Somatic therapy and strategic psychotherapy

Most frequently asked questions about our treatment at Otomi Therapy Tokyo & Online with E.Matsumura.

What is body mind therapy?

A therapy and a new philosophy of life


Combining the global health approaches of traditional Chinese medicine, Japanese chiropractic and the western psychology, we shed light on the origin of your blockages.

Body mind therapy offers brief therapies that helps you gently restoring the psychological, physical, emotional, and energetic balance. And also to resolve recurring issues and old patterns: anxiety, somatized pains, habits… As well as helping you dealing with futur situation, life challenges, and overcoming mental difficulties related to health conditions.

  • Akahige seitai (Japanese chiropractic) -> Activate the body self balancing
  • Touch For Health kinesiology (US chiropractic & TCM) -> Body memory release
  • Shiatsu (acupressure) -> Restore the energy flow in the meridian
  • Massage therapy, Drainage -> Circulation, movement in the tissue & fascia


We conduce strategic psychotherapy session with various therapeutic devices such as hypnotherapy for a tailor made therapeutic plan.

  • Strategic psychotherapy -> Solution oriented therapy using hypnosis
  • Kinesiology -> Release past blockages & achieve your life goals
  • EMDR -> For trauma, integration of new neurological pathway
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Why to consult in body mind therapy?

Physical ・ Physiological

Psychique ・ Emotional

Learning ・ Relational

Allow your body to return to its state of homeostasis: its natural ability to balance itself.

How many sessions in brief therapy


Depending on the issue, 3 to 6 sessions are required per issue that needs to be addressed.

General treatment plan are counting about 12 sessions, until the individual’s balance is completely resolved and stable.: 

  • 1H45 for the first one 
  • 1H for follow up

Then, people generally continue to work together on other goal to significantly improve their overall health, with more gap in between sessions. 

To maintain the harmony from within, we also teach you various process such as emotion management, provide your some communication tool, teach you useful body work, and relaxation exercices to release daily life stress : meditation, brain gym, self-hypnosis, self-massage…

We support you in managing the challenges of daily life, and in improving your functioning patterns (psychology). Feel free also to come from time to time when you simply feel the need to relax your body and mind


We recommend to get a treatment every 3 month to prepare the body for the season change: 4 sessions per year.

For specific cases, it varies:

  • Pregnancy: we recommend a treatment plan on monthly basis.
  • Post surgery, injury recovery, chemotherapy: weekly or ever 2 weeks to start with, then monthly. The treatment plan may be establish in collaboration with our our recommended Osteopath.
  • Athletes: we create specific treatment plans case by case, in collaboration with Physical therapist.

What are the benefits of body mind therapy?

On one side, your behavior change: with new process within you to manage your emotions.

On the other side, your body regains its natural state of homeostasis, your overall health improve, and you might find your physical & mental performances increased.

  • Thus, your posture aligns and stabilizes itself durably
  • You recover mind flexibility and wide amplitude of movement.
  • Your symptoms, pains, and diseases diminish or disappear. You feel lighter with more energy
  • You change your attitude  and your perspectives towards your physical and emotional life issues, with more resilience
  • You transform your behavior toward more positive ones, improve communication, deal with emotions
  • You improve your lifestyle from nutrition to mindset and body strength, and relationships.

How do we determine the treatment plan?

According to the main cause of imbalances, the therapy can alternate

  • Physical therapy
  • Strategic sychotherapy
  • Energy / relaxation treatment.

We also provides tailor made advices to insure the success to the treatment plan. 

To change durably, it’s important that you take responsibility and action. We might recommend your: 

  • To adjust your diet, drink some herbal medicinal tea
  • Some courses: self-shiatsu massage, bodywork, dance therapy, breathing, meditation
  • Some videos to watch or Blog article to read
  • Some records to listen to

We create tailor made treatment plan for significant and faster results. Then, feel free to benefit from casual therapies when needed.

By correcting the origin of your physical unbalances, releasing your emotional blockages, and transforming your perspectives about life and challenge, you might be surprise to find yourself responding differently to situations.

What is your therapist specialities?

I am specialised in ptsd, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders and movement optimisation.

However, I receive all kind of consultants with various pathology and life issue, either structural, physiological, psycho-emotional, or energetic.


Being a trained as a professional contemporary dancer, she is specialised in movement optimisation, posture and flexibility. 

  • After an injuries: to recover your confidence in using your articulation fully by release the emotional stress & tensions.
  • During chemotherapy: to reduce the side effects.
  • At work, the furniture are not always optimized, or we get bad posture habits that can be corrected.


Your therapist is specialised in psychosomatic issues, body memories, stress release.

After some trauma or under stress, the body can keep the score and various symptoms can happen: digestion, sleep, skin issue, allergies, chronic pain… 


She is specialised in behavior therapy

  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Emotion management

What kind of techniques does your therapist use?

According to your needs, we may use various therapeutic tools.

Which cloth should I wear?

Always wear comfortable and stretch clothing, or bring a change: Thai trousers, leggins, stretch trousers, jogging.

Cloth on therapies:

  • Strategic psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Kinesiology
  • Shiatsu
  • Akahige seitai
  • Reiki

Therapies in underwear:

  • Oil massage
  • Cupping therapy
  • Lymphatic drainage

It is important because the massage therapist see, feel, think and act thank to the its hands: touching your skin is necessary to work on the fascia or applying the cups. Also, we need to see your skin as it contains important information for the practitioner to make the best diagnosis possible. That way, we can also reorient you to another health professional if needed. 

Which therapies involve to be touch?

No touch during therapy

Some therapy are psychology oriented: talk is the essence.

  • In strategic psychotherapy and hypnotherapy
  • EMDR 

Touch during treatment 

In the body oriented therapies, touch is the essence of the treatment.

  • Massage therapy
  • Kinesiology
  • Reiki
  • Seitai
  • Shiatsu
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