Preparing for autumn: 7 Chinese medicine advices

Preparing for autumn

Preparing for autumn: Chinese medicine advices

The leaves are turning red and nature is inviting us to leave the hustle and bustle of summer and gradually come indoors. Preparing for autumn helps to avoid any imbalance linked to the change of season. The body needs time to adapt! In Chinese medicine and more widely in the East, the key is to prevent rather than cure with simple gestures. In this article, I will share with you the main points to consider in autumn to stay in shape. With as always, our best conscious and natural health tips shared with heart!

Autumn in Chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine, each season is connected to an organ. Inside and outside, everything is connected. This philosophy invites us to follow the rhythm of nature, not to make nature adapt to us… We have been walking backwards for a few centuries. Man has gone against many of the rules and laws of nature, leading us to where we are today. 

Here is an outline of autumn:

  • Element of autumn: metal
  • Meridian : Lunch, coupled with large intestin
  • Emotion: sadness
  • Shelters the lower soul. Governs and regulates water (liquids) in the body. 

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The lung governs breathing, the free flow of the body’s energy, eliminates “cloudy air”, distributes the energy of food… It regulates some of the functional activities of the viscera, and assists the heart in gas exchange, for circulation. 

Always keep “moisture” in the body in autumn is important, because dryness is not friendly to the lungs. It causes dry throat, coughing, difficulty in coughing up. But also dry, cracked hair and skin. And also not enough urine, constipation. This can simply be prevented by the diet!

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Preparing for autumn by adapting your lifestyle

1. Autumn food

Eat seasonal vegetables in the colours of autumn: orange, red, white. For example squash, mushrooms, chestnuts, tofu etc. Also include acidic and pungent foods to keep your body warm and moist. 

And prefer cooked foods like soups and stews with warming spices (cardamom, cumin, coriander, black pepper). Don’t forget ginger, it’s a stimulant… very useful for low energy (including libido).

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2. Clothing

It’s time to change what’s in your wardrobe! No more skimpy tops and skimpy outfits: this is not the time to catch a cold foolishly.
The upper back and neck are called the “wind gate” in Chinese medicine. Wearing a scarf will protect your lungs and throat.

3. Go to bed more early

Our body and our entire organism is affected by the changing seasons and nature. Let’s live with it and follow the sun. Let’s go to bed earlier and get up later without qualms! Of course, the idea is to do the best we can according to our life rhythms, not always in adequacy with our biological rhythms I grant you… However, don’t we learn a lesson in these times? What if slowing down, changing our pace of life and listening to ourselves was the best thing for us? 

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4. Body exercices and breathing

Move your body with gentle activity that includes breathing to strengthen your lung and avoid infection. For example, Do-in (seasonal meridian stretching and self-massage), Qi gong… 

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Preparing for autumn with grandma’s herbal medicines

5. Medicinal plants

In winter, my go-to herbal tea to strengthen the immune system is Echinacea mother tincture. If you’re interested, I have some homemade, in my little shop in Mitaka, Tokyo! There are also other plants such as astragalus

Or to stimulate digestion, and for bronchial tubes, the classics: thyme, rosemary, borage… 

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6. Essential oil

To breathe, put on a cloth under your pillow: Ravinsara essential oil, or niaoli and eucalyptus for example. Or use my home made BREATH balm to put on your chest for aerial’s dream !

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7. Food supplements

Although food remains the basis, supplements are sometimes very useful. Especially as some extracted complaints reveal their properties in a more concentrated way. This is for example the case of phycocyanine: a blue pigment present in spirulina which becomes 100 times more active when extracted! 

CBD is also excellent for preparing for the cooler months and boosting the immune system. Combined with CBG, it will also support your memory (and free you from headaches)

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If I talk about oriental philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine, it is because it contains, like many ancestral traditional medicines, a lot of wisdom. But also a logic quite simple to understand, that we have forgotten little by little since the industrial era among others. Without going too far into the ecological and climatic problems, and the depletion of the soil, I invite you today to adopt a new conscious way of functioning. 

I invite you to reconnect with ourselves, with nature, and with all the living beings that surround us. To reopen ourselves to the ancestral wisdom that preceded us. And to align our actions with our values, without harming the interest of collective values. 

This fall, take good care of yourself!

In our next article, we will see “How to avoid season change weakness and depression” to stay healthy during autumn! With the fall season therapies to balance your body and mind with some body work and physical therapy.

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Preparing for autumn: 7 Chinese medicine advices

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