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Otomi therapy provides you online and in person courses to help you adopting a new healthy lifestyle, by taking better care of your body and mind.

~Impact positively the world changing yours~

Presential & Online courses

Open your mind to new perspectives : Mindfull life & spiritual awakening

Presential / Virtual class / E-learning

Mindfull life

Explore your spiritual side and your mind potential: meditation, reiki, sound healing, shiatsu exercices

Body care

Align your body with nature: seasonal organic food, aromatherapy, lithotherapy, geobiology

You don’t believe in the online course without any real human connection? Neither do I!

That’s why I need to get to know you, meet you on a video call when distance doesn’t allow for an encounter in person. We can totally deal with the time differences and practical realities of our human lives while preserving the teaching quality.

02/22-23 Level 1 2 Uenohara

03/20-21 Level 1 2 Uenohara

Reiki course

Hands on healing

Japanese energy healing, meditation & a life philosophy based on 5 principles, for more inner peace.

  • E-leaning / Zoom class / Retreat in Japan
  • Level 1 & 2: Hands on healing
  • Level 3: Spiritual evolution
  • Level 4: Teacher
  • Level 1: 3~5H
  • Level 2: 4~6H
  • Level 3: 5H~
  • Level 1: 5H €210
  • Level 2: 6H €310
  • Level 3: 7H €490 
  • Online gathering: Donation
  • Student support: Free
  • Stay: ¥40000 2nights, ¥50000 3nights 
  • 3 nights ¥50000
  • 2nights ¥40000
  • 1 night ¥30000
  • No treatment 1:1: Minus ¥10000

Feb 7th – Uenohara

Tuning forks course


Learn the basics of sound waves therapy for calming down the brain waves.

Level 1: Off body

  • Tuning forks kinds & use
  • Relaxation technics
  • chakra balancing 
  • Solfeggio protocole 
  • Brain tuner protocole 

Level 2: On body

  • Back pain
  • Daily ailments 
  • Sonopuncture on meridian points
  • Harmonisation protocole 
  • 4H~ per level
  • 270€ per level (540€ for both)

Feb 7th – Uenohara

Crystal bowls course


Learn to play crystal bowls for chakra balancing, healing and relaxation.

  • Harmonic
  • Technics
  • Chakra balancing
  • 4H~

It can last longer, depending on the number of participants.

  • 270€

Register anytime

Auto shiatsu exercices

Body work

Japanese body work with gentle exercices, stretching and massage to keep in shape all year round.

  • Morning exercices
  • Evening exercices
  • Week-end body work
  • Meditation
  • 5 elements recipes
  • Body work for 5 seasons
  • 20min morning
  • 20min evening
  • 60min week-end
  • 1 week recipes per season
  • 250€

Register anytime

sound meditations

Guided meditation

12 powerful guided sound meditations to harmonize body & mind with seasons & release your emotions.

  • Intuition, contentment, anger
  • Change, feelings, guilts
  • Harmony, sadness, let go
  • Appreciate, confidence, inner guide
  • 20min x 12
  • 24/7 access with wifi
  • Online plateform
  • 150€
Singing bowls course


Learn to play singing bowls for chakra balancing, healing and relaxation. Contact-us to set a date.

  • Indian/Nepal & western style
  • Making process
  • What are sound waves
  • Effect on body and mind
  • On/Off body practice
  • Chakra treatment
  • 265€

Register anytime

Pendulum course


Radiesthesia & divination

Learn how to use a pendulum for radiesthesia, divination, geobiology, object & people research.

  • History
  • Getting started exercises
  • Use of dial and antenna
  • Home energy cleaning
  • Energy healing
  • Map research
  • PRESENTIAL Intensive 5-6h
  • VIRTUAL CLASS: 2 days, 3H
  • In 1:1 or small group.

Register anytime

aromatherapy course


Essential oils

Essential oils for home or professional use: safe use & way of administration, create remedies for main ailments.

  • 70 main essential oils use
  • Chemical families, properties
  • Extraction methods used
  • 50 pages ebook
  • 5 chapters
  • 20 recipes for main ailments
  • Ebook
  • PRESENTIAL Intensive 5h
  • VIRTUAL CLASS: 2x 2,5h
  • On 2 consecutive days
  • In 1:1 or small group
  • Private Facebook group
  • My WhatsApp

Register anytime

litotherapy course


Crystal healing

Crystal healing for everyday ailments and relaxation for individual or therapist.

  • More than 300 stones
  • 100 ailments & unbalances
  • Mineral chemical classification
  • Properties & purification
  • Chakra treatments
  • Subtile body treatments
  • PRESENTIAL Intensive 5h
  • 2 VIRTUAL CLASS of 2,5h
  • On 2 consecutive days
  • In 1:1 or small group
  • Private Facebook group
  • My WhatsApp
Guided meditation

Online - Spiritual hypnosis

Guided meditation to listen from your couch: release the memories that stop you from moving forward.

  • Ancestor tree
  • Inner child
  • Release the past
  • Open to change
  • Womb healing
  • Birth experience
  • 20~30min 
  • 24/7 access with wifi
  • Before sleep or during the day
Reduce stress

3 day challenge

3 days courses online to relax your body & mind from the stress with efficient exercices. 

  • How stress impact your body
  • Yuru yuru Japanese relaxation
  • Sound meditation
  • Brain gym PACE
meditation courses online


Learn to meditate

Learn meditation online based on some buddhist practice, starting from where you are. First, guided & slowly meeting with silence.

Triangle of health

TCM 5 elements theory

Basics of oriental medicine


All aspects of human health: diet, movement, emotions… are interconnected with nature and our environment. Learning this theory will help you to understand your body and to restore your health & harmony.

  • The 5 elements
  • The 5 seasons
  • Relation organs / meridians
  • Relation with food & flavor
  • Exercices
  • Course ebook
  • PRESENTIAL Intensive 6-7h
  • VIRTUAL CLASS: 2x 3h, 2 days
  • In 1:1 or small group.

Contact-us to register

Japanese cooking class

Healthy meal, Sansai & east medicine


Learn about edible wild plants & flowers, and a creative Japanese cooking style, with 5 elements rules present in traditional Asian medicine.

  • Next: MID APRIL, every year
  • Fee: ¥8000/personne
  • Participants: 3~8 persons
  • Recognize the vegetable
  • Collect mountain veggies
  • How to cook them
  • Create a balance meal
  • Learn the food association
  • Follow colors & season
  • Japanese philosophy
  • Degustation
  • 3H+ Class  (2pm~5pm)
  • At Uenohara: possible to go for a hike before the class

Contact-us to register! ~¥6000

grow your food at home

Appartement, house, office


Easy way to grow your organic food at home: seeds, planting, recycling containers, compost, chemical-free plant nutrients, seasonal veggies.

  • Next: On request
  • Fees: 4500¥/personne
  • Seeds: organic vs non organic
  • Containers & recycling option
  • Plant cycle
  • Seasonal veggies
  • Planting tips
  • Regrow from scraps
  • 1H~2H
  • Online via zoom

Contact-us to register! ~¥6000

brain gym kinesiology

Brain gym

Initiation to the 26 movements


Kinesthesic education will boost your focus, learning & memory abilities. By understanding & optimizing your brain function with movements, reset your mind, reeducate your body!

  • “PACE” routine
  • Pre & post activities
  • 26 movements: physical learning skills, variants and adaptations, apply to different situations
  • 4 categories in 3 dimensions
  • 5 principles of basic learning movements
  • Course ebook
  • PRESENTIAL Intensive 5-6h
  • VIRTUAL CLASS: 2x 2,5h
  • On 2 consecutive days
  • In 1:1 or very small group
  • Private Facebook group
Dance therapy 1_1 1h

ONLINE 1:1 session

Overcome pains, trauma & life challenges through movement.

  • Talk therapy to set a goal
  • Auto shiatsu, stretch
  • Dance & movement
  • Emotional release & relaxation
  • 1H online
  • Casual session on request

“Together, let us explore the magic of life. In this reality and dimension, blossom. Let’s give birth to every part of you, starting from where you are. Unify yourself & contribute to global awareness.”

dance therapy tokyo

Awaken your senses and extra-sensory potentials.

Leiya shares her life experience as an extra-sensory being, multipotential artist, and healer, who has traveled the world to learn about natural medicine from a very deep-rooted, organic, ecological, permaculture point of view.

Welcome to an initiatory journey into human nature on earth, with Leiya’s school of spiritual awakening. Connect spirituality with nature, biology, and the healing arts: don’t try to elevate yourself… it’s all there!

What they say about our courses...

On 26 octobre 2019 I spent many hours with the lovely Leiya せんせい(sensei ) in Tokyo. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of REIKI 霊気. Anything that helps my spirit and the light of the world, I'm willing to do. We always need more good in the world, right?! I highly suggest working with Leiya. She's got profound wisdom beyond her age and is a kind sweet spirit. Thank you so much ! I really appreciate it.  
Emily Hopkins
Teacher, Jp-US
The New Moon SOUND MEDITATION is simply magical, the music is in turn cosmic powerful soft enveloping, this meditation leads to new sensations and feelings, adjectives are lacking to tell how unique this experience is, let yourself be tempted and make up your own mind, to try anyway.
Caroline Marmoz
Music app manager, Fr
I have experimented HYPNOSIS AND SOUND WAVE sessions and care through sound vibrations in presence and via skype in pre- and post-heart surgery. Wonderful moments of calm and inner serenity. Unforgettable experiences. Thank you again.
François Lambert
Healer & scientist
I took part in a MEDITATIVE DANCE THERAPY workshop with Leiya, in a magical place. It was a pure moment of sharing and happiness, a real bubble outside space and time. This workshop allowed me to reconnect with my true nature, my intuition, my female body, and to share moments of sensory and spiritual experiences in a cocoon of benevolence. A real step on the path of my soul, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Amandine Boussin

We wish you a nice journey with us !

Thank you for your trust, a warm welcome to the Leiya’s spiritual awakening school.

Love and light on your day!



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