Holistic Therapy Tokyo

Holistic therapy Tokyo

Natural health for your body and mind

Holistic therapy Tokyo allows you to regain and maintain physical and mental health through the synergy of eastern and western approaches to health.

What is holistic therapy Tokyo?

*Holistic therapy considers the individual in the totality of his or her being in order to allow a complete healing. It takes into account the structural (anatomy, posture), the psycho-emotional, the physiological and biochemical (nutrition, environment), as well as the overall living conditions: work, family relationships, social, housing. And this, without forgetting the spiritual health which is included in the oriental approach to health.

This is called the “health triangle“: each element must be in balance for good health. The body then has a natural self-healing capacity: homeostasis. It is therefore to be understood here that we do not separate the aspects of your being. The body is a unity in which each part interacts with the others, notably the physical body and the mental, with a living environment.

triangle health

*If your problem is outside our field of competence, we will act on it and recommend our colleagues to you. Everything is complementary: the important thing is your health.

Health of the human being in all its dimension: body, mind, spirit

From the prevention of physical and psycho-emotional health, to a deep healing of your whole being on a wider dimension. Your holistic Tokyo therapy helps you to relax your body, release memories and wounds from the soul, and reset your mind for complete healing.

Not only we take into consideration your physical structure, but also your entire living environment. In other words your work, relationships including with yourself, your past and family history, your living space, if you are facing stress or major challenges in your life .

Touch for health

Natural health: your holistic therapy in Tokyo

Your body considered as a whole body soul spirit including your environment.




Video excerpt of a session for releasing stress

Photo reportage on my holistic therapy work Tokyo, by the talented photo-reporter Doriane Letexier -> FIND OUT HERE

Why consulting a holistic therapist?

You have a blocked back, temporary insomnia? 

One session may be enough to restore your natural health balance. The body sometimes needs balancing to adjust to a change, when your regulatory system has been overloaded for example.

Do you have recurring problems?

It is most likely a psychological and emotional origin. 4 sessions are generally necessary: the original cause must be released so that your problem disappears completely. 

Start a brief & holistic therapy with me means opening the door to a deep change.

This is why I suggest that you don’t stay alone for the whole duration in order to go together at the end of a process to obtain the result you are looking for. Indeed the body is slower to integrate the changes. It must also get used to its new energy vibration, just as your mind must get used to new neuronal connections.

Moreover, releasing one memory leaves room for other deeper memories ready to be picked up and transformed. Finally, it’s only when the balance is restored that we can work together in coaching and mindset to put your projects into practice! Surely, you will follow your process at your own pace, with my kind and benevolent guidance.

Your first therapy session together

The aim of holistic therapy Tokyo is to...

A wonderful adventure of transformation

With holistic therapy in Tokyo or online, I accompany you in your wonderful expansion in joy, gentleness and kindness! As well, complementary approaches are also offered to improve your well-being: dance, sound meditation.

kinésiologie Tokyo
Massage Tokyo
holistic therapy tokyo
Reiki healing tokyo
  • Book a FIRST SESSION if you do not know which therapy to book –>

...Optimizing your potential !

Some specialities of your body mind therapist

For your natural health

Relaxation of the body, Release of emotional weight, Reprogramming of the mind

Your therapist offers you to use a combination of methods & tools during your treatment to meet you and help you where you are. We believe that therapy is a learning process, at your own pace and time.


  • Listening to the body : the relationship emotion vertebra organ

If a vertebra is repositioned, but the emotional is not released, the correction will not hold over time. For a repositioning of the vertebrae and a good alignment of the spine, it is important to release the emotional at the same time as the structural. Hence the excellent combination of osteopathy and kinesiology or any sommatic therapy approach.

kinesiology Tokyo


Bi-alternating sensory stimulation (right-left) which is practised by eye movements. The patient follows the therapist’s fingers as they move from right to left in front of the eyes. Auditory or tactile stimuli can be used. Mainly validated for post-traumatic stress disorder, it allows the transformation of thought patterns, the release of old psycho-emotional memories at the origin of blockages that alter the apprehension of the world and affect behaviour.

TIPI, CBT, Stress release

Integration of new neurological patterns and treatments of psychotrauma.

*Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing


ART THERAPY: Dance, Movement, Music

  • Reconnect with your body, express your sensations and emotions, and explore your internal world to make it your own (feeling your organs, fluids, muscles, bones). 

Understand your relationship to space, to oneself and to others. Thanks to the sensory memory work and the danced movement, you allow to express what could not be expressed by words. You are thus invited to reunite the “parts of your being” that were put aside during your evolution because they were too painful to integrate at that moment. One thus advances towards more consciousness and alignment. 


  • Deciphering behaviors through posture

We focus on bringing body awareness and correcting your posture through movement. This allows you to transformation of the mental schema through awareness.

*Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

Stay healthy in winter

Compassionate, and benevolent listening is our therapy core value.


  • Reading of correspondences between symptoms and emotions.

Allows us to understand the origin of any illness. According to this method, the body location of the symptom indicates a repressed emotion, and a meaning associated with an event, felt as unpleasant, the bio-shock. Illness no longer appears as an evil or a problem, but rather as an indicator that each of us can rely on for transformation.

This makes it possible to determine the root cause of a recurring symptom, to become aware of the symbolism it represents for the patient, to identify the emotion linked to the discomfort or pathology and to free the patient from the emotion. The biological adaptation constituted by the symptom is then no longer necessary, and the symptom disappears by itself.


We work on the relationship between emotions, vertebrae, organs. As well as on the memory of body tissues, fascias, and muscles.

This approach can be an efficient support to regain physical health and improve psychosocial adaptation. It is a nice approach for person subject to eating disorder, combined with Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming


  • Body expression of elements indicating a nature repressed by the person.

Deciphering physical traits that can bring to light natures in denial, and use them for a better understanding of one’s unknown or unused talents and abilities.


  • We look for the coherence in the individual’s functioning and offer solution oriented therapy.

It allows to let go past unexpressed emotions, toward the unification of the whole being and significant pattern change.


  • Influence of transgenerational memory on physical, psycho-emotional and behavior.

We run some programs that we learn in our own family since we are young without always realizing. But one day, someone start questioning it. And the individual might realized there is no reason for this habits to run anymore.


  • Resolution of conflicts related to intimacy, communication, post-trauma support (abuse, violence).

An opportunity to learning  a benevolent communication with oneself, one’s surroundings, and one’s environment.


Improve your digestion & find the appropriate diet for your body thanks to shiatsu, kinesiology testing, and sonopuncture on the acupressure meridian points.

We might invite you to complement your treatment with the use herbal medicines, and aromatherapy, lithotherapy for the adepts, or changing your skin care routine toward more natural ecological cosmetic.

AT MITAKA: an herbal medicine tea, according to your health problems is OFFERED !

Holistic therapy Tokyo allows you to be eco-responsible

Become autonomous, master of your health, your relationships, your thoughts… I accompany you towards greater awareness, to bring you doing different action for different results, more aligned with yourself… and the earth.

Needs of healing before & during your pregnancy ?

Welcoming the new little wonders into this world is quite a program.

Body mind therapy Tokyo accompany you with soft exercises to strengthen your perineum. But also breathing technics, visualization, sound wave hypnosis. And energy care with cell’s memories liberation, such as trans-generation souvenirs. 

Wishing to offer our child the best for a harmonious futur development, taking care of you is the best gift we can give to this wonderful being who is getting ready to come on earth. 

-> Read the article: prepare your pregnancy

* Our body mind therapies are complementary and not a replacement of the conventional medicines. You are responsable of doing the necessary action such as consult a doctor when require. We might recommend you to do so as well if we consider its needed.

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