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Akahige seitai

Akahige seitai is a Japanese chiropractic to adjust the whole body: stiff shoulder, back pain, tension in the neck and the jaw, and other physical issues. 

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Seitai means “body adjustment” and is a very popular chiropractic in Tokyo and all over Japan.

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What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a complementary medicine based on the diagnosed and the treatment of the spine, by using the hands to examine and treat health conditions related to bones, muscles and joints (musculoskeletal problems).
  • This  manipulative treatment is gentle, and research the misalignments of the joints of the spinal column. Those are often the cause of other disorders affecting the organs, the muscles, and the nerves.
  • You can consult a Chiropractor Tokyo without being referred by a GP.

What is akahige seitai?

The Japanese word Seitai means body adjustment.  This Japanese chiropractic uses the “Balance Activation Therapy“, also called “Akahige seitai“. It is based on the 5 elements philosophy.

  • The creator of Akahige juku seitai was acupuncturist and a shiatsu anma massagist from Niigata. He realized those methods were very efficient to treat the inside of the body (organs) but not always to adjust the structure. He studied other physical therapies, including applied kinesiology, to create an efficient chiropractic method called Akahige juku seitai, run today by his sun.

Why consulting chiropractic Tokyo?

▶ Back pain

▶ Stiff shoulder

▶ Neck ache

▶ Articulation pains

▶ Fatigue, stress

▶ Menstrual pain, Pregnancy

How does the chiropractic "akahige seitai" works?

● The cause of the symptoms

If there is a symptoms such as back pain and stiff shoulder, it means that there is an unbalance in the whole. By providing a general therapy to balance the whole, it allows the body to heal by itself.

It relates to the amazing abilities of the human body to maintain its homeostasis state and bring itself back to functioning at its optimum level.

● Manual full body treatment

The cause of the disorder is not just in the area where the pain is occurring. By observing and adjusting the whole body, the body’s original functions will return and recovery will occur.

We may treat areas that may seem unrelated at first glance (such as adjusting the hip joint when you have stiff shoulders), but please rest assured that it is necessary to balance your entire body.

● An educative chiropractic method

Emmanuelle Matsumura will perform the treatment from start to the end on the floor mat, in order to helps you understand and feel the differences between the previous and current alignement, and ensure that the body undergoes change and recovery.

● A gentle treatment, with no pain

In our chiropractic Tokyo clinic, we do not belief in providing treatment that are painful and that crack bones for no reason. By making good use of the relationship between breathing and the autonomic nervous system, even with a very gentle manipulation, we can lead the body to balance more naturally.

We use the techniques and force adjusted to each patient, so everyone from small children to the elderly can receive the treatment with peace of mind.
If you experience any pain during the procedure, please do not hesitate and let us know immediately. Pain is a sign that your body doesn’t like it. We will immediately use another method to deal with it.

Which benefit to expect for chiropractic tokyo?

At our clinic, we focus on the pelvis, adjust the balance of the whole body, and improve the body’s self-healing ability to improve the underlying cause. 

As a result, many of our customers find that, along with their stiff shoulders and lower back pain, the above symptoms have disappeared before they knew it.

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