12 NewMoon Meditation


Meditation & Remote Healing to harmonize the circulation of the elements and energy flow in your organs according to the seasons (Chinese calendar).

Prepare yourself for meditation with self-acupressure, breathing, re-programming of the mind.

From your member area, access the meditation sequence, and play the soundtrack specially created according to the theme of the month, the energy of the season and the organs involved.

The objective is to purify your cells through the action of sound vibrations on the water of your body, in order to release your blockages and integrate a new positive pattern.


A health prevention method based on the traditional chinese medicine.

Each season corresponds to an element, an organ, and an emotion, we invite you to cross them in consciousness each month, in order to act in prevention to maintain the harmony of the body.

Connect yourself each month on the day of the new moon.

Join the movement “global awakening”

It is by vibrating all together we can create positive egregores of love and light. Our thoughts act on the world and impact matter beyond time and space. Let us make this gift for ourselves, but therefore to the universe and the Earth, where the living is the very reflection of our inner world.

Let us spread love and harmony within us, and then extend our consciousness to the great whole. Together, everything is possible!

12 NewMoon Meditation


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