culture in France…) 

To know more about UMU and Leiya’s performance -> Visite her professional dance website

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