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Remote reiki healing 1H

Remote reiki healing 1H is for you if you feel in need of help to rise your energy, support your body and heart healing process, increase the feeling of love, safety, protection, and bring relief.


It can be 1H together on a video call, or completely remotely. In that case: please provide your Whatsapp number to communicate on the outcome, and a picture to help visualizing the person and send reiki energy.

This session can be book for someone else than yourself, such as someone at the hospital for injury, chemotherapy etc. In that case: I will do 20 minutes divided in 3 times.

After submitting payment, email me to set the date and time together.

Why book a reiki healing?

  • Feeling down in energy, sick, going through panic attack…. in order to find relief and lightness in body and heart.
  • To maintain your body balance, and help you find clarity in your life.
  • Recover a feeling of “self” as a whole, protected and safe, centered.


1H Reiki healing・Online


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