Prepare your pregnancy

préparer sa grossesse

Prepare your womb to welcome the baby

Welcoming a new wonder in this world is a program! We all wish to offer our child the best for a harmonious and soft development. Take care of yourself is the best gift that can be made to this second little heart growing in yourself.

And yes, from the beginning of a pregnancy, the arrival of baby is preparing … I would say 9 months before at least. Let’s forget about the clothes and the preparation of the room, we’ll think about mom first!

Your desire for a child is felt? Do you know that one day you want a child? It may be beneficial to do this preparatory work on you from the point of view of soul, mind and body.

Prepare your pregnancy means preparing your womb

Indeed, your body carries the borrowing of memories: that of your own history, your ancestors, but also that of the collective.

As a woman, we function naturally with our heart and our intuition. And our sore point remains in our sexual parts and especially our uterus. It is at this level that I usually find many of these memories and soul wounds.

Not only freeing yourself from your women’s memories will make your pregnancy more enjoyable, but also help create a serene environment for your child who will be born light, and limit the legacy of the past.

Finally, the baby too, comes to experience life and live his own way on earth. To give him this welcome gift can be precious … and you make it to yourself too!

Exercices to prepare your pregnancy

As well as your daily breathing exercises during your pregnancy, it is wise to plan a relaxation programme. For example, go to the swimming pool, give yourself a massage, dance, do some visualization exercises.

Also think about seeing a therapist. First of all, he or she will help you to relax and prepare your uterus physically. In a second step, you will have the opportunity to energetically cleanse yourself of your trans-generational memories. Thirdly, you will have the valuable opportunity to be accompanied to prepare your mind. This will result in a better reception of your child, and of the great change to come.


Prepare the futur dad

If your companion wishes, invite him/her to participate in some of your practices. It’s a nice time to spend together to intensify the bond in the couple and with the baby.

Besides, we don’t always talk about it enough, but daddy also needs to prepare himself. Imagine that he doesn’t experience the transformation over 9 months in his body but in one day in his life by seeing the baby in 3D.

Without preparation, this can also awaken old patterns or wounds from the past in him. So invite him/her to join in your relaxation exercises as much as possible. Or to do tantric breathing exercises for two! I will develop this in another article. 

Manage your anxieties

Many fears awaken, and this is quite understandable and rather healthy in reality: a space is created naturally for the cleaning of memories. These anxieties do not usually last, and if so it is advisable to consult a professional.

For example, let’s talk about classic worries: that of not controlling one’s body, of the unknown, of dying, that it is not so beautiful, that one does not recognize it … It is a happiness so great that buried part of the subconscious can then be awakened and the little voice can then say “I do not deserve”, “I’m not up to the task”.

These are anxieties quite seine that go back to your early childhood.

Explain this in a slightly shortened way: remember the egg passage, this moment when the little girl was in love with her father. This fear is related to “transgression”, making a child with someone other than his father … The positioning of the girl is then definitely abandoned to move to the life of adult mother.

There is also in the natural development of the child a passage in which he thinks he has been adopted and begin to doubt. This can sometimes be revived at the time of pregnancy with the fear that the child presented is not his. Some also experience the anxiety that the pelvis is not wide enough, that the head does not pass, that the child does not survive … always connected to this thought of “non legitimacy”.

Rest assured: nature is well done, and we know that we are the baby we are able to give birth. You carry within you all these old memories of women, or of life passed according to the beliefs of each one. But in the concrete here and now, most fears are irrational.


I personally like to meditate at the time of my menstrual periods which I call my moons. It cleans my uterus a little more each time. Moreover, it is a privileged contact with oneself, a moment of love. However, you can meditate at any time to prepare for your pregnancy.

This is what I do to you: I visualise a tree in my womb that I make evolve, cross the seasons according to my imagination, and its beautiful roots go deep into the earth to give it the ability to transform what I no longer need. I then invite little magical beings to come and tidy up, clean, light up dark areas…

I have fun according to my mood of the moment: it’s my privileged space! Try it, and above all let your creativity and intuition go. It’s a question of training, it’s like everything else. The more we practice, the easier it is to access our interior spaces.

Prepare your pregnancy : deal with anxiety

During pregnancy, many fears may be awakened. This is quite understandable and rather healthy in reality: a space is naturally created for the cleansing of memories. These anxieties usually do not last, and if this is the case it is advisable to consult a therapist.

Classical concerns

Let’s talk about what often causes concern. The preoccupation of not being in control of one’s body, of the unknown. Or thinking that we are going to die, that the baby is not as beautiful as we imagined, that we don’t recognise it… Being pregnant is such a great happiness that a buried part of the subconscious can then be awakened… And the little voice can say to itself “I don’t deserve”, “I’m not up to it”.

To tell the truth, these are perfectly healthy anxieties that go back to your early childhood. Let’s explain this in a slightly abbreviated way. Remember the Oedipal passage, that moment when the little girl was in love with her father. It turns out that this fear is related to the “transgression”, making a child with someone other than her father… The positioning of the little girl is then definitively abandoned to move on to the life of an adult woman mother.

There is also a passage in the natural development of the child in which he thinks he has been adopted and begins to doubt. This can sometimes be relived at the time of pregnancy with the fear that the child presented is not his or hers. Some also experience the anguish that the pelvis is not wide enough, that the head does not pass through, that the child will not survive… always linked to this thought of “not legitimacy”.

But be reassured: nature is well done. We know that we make the baby we are able to deliver. Indeed, you carry within you all these ancient memories of women, or of past lives according to everyone’s beliefs. But in the concrete here and now, most fears are irrational.

Understand your fears

Preparing well for pregnancy also means being ready to manage your emotions linked to hormonal upheavals.

For exemple, you have a fear that you thought. The mind sets up a process of seeking validation of thought throughout its life memory stock. He seeks to validate a program until he finds an answer … We then often attract, the person who will validate this thought with a disturbing story about what concerns us, and reinforce this belief for example.

Without mention about the fact our brain takes the thought that causes fear as real and your body materializes somatization for example. These thoughts may be yours, but also those of your family, your beliefs and programs. But your brain makes no difference between thought and reality!

As a results, becoming aware of it is already a good way to defuse a process: by understanding, it makes it possible to find the origin and act at the source. So, do not ignore your fears or judge them but singing them, writing them, painting them to transform them, or even discussing them is a way to place them outside yourself.

By ceasing to pay attention to the thought that causes fear, it no longer has support to continue to exist.


Surround yourself to prepare your pregnancy

In short, being surrounded by people is invaluable in preparing for pregnancy: it allows you to have the necessary distance, but also to free yourself from what can be tiring to manage alone. Consider seeing a holistic therapist to help you deal with the upheavals you are going through from a hormonal, emotional, physical, etc. point of view.

In tribal functioning this is natural, but what is stopping us from recreating this around us, even in today’s society? Being pampered during pregnancy is still very much alive in many cultures with adapted massage, energy healing, rituals between women… enjoy it!

For example, in Japan it is still very common for women to go and live with their parents during pregnancy, and surround themselves with other women and plan a treatment programme within their pregnancy budget. It is very common for me to be asked for therapy and care, either in person or at a distance, before, during and after childbirth. 

Prepare you "Zen" pregnancy

To resume, it is very important to take care of yourself to welcome a child. Beyond the preparatory work of preparation for childbirth, it also means releasing your memories with energy work, relaxation of your body, and soothe your mind with visualization or self-hypnosis for example.

It is undeniable that understanding your anxieties and fears and analysing them in order to transform them will enable you to enjoy your pregnancy to the full. And therefore, live a beautiful and harmonious relationship with the baby.

In order to regain control of little things and feel in control of yourself, do breathing exercises, for example. This will allow you to stay in contact with your body.

A very effective exercise is to visualise yourself with the baby already present. In this way, you intensify the relationship with the baby and you calm yourself. Think about listening to relaxing music, go for a massage… Or try meditation by placing your hands on your belly, while visualizing the red and orange colors corresponding respectively to the root and belly chakra.

And if you find it difficult to listen to your intuition or if you are not sure if it is the right voice inside you, try hypnosis! It’s absolutely fantastic to get back in touch with your inner voice. Basically, whatever calls you will be will be exactly what is good for you.

Trust yourself! 

_ / | \ _ Namaste _ / | \ _

I wish you a beautiful pregnancy !

Prepare your pregnancy

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