Reiki course Tokyo

Reiki course Tokyo

Learn Reiki Usui : take Reiki course Tokyo, Attunement , Online follow-up.

Reiki course Tokyo with a レイキ Reiki Usui Master belonging to Japanese lineage that never left japan. Receive full knowledge for all levels: discover the reiki healing art & spiritual awakening journey.


伝授・アチューンメント ・ヒーリングレイキクラス

Transmission, Reiki Usui Class, Attunement

Reiki therapy is known as complementary medicine system to improve mind and body, and more largely ourself as a human being. Often translated by “healing art“, it’s a wonderful life philosophy helping us finding inner peace and happiness thanks to energy healing practice. And ideally combined with meditation, as part your spiritual practice.

ANYONE CAN LEARN REIKI HEALING and take our USUI Reiki course in Tokyo to improve their health and wellness!

Health benefits of Reiki healing

Nowadays, more hospital offer reiki in their structure: faster healing and recovery after operations, pain reduction, helps to deal with mind and emotions, fulfill the need to be truly cared about & understood. Many health professional comes to me to learn Reiki !

What is Reiki healing ? レイキ

History of reiki

Reiki is a path to inner peace and a “therapeutic” method found in 1922 by the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, after a 21 days meditation retreat in the Kurama mountain near Kyoto, ancien capital of Japan.

Meaning of reiki

REI can be translated as “ethereal, sacred” and refer to the energy of the heavens. KI as “athmosphere, subtle” and refer to the energy of the earth. REIKI means “life giving energy“. REIKI RYOHO is the “healing art

Back to Japan

霊気 is often written レイキ in katakana  in Japan, alphabet for foreign words. Indeed, Reiki has diminished in popularity in Japan after WW2, while being widely spread in the west. Today, Reiki is back to Japan. The West shows a desire to find the truth in Japanese traditional reiki branches.


Spend a day learning reiki in Japan, as authentic as we can, surrounded by nature.

  • A Japanese culture experience : a day in Yamanashi’s mountain

  • Amazing nature surrounding: meditate in a real temple

  • Reiki practice at the river, in the local shrine

  • Reiki share, group practice in the temple

  • Practice Reiki Ryoho energy treatment, Japanese methods 

  • Onsen in the mountains in option

The keys of Reiki practice

Reiki practices

Mikao Usui Reiki sensei


self treatment reiki

Go Kai

Reiki 5 principle

Emperor Meiji's gyosei

Reiki Usui Meiji poetry


In our therapy center.

Reiki Usui do : a life philosophy, anchored in Japanese traditions

Learning reiki Usui do (=way or path) will show you where and who you truly are, and guide you on a spiritual journey. You can stay on the surface, or accept what is, and what you cannot comprehend to become resilient. Patience and humility are the keys to acquiring deep knowledge and understanding in life. You study Reiki in order to BE, to improve yourself by following the “kaizen” philosophy (improvement).

I live in the heart of the Japanese old tradition and surrounded by nature and natural agriculture fields. I humbly invite you to dive deeply into the Japanese culture together, and the traditional ways of learning through oral transmission. My teaching and Reiki research are constantly updated by Japanese reiki shihan friends from Komyo, Jikiden, Gendai, and others. Learning Reiki with me is joining a community, which you can meet from time to time, when you can come to Japan!

Why taking a reiki course ?

THIS REIKI COURSE TOKYO IS FOR YOU! Contact me for details

Taking Reiki course Tokyo

What will you learn in Reiki course?

  • Powerful healing method for yourself and others
  • Increase your energy level
  • Meditation exercises and practices
  • The energetic bodies and the energy flow
  • Deep awakening and a spiritual path
  • Daily practices that positively influences your life
  • Improvement of your mental, emotional and physical health.
  • Improvement of your relationship with yourself and others
  • Functioning of the mind, thoughts, beliefs, patterns
  • How to feel protected by creating the safety from within
  • A better understanding of yourself.
Reiki course Tokyo

Why learning Reiki and follow the 3 level courses?

Reiki therapy integrates many practices of spiritual awakening and personal development. Surely, this is a life changing training, imbued with Japanese culture and history.

Particularly, the initiations received during your reiki course allows you to remember your inner potential. Indeed, it cleans your pineal gland and you can progressively develop your extra-sensory capacities. It allows the energy to flows in your whole body, through the meridians (and chakras), which are linked to the 5 elements of the Chinese medicine.

To resume, taking reiki course not only helps you to self heal, but also to evolve faster thanks to the spiritual knowledge acquired. Undoubtedly, having an accompaniment in these practices that requires patience and integration is very precious. It allows you to go through the learning experiences with guidance & support. 

Later on, you will choose to dedicate yourself to Reiki healing, or not. However, you will always hold useful tools to face life challenges anytime you need.

  • Energy healing is energy, same as all around the world, Reiki is no more, no less.
  • While Reiki Ryoho is the energy treatment method. It gives you a structure and some practices to help you in your life.

Is this Reiki course for me?

You wonder if you can take a reiki course in Tokyo or Online, without willing to become a healer? Absolutely! 70% of my students don’t want to be a therapist by taking the reiki training, they just want to take care of themselves and their family, apply in daily life.

However, some of them sometimes take this path afterwards. It’s a nice approach to take care of yourself first and focus on your own spiritual path. As for others, they use Reiki at work: nurse, doctors, veterinarian, teacher, or in the office to help their colleagues.

It is important to realize that reiki course is an awakening journey, contributing to your personal and spiritual development. It opens the door for you to spiritual healing and awareness, while being always accompanied. The aim is living with more inner peace and serenity thanks to the adopting of a new life philosophy, with positive habits.

Ton sum up, beautiful way to work on yourself, become more independent, and move forward with love, gentleness and benevolence.

Your master for your Reiki course Tokyo


My lineage comes directly from Usui sensei. There are many branches in my genealogy because I met many teacher. A lineage is important in the fact it has to trace back to Usui sensei… but is not everything. What matter is the deepness in your practice, the understanding of Reiki Ryoho system and of the Japanese culture.


I focus in my teaching in JAPANESE Usui reiki ryoho [more accurately coming from “Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai”]. 

  • Komyo Reiki [Yamaguchi -> Hyakuten sensei] – Traditional Japanese reiki, spiritual path oriented
  • Jididen Reiki [Yamaguchi -> Tadao sensei] – Traditional Japanese Reiki, physical healing oriented
  • Gendai Reiki [Osho -> H.Doi] ex-Gakkai member – Modern Reiki, own style. Combining western & traditional.

NOTE: Gakai Members name are not allowed to be used in a lineage. Today, there is no course at the Gakkai.

reiki usui




Inamoto Hyakuten


Emmanuelle Matsumura


reiki usui





Other sensei

Emmanuelle Matsumura



  • I have at least 4 Genealogy of Takata’s Reiki Shiki Ryoho
reiki usui

Other sensei

Emmanuelle Matsumura
  • Some Reiki are NOT REIKI USUI RYOHO related: Karuna reiki, Tibetan… Created by western practitioners.
  • And some Reiki are NOT Reiki at all, sometimes just borrowing the name of reiki.


I’m a Reiki humble researcher. I have been immersing myself in the culture and philosophy over the years. I keep diving into it, by learning also about Buddhism, shintoïsme, and practicing Japanese traditional arts. Sensha do [Matsumura sensei at Mitaka], Nihonbuyo [bando ryu], Taiko [上野原三津大湖 member).

I am in touch with few Japanese Shihan (masters): from Komyo, Gendai, Jikiden… And I discovered many other old kind of reiki and healing practices in the countrysides, present way before Reiki Usui ryoho.

I teach you REIKI USUI DO, trying to stay closer to Japanese Reiki Usui and sharing Japanese traditions to help you understand the culture and the wider goal of the practice itself. 

I share you the ORIGIN OF THE TECHNICS YOU LEARN (branch, history) so you can choose the path that suits you the best for your enlightenment and path toward inner peace.

Must be remembered that this method is not linked to any religious or spiritual dogmatic order. It’s influenced by the fact Usui sensei grew up in Japanese culture, its research, and his own spiritual evolution.

It’s a spiritual journey to be happier and improve the body and mind, and can be applied in our everyday life!

How do I know if I have healing abilities ?

  • Have you ever felt tingling in your hands, without knowing what it is or how to use it?

  • Have you ever had the feeling of being drained after entering a crowded place or supermarket? When you’ve just talked to someone with a negative energy?

  • Do you instinctively put your hand on the spot where someone has been hurt, and it feels better afterwards?

  • Do injured or sick animals often come to you? Or where you are often told you have a “green thumb“?

Here is the truth... EVERY ONE can unlock their healing hands !

Your answer is yes to one of these questions?

It is because you can feel what is called “magnetism”.

In reality, it is more that your natural potential is “awakened”. To clarify, the ability to heal with your hands is not a gift that some has or don’t. Indeed, energy, is present in all living things: it’s accessible within all of us!

However, it can be developed by ANYONE with practice, time, and patience… Just like any extra-sensory abilities. Some access them when they are a child, others develop it later… or choose not. Although every human being has many potentials, not everyone wants to develop this, and become healer.

You learn Reiki when you have the desire, notice synchronicities, or feel the “call”. But being a healer is not the purpose of the path: inner peace is. Ready to smile and enjoy the journey?!

Reiki healing is also known for...

For a relative, for yourself, for support in life situation. For exemple : skin and burns, chemotherapy, physical emotional relational problems, relaxation, etc.

Cleansing the energy of living space, bringing harmony in your home for peaceful relationship and good sleep. Energy flow, Feng Shui and Geobiology.

Accompanying people in the passage to the afterlife by helping them to free themselves from emotions and make the transition smoothly.

If this is your belief system, you can break the feeling of alienating bonds and free yourself from the ancestors patterns (western reiki practices).

...Awaken your natural healing abilities

What is a session ?

The healing treatment consists in putting your hands on the consultant, mainly with direct contact. It aims to restore the energy balance of the “healer” being a “channel of the energy”.

Without ego and will, the practitioner reiki simply let the energy flow and act cleverly where needed. The energy is set available for the receiver, which will welcome it in its subtile body.

What are the benefit of Reiki ?

  • This method strengthens and stimulates the process of self-healing and self-body-balancing.
  • It brings general well-being general, inner peace, and harmony, reducing pain.
  • It increases the vibratory rate, which you can measure with a pendulum.
  • It can be done in complement to any treatment prescribed by a health professional.
  • It helps you to find love, compassion, resilience, detachement, and get a wider perspective in life.

Do you want to learn the basics of energy with a healer & therapist?

With レイキ Reiki course Tokyo & Online, learn everything you need to know... and more!

Students call Leiya “medicine woman” or a healer… She doesn’t like labels and often says that “you’re the one that heals” at the end! Very sensitive artiste dancer and musician, she has a strong connection with nature, others subtle aspect of life and invisible worlds since a very young age. As well as some deep interest and knowledge on science based subject, such biology and psychology.

Possibly due to the fact she is synesthetic individual… an interesting neurological condition, she has extra sensorial abilities. She worked on it over the years, with some eclectic and enriching life experience.

She learned a lot of different traditional medicines from the world: over 30 countries. Local healers, and shamans trusted her and shared their sacred knowledge from very old times. 

In close touch with other masters in Japan belonging to traditional Japanese reiki practices, she focuses on sharing humbly this reiki system with a Japanese/Asian perspective. You are encouraged to practice, develop yourself, and do your best to apply what you learn in everyday life: this is the spiritual path, a learning journey on earth. 

Beside of her practice of more scientific and traditional approach of person oriented therapy with somatic therapy and strategic psychology, she keeps conducing her own research about natural medicine with an anthropologic perspective.

Human being has a mysterious mind, which we may not know everything about!

-> Click bellow and write me an email. Or your can select “Online” on the calendar appearing on the contact page, and choose “discover call“.

The body has a self healing and balancing power

Remember, and optimize your vital potential : come back to your full natural abilities with your reiki course Tokyo!

Why is the levels of Reiki course Tokyo?

The reason why there are 3 levels of Reiki and a 4th level Master Teacher, is to help you to progress at your own pace, according to your goal.

It’s important to respect yourself and not want to get to fast: one thing at a time. Not to mention working with energy is simple, but not without any risk: I am with you during your evolution and make sure you stay on the path of light. The more “pure and clean you are”, the less attachment, the deeper you are allowed to go.

Note: Reiki is not a Japanese governement licence. You get a “certificate“, placing you in a lineage to Usui sensei.


In Japan, It’s common to follow a process with grades. In the traditional arts, we do not “pass level” you dedicate yourself to the practice, repeat things, and evolve within it. The sensei observe and guide you along the way. 


4-5H・History | Go Kai | Japanese exercices | Self treatment

  • Wait 1 month

Practice self treatment + Reiki exercices


5-6H・Reiki practices | Physical hands healing

  • Wait 6 month

Self treatment + Reiki exercices + Practice on others


7-8H・Reiju | Distance healing | Techniques | Practice

  • Wait 12 month

Self treatment + Exercices + Practice on others & remotely


~18H・Review of all levels |
Reiju Techniques | Practice

  • Become assistant teacher level 1 & 2

Cannot give Reiju.


Re-do Shinpiden.

Start teaching when allowed to.

Master the Reiki exercices, develop skills, apply it in everyday life to improve yourself as sa human being… a life journey!


Online E-learning・REIKI RETREAT At Uenohara (Japan)・Virtual class

 Each course provides you a “certificate”

Private groupe facebook

Group distance practice every saturday


The hands-on healing practice


Spiritual path toward enlightenment

Learn reiki healing

レイキ・Reiki 1

Initiation & meditation - Shoden (4~5H)


  • History
  • Go kai
  • Reiju (attunement)


  • Reiki kanji definition 
  • Energy system in asia, Byozen


  • Japanese meditations
  • Self-treatment


japanese reiki course

レイキ・Reiki 2

Hand healing & remote - Okuden (6- Hours)


  • 3 Symboles + use
  • Kotodama
  • Reiju


  • Japanese direct treatment (chiryo)
  • Distance treatment (enkaku chiryo)


  • Japanese & western perspective
  • Emotions & ego


Reiki usui healing

レイキ・Reiki 3

Spiritual path (~7 Hours)


  • Where are you on your journey?
  • In depth knowledge
  • Japanese Buddhism 


  • Poetry
  • Litterature


  • Nurture your growth
  • Daily practice
  • Get support


“The more we learn, the less we know”. 

  • Becoming a teacher is important in any discipline. Humility, time, practice, you will feel when it’s time to become a Master – Teacher.  Reiki, just like any energy healing, is further than spiritual healing: It’s a life philosophy, a path to inner peace.
  • If you wish to start your activity professionally as a therapist or a coach, I give you the advice to start with but you might want to do another marketing program.
  • Remember: Reiki can be used by medical and social workers, teachers, and in any field really…

レイキ・Reiki Refresher

Private 2h session in 1:1


  • Q/A about your practice, about reiki etc.
  • Increase your knowledge
  • Case study
  • 1 Reiki (attunement) -> for my student only.


For anyone, even those who are not from my school, any Reiki genealogy.

NOTE: If you do not know Japanese traditional Reiki, it might better that you learn again Reiki 1 & 2, as it might be quite different from Western Reiki… 

OPTIONAL COURSES: pendulum, crystal, plants, chakra (ask for details)

How to learn reiki Usui with Leiya?

IN PRESENTIAL・The way to learn Japanese Usui reiki Ryoho

  • WHERE: Yamanashi – Uenohara (1h30 from Tokyo – Shinjuku) | Traditional japanese house

Upon request: at Mitaka, at your home (+transportation fees)

  • TRANSPORTATION: train from Shinjuku (Chuo or Keio line) + Bus at Uenohara station direction Lio, stop “Hado” (leaving at 8:50am)
  • WHEN: Every second Wednesday / Thursday of the month (with exception in October and May to match the dates with Kurama festival)
  • LOCATION: Possible upon request at Mitaka, or at your home (+transportation fees)
  • PAYMENT: by Cash, or Card (web fee) / 50% deposit is required to save your post
  • LANGUAGE: English, French, Spanish (no translator is needed for those languages).
  • CONDITION: small group
  • LANGUAGE: English, French, Spanish


One level at a time

  • LEVEL 1・1 day | 9:30 am to 3.30 pm | ¥33000 for japan resident | 200€
  • LEVEL 2・1 day | 9:30 am to 5.30 pm | ¥44000 for japan resident | 300€
  • LEVEL 3・1 day | 9:30 am to 5.30 pm | ¥77000 for japan resident | 490€

+ visa card fee. 

Repeating the class is free of charge.


  • Bio lunch・+¥1000
  • Drop-off at Uenohara・+¥1000
  • Treatment・¥10000 1H
  • Onsen+transport・¥1000


REIKI Level 1 & 2 + Full board stay

Best is taking level 1 online or in Tokyo, and coming for the level 2 in person, do the practice, and receive Reiju. 

  • DAY 1: Reiki 1 | 3H in 1:1 / 5H in group
  • DAY 2: Reiki 2 | 4H in 1:1 / 6H in a group
  • extra option 1:1 session: 60€
  • stay: €130 (food, stay, onsen, morning qi gong, drop off)



Virtual class - Live video call

  • REIKI LEVEL 1・2 class of 2.5H・210€・ >BOOK HERE<
  • REIKI LEVEL 2・2 class of 3H・310€
  • REIKI LEVEL 1 & 2・ 4 class of 2-3H each ・520€ 
  • 1:1 or with a friend
  • Via Skype/ Whatsapp/ GoogleMeet

!!! -> NO Reiju !!! IT CAN BE DONE ONLY IN PRESENCE in traditional Reiki…



Recorded videos | 1 call Q & A

  • Online courses: HD videos, that unlock gradually.
  • 24/7 access on your online platform with login and password.
  • Finish level 1 (1 month) -> book your LIVE CALL -> Access level 2
  • Book your LIVE CALL, when done
  • The level 2 is better in person for the practice. If you join later in Japan, it is free of charge to re take the class.

!!! -> The attunement can be done ONLY when we meet in presence


Kiko・Self acupressure, meditation,  stretch, and 5 elements cooking : your program from home for each season.

Aromatherapy・Essential oil for every day use

Pendulum・Use pendulum, antenna (map search…)

Lithotherapy・Healing crystals

Herboristery・Medicinal plants

5 elements & basics of TCM / Chinese・Chinese and Japanese approach

Shiatsu・Basics of the shiatsu massage for relaxation purpose (proper learning is 3 to 4 years in Japan).

Reiki Usui Leiya's students reviews

I follow the Reiki certification level 1 with Emmanuelle and I loved it ! I learned so much in a peaceful, beautiful and safe environment ! Emmanuelle is passionate about Reiki and healing in general and she transfers her passion through her teaching. She gives us the right tools to be able to practice Reiki on ourself and our love ones. I came out of this course with a lot of new ressources, clarity and confidence on my own healing journey ! Thank you for your beautiful work and the love you spread on this planet ! Merci !
Brigitte Noreau
Mindfullness coach. Canada/Japan
Leiya makes it easy to open your mind to new ways of thinking. I had a wonderful 2-hr session where she got to know me a little. She explained me about Reiki and kinesiology based therapy. As a nurse, I HYGHLY recommend scheduling a session, there are many different types of session to choose from depending on what you need.
Amy Torres
Nurse. USA/Japan

You didn't learn Reiki with Leiya?

You don’t know the Japanese technics and philosophy behind reiki healing?

  • You might want to do it all again with fresh and new eyes! It is required if you consider teaching one day
  • For sure, you will learn a lot of new things, to complete your knowledge: Western reiki and traditional Japanese reiki have some important differences. 

I love to accompany and follow my students from where they are. I generously share with them a lot of extra information from my life experience, and updates from the Japanese masters that I visit.

You are invited to share your experiences, ask questions, and interact with other students too. We create a true and trustful relationships!

This is why I really prefer to give my time for private class or small group to anyone that engages themself to keep learning with me, to do their best to improve their self and contribute to creating more awareness on earth _/|\_ 

More Reiki students reviews

Reiki session was a truly deep and healing experience for me🙏 After receiving it I went on to study Reiki level one with Leiya ( Emanuelle) , she is such a kind and experienced teacher, I am very grateful.
Daria Zadorozhnaya
Actress. Ukraine/Japan
On 26 octobre 2019 I spent many hours with the lovely Leiya せんせい(sensei ) in Tokyo. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of Reiki霊気. Anything that helps my spirit and the light of the world, I'm willing to do. We always need more good in the world, right?! I highly suggest working with Leiya. She's got profound wisdom beyond her age and is a kind sweet spirit. Thank you so much ! I really appreciate it.  
Emily Hopkins
Full consciousness educator
My experience with Kinesiology was mind-blowing. I have been suffering from many-body pains and scoliosis for 6 years. Many life traumas definitely needed healing. I had the 2hr session and left feeling relaxed. The next day I woke up having No Pain at all. I hadn't felt like this before. I am still in awe. Ten days after, I decided to start my journey with Reiki. So far I have only taken level 1 at their home in Uenohara but the whole experience of their amazing view, the sound of the river, the birds, and the immersion into Reiki were all fascinating to me. Everyone living this human life must have something to heal. Leiya has an incredible ability, that if you allow and want it, could change your life.
Sayuri MIyazaki
Pilates instructor
I took the Reiki Usui course with Emmanuel. She is very knowledgeable and informative. Emmanuel has a relaxed and calming presence. I felt very comfortable and safe. Since the course, I meditate using the Reiki principles every day. As a result of my training, I am more attuned to my spiritual side and feel as I am being transformed and guided to a higher self. And that is wonderful.
Physiotherapist / japan

See by yourself!

Book your Reiki Usui therapy online.


Reiki master Japan


Reiki course Tokyo


sound healing

Learn Reiki Usui treatment to improve your body & mind

With Leiya, from Japan

I hope to meet you in presence some day! We develop nice relationship with students and keep in touch. I am a presential worker, that adjust to the world in motion. Help, support, contribute to the expansion and awakening is my mission, with authenticity.

Take Reiki Course Tokyo or Learn Reiki Online: become the master of your energy, thoughts and emotions!

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