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Dance Therapy Tokyo

December 3 @ 15:00 17:00 JST

Dance therapy Tokyo circle is a benevolent place to take care of yourself and each other, to relax, and to balance mind and body together. It aims to increase self-awareness and release tensions and blockages in the body’s memory.


  • On a physical level, it improves circulation, coordination and muscle tone.
  • On a mental and emotional level, it reinforces self-affirmation, revives intellectual capacities and creativity, and allows one to meet emotions that are sometimes difficult to express verbally: anger, frustration, feelings of isolation, etc.

Dance therapy is a dynamic form of therapy, that is and has been used since a very long time by many humans around the globe, in many culture. I happily share my life experience with those tribes around the earth, and their dances and stories to remind that we all share the same earth, the same humanity and the same difficulties wherever we are. A bit of philosophy in a space out of time, and an invitation to travel !

Do not feel scared by the word “therapy” at all, it’s a loving place of freedom where you can feel safe. If you are tired and wish to stop during the session because of some body limitation, disease, or physical condition, you are invited to do so.


Warm welcome in a place for healing, sharing, and being. Nothing pretentious at all, I rent the space, and come who can… We might even move in a kouminkan in the futur to reduce the fees, allowing more people to join us.

Everyone share the same loving value of self respect, care, and non judgement. We are from different countries, languages, cultures, religion, with or without physical or emotional disease. But we are here to be and enjoy life and find a place to “let go” our attachement and difficulties in motion.


I use various technics: Movement analysis, Body mind centering, Feldenkreis, Eutonie. But also some Brain gym movement (kinesiology), eyes movement (like in EMDR), meditation and hypnosis (soft trans). And Reiki, Shiatsu, Qi gong, World dancing… I often include our healing music creation with specific sound frequencies to favor the relief and balance the organs, and prepare the body to go through the season to come.


It can happen in individual session, or in group (in this case at OLI STUDIO) in a dance studio, to be out a therapy practice. When you first meet the therapist, he invite you to define / share your goals and needs, then the session starts.

We generally starts with Japanese self massage, acupressure and stretching (kiko, shiatsu, do in, qi gong, yoga) and we continue with movement. Those can be improvised or guided, with music or without to help you find and listen to your inner rythm and explore your organs, bones, muscles… Then, we finish by a relaxation and meditation, possibly with massage and reiki healing if those who practice reiki wish to share.

A trustful and benevolent environment promotes awareness of our body, and our interaction with the environment. This is a nice therapy as it allows your to rediscover your anatomy, brings up a host of sensations, feelings and thoughts, and bring relief and lightness in body and heart.

At the end of the session, we can share what we discovered, and our sensations felt during the session. This time can also help to bring clarity and awareness, and helps to give an orientation to the next sessions.


I am therapist in Tokyo and artist, in practice since 2005. Please, consult my website to learn more about my practices and approach.

After my main studies, I travelled and lived in 40 countries to conduce my own research about human beings. I was particularly interested by tribes. Their life style, natural medicines and herboristery, spiritual practices, rituals including music and dance. Those experience opened my mind, my heart and fed my soul. When I came back to the modern world and society, I find my way to navigate between the scientific western mind and the spiritual and philosophical vision. I hope together we can bridge the philosophy, broaden the perspectives and possibilities for a healthier and happier life, with more harmony on earth.


Emmanuelle MATSUMURA


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Oli Studio

市西久保2丁目1−10 Y’Sビル B1 ワイズビル
武蔵野, 東京都 180-0013 Japan
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Dance Therapy Tokyo

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