Sound & Hypno


Travel in a world of wellness, trust and let go. 

Lie down, your head next to the cristal bowl and relax. Let yourself be rocked by Leiya’s soft and captivating voice. You will enter a sweet trance, accompanied by various healing sound waves : 

  • 10 crystal bowls
  • Full set of tuning forks
  • Singing bowls
  • hang, tank drum
  • bells

You will then be invited to travel to the depth of your subconsciousness, and transform your mindset thanks to the strong effect of energy work : a real reprograming of your most hidden programs, your self sabotage, your trauma, your trans-generational memories.

You are invited to travel deep within your subconscious and transform your state of mind through the powerful effect of energy and vibration work: a real restructuring of your most hidden programs, an action on the processes of self-sabotage, a liberation from the old traumas and your trans-generational memory.

During sessions, I leave the choice to return to the present moment whenever you want. The information is given to your subconscious that integrates that it goes in this space of its full sandstone: each one goes to where it is comfortable to him. So you can make the choice to stay in semi sleep and follow the story, dive into sleep or travel to the depths of the subconscious. I watch that everything goes well throughout the session, and bring you back with a time of landing and sharing. Your brain will take exactly the information it needs, when you come and you will come out completely relaxed.

What is the effect of sound vibrations on the body ?

The body is composed of more than 70% water. Water is an excellent conductor: the music is composed of vibratory waves, it acts on the cells of the body which resonates with the stimulus (information) received. The body agrees with the perceived vibrations, which act according to their tone at different places in the body. This causes deep relaxation, and facilitates access to altered states of consciousness, a space in which the release of the blockages smoothly is facilitated.

Our tuning forks are in Hz, a unit of frequency. Each tuning fork is at a different frequency. For example, the Mi at 538Hz is connected to the 3rd chakra, located at the level of the solar plexus. It is also associated with the element fire, and the color gold. It is called the frequency of love and promotes imagination, intuition and transformation.

What is l’hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is a modified state of consciousness, more or less profound, which is carried out from a goal aimed at relaxing, caring, or transformation for its personal evolution.

It is a method accessible to all, just like meditation. Like everything else, the more it is practiced, the easier it becomes to reach that state, and get out of it.

A session begins with a relaxation to soothe the body and mind through sound vibrations carefully chosen according to your problem or the chosen objective. We then enter a space where the words are vibration and the space time dissipates, your consciousness stops its control and gives way to the expression of your subconscious.

What are the main fields of action of hypnosis ?

Pain and management of anxiety : stress, states of panic, phobias, difficulty of self-assertion.
Behavioral change: addiction, eating disorders.
Somatic : dermatology, gastric disorder, psychopathology : mood disorder.


In English, French, Japanese Leiya channels and writes hypnoses and improves them day after day. Group sessions can be bilingual, allowing everyone to easily assess and follow.


Integration of deep positive changes in your life, relaxation of physical and emotional tension gently, energy balance of the body and purification of the soul, intense relaxation.


2h for group session, and home session with your relatives, family, friends. Including the welcome circle and timeshare at the end. 

1h in individual session.

Please note :

Each 3-in-1 therapy session includes relaxation by sound vibrations. Hypnosis can also be part of individual sessions.

Harmonize and clean your cells !

Group session

Skype session 

Private session

Space cleaning


Home session + Space cleaning

Leiya and Naoshi


Leiya and Naoshi

Leiya and Naoshi

Leiya and Naoshi

3,000 ¥

8,000 ¥

15,000 ¥

30,000 ¥

35,000 ¥

Or 100€+30€/guest(7~10)

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