Do-in online class

Do-in online class

Come and relax with Leiya’s online Do-In online class, thanks to a set of self-massages and stretches from Shiatsu, ending with meditation.

For who?

This course is aimed at people of all ages who want to take control of their physical and mental health! Keep in shape gently, with the seasons..


Leiya, kinesiologist & shiatsu practician specialised in natural health, invites you to take care of yourself. EVERY SATURDAY, by Zoom, from 12:00 to 13:00 JST (UTC+9) or by REPLAY!

Fatigue, stress, digestion, sleep

These are all recurring ailments that are detrimental to our daily well-being. But you don’t have to live with it: there is a wonderful health prevention technique to help you!

Let’s take the time together to become aware of the body and listen to it.

The words Do-In

The term itself means “the way of energy”. It is the equivalent of what the Japanese call Ki-Ko. In the past, these self-massages were traditionally transmitted within families. The Yellow Emperor advised them in the book “Internal Classic of the Yellow Emperor” dating from 3000 BC.

Why practice do-in

The aim of this practice is to develop people’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

Beyond physical exercises, postures and stretching, it is a practice that also includes meditation.

In addition, the practice of Do-in, combined with shiatsu massage and Qi gong, helps to maintain the harmony of the body, restore its natural functioning and prevent health concerns. Thus, you increase your chances of not getting sick and of being full of vitality in all seasons!

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Do-In & Shiatsu, ancestrales practices

The do-in benefits

  • Increased concentration
  • Stress management
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce digestive disorders
  • Releasing tension, relaxation
  • Keeping in shape
do in online class
  • Relieving problems with heavy legs
  • Releave headaches
  • Helping throughout pregnancy
  • Regulating your weight
  • Recovering energy after a period of convalescence

How does a do-in class work?

In Chinese medicine, we take care of the body and mind according to the rhythm of nature and the energy calendar. Thus, each session focuses on balancing a meridian/organ pair and the element of the season. For example, in winter, we strengthen the kidney meridian and perform exercises to improve the circulation of liquids and water in our body.

Auto massages

Massage of the meridian of the season to stimulate the associated organ. Followed by acupressure with the thumbs, palms, elbows…

Gentle stretching

The idea is to mobilise the muscle chains deeply and gently, in order to activate the self-balancing of your body.


Brain Gym exercises to increase coordination and concentration. Combined with positive sentences, they help to infuse new positive thinking patterns into oneself.


Finally, we end the session with meditation. The body is well balanced and relaxed. Now, the mind is ready to calm down as well.

How to join the Do-in online class?

Join your do-in course from now!

  • LIVE on saturday, 12pm JST (UTC+9)
  • REPLAY available (can’t make it, living in different time zone)
  • ANY COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS? Ask them on the facebook group!
  • 20min FREE TRIAL available, contact-me

*Note: on Saturdays when Leiya teaches Reiki, the course will be in replay only (5 dates scheduled 1 year in advance, and indicated on the website in the section “courses”, then “reiki training”).

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The Eastern approach to health

The principles of this Do In practice follow the Taoist theory and the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. According to this approach, the body is healthy when the vital energy chi or qi flows freely in the meridians.

Meridians are energy lines that run through the body. Each of them corresponds to a vital organ. When a point in the body is either too full or too empty of energy, the flow of energy is blocked.

As a result, symptoms can appear, such as pain, dysfunction of one or more organs…

The primary origin of the dysfunction can then be linked to one of the dimensions of the individual. Either, a physical, physiological, psycho-emotional, environmental imbalance, etc., or an imbalance of the body.

Massaging these points along the meridians helps to restore energy circulation.

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