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The therapeutic algae – extract from spirulina

Certified by QUALi PHARM, this combination of natural product will help you to optimize your potential. Take care of your body and mind thanks to the power of nature.

Support your immun system

Stimulate the production of white blood cells, protection of the cells, anti-allergic properties.

Clean your body

Powerful antioxydant, eliminates waste (free radicals) from cellular metabolism, 20 times more powerful than vitamin C, 16 times more powerful than vitamin E

Limit inflammation

Acute and chronic pain (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, crohn’s disease…), plus reduce impressively pre-menstrual pains for women

Increase performances

Recycles lactates (waste produced during physical effort) into ATP (source of energy for the cells)
Production of red blood cells = better tissue oxygenation, increase of VO2-max

Optimal recovery

Stimulates the secretion of melatonin = better quality of sleep
Stimulates the secretion of serotonin = natural antidepressant
Speeds recovery from injury

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Enhance your body

Dynamic Detox (Phycocyanin 5K & Acerola) + Natural Booster (RhinBlue & natural taurine) + Immun defence (Phycocyanin 10K – pur phyco)

This pack is perfect to help you to support your immun system, clean your body, limit inflammation which is the number one causes of various physical pains, increase your performances, and optimize your recovery with good sleep, natural anti-depresseur… and pineal gland detox for unlocking your extra-sensorial abilities !


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 7 × 16 cm
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