Remote healing


A remote healing release your soul’s memories (akash, trans-generation, trauma and pains), balance your energy flow in your body, activate your self healing abilities.

-> For more details please read here : energyflow

  • Fill the form : information form
  • Send me a picture (full body) by email at
  • I will send you an email with some date proposal for the video call


The energy flow session

Restores your energy rate to a high level, clean your aura and your cells memory, and harmonize your chakra.

It also release the akhash and the trans-generational memories. 

How does it work ?

  • Explain me your situation before by completing the form (health, family, work, food, social), formulate your problem and request.
  • We set up an appointment for the visual call via the skype or zoom application.
  • Send me your picture (full size) by email, or the person (with autorisation, except special cases), the animal, the place.
  • I connect to your soul, search for your blockage’s origin, perform energy work in guidance (cell memories, soul pains, karmic links).
  • We will meet during the call or a chat so that I help you better to make the appropriate change for better results.


-> Try to be as precise as possible about what is your need, so I can advice your the best service, and explain you how we will proceed.

After booking, please fill the form and send me you picture to this email 

Remote healing


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