1 to 1 coaching


1h one to one coaching

Via zoom video call (it’s a free application you can download on phone or computer)

You have a goal to achieve ? Something you want to change in your life (diet, stress, relationship) ? Gain in confidence and share your personal value and beauty with the world ? Make yourself ready for transformation and abundance, with my creativity and shiny positive mood, I accompany you to realize your dream with effective actions !

Understand the origin of your resistances and get the boost you need to act and change your life.

Price in euro : 67 €



Together, let’s CLARIFY your goal, ORGANIZE your mind, and be ready for ACTION. Make yourself ready for the change and move toward your dreams.

I am here to  support you on your journey toward inner peace and success. Get your power back, trust yourself, create your life !

During personal and spiritual development, we face various challenge, pushes us to adapt and evolve. Sometimes a boost is needed to recover energy, self confidence and quickly solve situations. 

We sometimes can’t find another way and let the stress, negative thoughts and emotions take over the mind control.

This is understandable, nothing wrong about that : this is part of the learning process toward perfect alignment with our higher self being and its desires. 

Ready to learn how to reprogram your mindset ? Stop dreaming, do it ! Time for action : together everything is possible. I offer you a collaboration, a co-creation of your reality. Build your world !  

  • Book online
  • Fill the form information form
  • I send you an email to offer you some dates for our appointment
  • Upload the video call aplication zoom beforehand
1 to 1 coaching


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