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Energy flow

Liberation of the soul’s memories


In life we sometimes go through various phases that require accompaniment. We wish to change but we do not have the necessary keys due to a lack of distance with the situation. Our body talk to us with recurring pains that we not always understand, feeling of emptiness and inexplicable intense fatigue, inexplicable fears that hinder us in our progress, misunderstanding of what is happening to us … There are many reasons for those, but there are not always obvious or visible. If you care only about the consequences in your body and not about the cause, it tend to come back and force.

I accompany you gently and benevolently on the path of wellness, by considering you in the entirety of your being and helping you to regain your ability to self-rebalance. My years of traveling and personal research around the world have allowed me to meet wonderful people, to read many books, to train me in various techniques with various masters, to learn from nature, from first peoples , from my Mexican ancestors, the herbal medicine of my grandmother from Auvergne…


Channeling, Akhash memories, cells memories, magnetism, quantum touch, eutonie, radiesthesy, soft manipulation, guidance. In addition, I may use plantes, minerals, sounds (tuning forks, singing bol), colors, oracle cards…

Conduct of a session

Interview and evaluation of your general condition: work, health, physical, family, emotional, mental. Establishment of a objective. After a relaxation and a general energy rebalancing, we act on the cause with the appropriate methods, adapted to each person and varying from one session to another. Time for relaxing and integration. 

What is the field of action of energy work ?

Malaise, Depression, Lack of energy, stress (home, work), sleep problems, anxiety related to the future situation, muscle aches, recurrence of body pain, physical trauma, lack of muscular flexibility, blood and lymphatic circulation disorders, gastro intestinal and food disorder, skin disorder, psychological trauma, relations and communication, lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, mourning, Paranormal, energy flow in your living place (geobiology, feng shui)

What are the benefits ?

Open your chakras for a free flow of energy, deep cell cleansing, life in the present moment freed from any alienating karmic or generational link, renewed energy and dynamism, greater connection to yourself, openness to the external signs , disappearance of your pain or malaise, increase your general welness and feeling lighter, awareness and support to the changes needed to improve your living conditions.


Energy care belongs to alternative and holistic medicine. You will never be asked to stop your current treatment or stop consulting your doctor. We work in partnership with conventional medicine, not as a replacement.

In presence / Remote Healing

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