individual session


Release of muscle tensions, deep tissue and fascias work

Body work with massages and chiropractic.

A wide spectrum of massage care and a delicate, warm and deep touch according to your needs. It Identify and release recent and old physical disorders, improve sleeping, digestion, circulation and physical performance. Get a new light and flexible body !

Your massagist 

Emmanuelle graduated a Superior Aesthetic Cosmetic Technician in France in 2005 and pursued her studies in Thailand, Indonesia, India, the Philippines… with massage therapists and healers.

During her professionnal dance carrier she was coached by physical therapists. She learnt from many osteopath, chiropractor, kinesitherapist who trusted her and shared their knowledge. During her kinesiology training, she went further with combining chinese medicin and muscle testing : at technic called Touch For Health”.


  • Shiatsu, foot reflexology
  • Touch for health (kinesiology)
  • Manipulations and stretching (body-work and chiropractic)
  • Fascia, deep-tissue
  • Thai massage
  • Lymphatic and vascular drainage
  • Californian, Hot stones, Ayurvedic


  • Identify and release recent and old physical disorders. Reduces pains, headaches and stress.
  • Improves sleep disorders, digestion, circulation and physical performance.
  • It brings relaxation and flexibility, improve the awareness by feeling and reconnecting with your body. 


You generally don’t need to take your cloth off, however stretch pants made in cotton or any confortable fabric are advised.


Delicate, warm and deep, always listening to your needs. Her knowledge and her experience as a dancer will find and release the tensions present in your body.

Her style is a progressive massage : when your body is more relax and you are half asleep, she can start to use a deep touch. But always feel free to ask her the kind of pression you wish.

After a massage

Some people who experience a deep touch full body massage or shiatsu for the first time may feel some discomfort on the following days. This is normal and it will disappear soon : your body regains its capacity for self-healing. 

The body release all the pains he kept quiet for years. All the areas where the energy flow was blocked are “woken up” and inflate very slightly, causing a small painless compression in most areas of the body. 

In narrower parts such as the base of the neck, shoulder blades or along the spine, this can press on areas of nerve impulses and can cause pain. It is a well known process in asia, called “the healing crisis” :  it generally takes few day to the body to recover its new balance.

When that happens, it only lasts a few days, and then you will feel very light ! If you are worried, ask your massagist a soft and light touch for a first contact, then you will get use to it and will be able to experience a deep touch massage.


If your muscular tensions are recurrent or important, it may be necessary to consider having another session using specifically kinesiology to seek for the emotional cause and release the pain durably.

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