I am dedicated to your empowerment

I strongly believe that helping everyone to get their free will back can affect the world positively.

With my support and my numerous methods, you will be able to master your body, mind, spirit much faster and achieve your highest personal / professional goals in life.

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9 points who make the difference

  • My wide spectrum of natural medicine technics will always find a solution to solve your affliction. Having traveling the world, I am full of resource and knowledge.
  • My expertise field is in combining technics and creativity. I use personal development, healing, body-mind care and arts, which can make a significant different with other  services.
  • I make a complet analysis of your situation and help you to get a larger perspective : together we move forward at your own pace. You can trust me to give you the little push whenever you need : I know very well the tricks of the mind !
  • Being a dancer, my understanding of the human body will benefit to you. I know how to heal and prevent injuries, I teach it, and I help to change the way you see your own body and use it : this is all about collaborating and co-creating.
  •  Practicing Tantra since a long time and including it in my work, I always have a communication tips to help you increasing your confidence and relationships. 
  • I feel what your are going through thanks to my sensitivity and empathy : I can know where your emotional and physical pains are, and facilitating their release.
  • I have clairvoyante abilities and connection with the invisible world since my young age. My consciousness of various reality may help to enlighten yours.
  • Thanks to my personal history and experiences, I developed a very strong ability in making strategies over the years. If you are stuck somewhere, I may always have an idea to suggest and help you finding your own way.
  • My positive, creative and sweet personality will facilitate your evolution with lots of respect for yourself and your surrounding. Be ready : results can be visible quite fast ! 
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3 in 1 therapy

A session specially designed for who wish to take care of their being on a holistic way. Let’s relax your body with massage and sound, release your soul from your memories, and reset your mind ! I research the original cause of your affliction and release it. I always adjust to where you are now. Can also be performed on child and pregnant women.

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You have a goal to achieve ? Something you want to change in your life (diet, stress, relationship) ? Gain in confidence and share your personal value and beauty with ease ? Make yourself ready for transformation and abundance, with my artistic creativity and sunny mood, I accompany you to realize your dream with effective actions ! Understand the origin of your resistances and get the boost you need and act.

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Reiki is an ancient japonese healing technic rediscover by Mikao Usui Sensei. It’s a wonderful entrance door to energy work and self care. You will learn how to protect yourself and a powerfull healing method for yourself and others… Along the journey of the 4 level, you walk through a deep awakening path, and a spiritual and personal development journey.

Special pregnancy

I accompany you with exercises of soft strengthening of the perineum and breathing techniques, visualization and self-hypnosis, energy care and cell memory cleaning work including your family memories. Caring for yourself is the best gift you can give to the wonderful little being who is coming to to earth soon ! This is the 3 in 1 therapy specially adjust to pregnant woman.

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Dance meditation

Experiment the benefit of dancing : meditative, sacred, and ecstatic. Dance heal your body, mind and spirit. Every session is a deep healing : take a time for yourself, empower yourself, and benefit from the benevolent group energy. Let’s re-connect to the inner world and the cosmos while socializing and dancing !

Soundwave hypnosis

You’re invited to travel to the depth of your subconsciousness and transform your mindset. The soft voice of Leiya will rock you and the soundwaves will make vibrating your cells. This will bring you an intense relaxation, until you reach a modified states of consciousness. Your physical and emotional tension will be release, your energy flow balanced, and you will integrates positive changes in your life.

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They trusted me...

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Everyone knows me from different environments, so they name me either by my artist name “Leiya” or by my birth name “Emmanuelle”.

I came to see Leiya because my body was sore. I had a huge pain on my lower back and felt very tired : I just started a new job and it was not easy to adjust. After receiving the treatment with leiya, what I wanted to do and what I should to were so clear and I was able to concentrate. My body and mind became so light, thanks a lot : Leiya is a fairy !

Miwa Fujimori, Japan

Sell adviser

Emmanuelle performed a session of kinesiology on me at a time when I did not feel good about myself, not in phase with my job at the time and I knew that the end was coming. A few weeks after his care, I resigned and started a naturopathic training. It was 6 months that I wanted to start and I did not dare because of limiting ideas like the fear of running out of money for example. I think this session with Emmanuelle helped me and helped me with this transition. I keep a very beautiful memory!

Chloé Maiello, France

Naturopathe in training

I consulted Leiya because my 2-year-old son did not stop crying for no particular reason .. no matter what I was doing, he would not stop. During her session, she showed kindness, benevolent listening and gentleness. My son didn’t know how to speak, so she did a Kinesiology session on me who was in physical contact with my son. She then did a body work on him and eliminated his blockages. Since that day, my son stopped crying and I gained serenity. One session was enough. It’s bluffing, go there with your eyes closed.

Nelly Guilbert, France

Familly coach and energetician

I participated in a meditative dance workshop with Leiya, in a magical place In the south of France. It was a pure moment of sharing and happiness, a real bubble outside of space and time. This internship allowed me to reconnect with my true nature, my intuition, my body of women, and to share moments of sensory and spiritual experiences in a cocoon of benevolence. A real step on the path of my soul, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Amandine Boussin, France


I recommend all forms of session that Leiya offers because the results are incredible … Leiya’s potential to feel and see through others, allows her to intervene with the best means suitable for everyone to realign energies and cure problems. I highly recommend.

Patrick Deblaize, Japan


I experienced hypnosis sessions with sound waves vibrations healing in presence and also via skype in pre and post operation of the heart. Wonderful moments of calm and inner serenity. Unforgettable experiences. Thanks again.

François Lambert, France

Magnetiser and science teacher

I joined an organic dance session in Lyon. Leiya is very attentive to the body and the personality of each one in order to adapt our movements, to teach us how to know  better our body. Super session of well being with lots of joy and a very good mood !

Virginie Piole, France

Student and musician

On 26 octobre 2019 I spent many hours with the lovely Leiya せんせい(sensei ) in Tokyo. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of Reiki霊. Anything that helps my spirit and the light of the world, I’m willing to do. We always need more good in the world, right?! I highly suggest working with Leiya. She’s got profound wisdom beyond her age and is a kind sweet spirit. Thank you so much Leiya! I really appreciate it. 💗 🙏

Emily Hopkins, Us – Japan

Primary school and full consciousness educator

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