Reiki Healing Tokyo

Reiki healing Tokyo

Japanese レイキ Reiki session in english


Your Reiki Healing Tokyo in english! Reiki is an energy treatment from Japan that balance your body & mind. It helps you to find inner peace and recover your natural self healing ability.

The healing power of vibrations

Energy healing waves

Reiki healing TOKYO

Reiki healing tokyo

Sound waves

Sonotherapy TOKYO

Sonotherapy tokyo

Do you have a feeling of emptiness, skin issues, an intense fatigue, various stress in your daily life? Or some difficulties to deals with emotion, any relation issues? Time to switch your brain on “off”! Ready to fly?

Lie down, and travel with the gentle and reassuring flow of reiki energy.  Leiya, your reiki therapist in Tokyo will help you to relax deeply and recover energy and joy. With gentleness and benevolence she guides you on the path of wellness with Reiki Healing in Tokyo. Time to charge your batteries and recover your self-healing natural habilities.

Remote healing and counseling available for special case.

Reiki Tokyo. Beyond healing, a life philosophy

Reiki healing was rediscovered and developed in Japan by master Mikao Usui. Rediscovered because it is not something new in itself, it is about the energy of the universe and how to make it circulate without using one’s own “chi” or vital energy.

Reiki healing tokyo and its energy treatments includes a preliminary interview with the “patient”, we talk about reiki therapy because it is not only about energy, but about how to approach life as a whole.

Reiki healing release your mind and soul's memories

Leiya is an extra sensorial: she has the ability to feel beyond the veil of human eyes. Due to her strong connection with nature, she can communicate with the invisible world with ease. Since her young age she “clean” people, places, animals and plants. Sometimes, we can have receive some messages for you, coming for your ancestors or other beings.

Every reiki healing Tokyo session is a journey: we never know where we will go, what will happen… Leiya is guided and let the energy flow where it has to flow, clean what has to be cleaned. In the next 3 weeks, your body will adjust to its knew vibrations and you will still feel the benefit of the session.

Leiya conduced some personal research about natural medicines around the world. She received various initiation from mother earth. Wonderful healer across 35 country in the world trusted her and shared their knowledge about natural medicines. This added to her expertise in herbal medicine, the Mexican heritage in her blood from her other grand mother, and various technics she masters such as magnetism, geobiology, radiesthesia (pendulum), sonotherapy etc. 

Your Reiki Healing Tokyo, in english!

Reiki Healing Tokyo session, the methods

For me, any energy work is similar. Reiki Healing session, and any other energy work, all act from love and universe energy. Any energy healers are a channel of something bigger than us : the univers. We all are part of it. There is no superiority or inferiority. Separation are illusion in the univers point of view. Energy is here, and there is nothing to seek very far from us and all is around us, in the nature and in our human nature.

As a psychic and extra sensorial being, I channel, can have access to some akhash and cells memories, soul and heart wounds. I may use plantes, minerals, sounds (tuning forks, singing bol), colors, oracle cards… and if one of your relative on another dimension come, they come, but I will never ask because I trust.

Each Reiki healing Tokyo session is unique because each being are unique, but we all are similar as we are human being, with our own histories and soul path. Come with an open mind and just relax : you need to do nothing but be and trust, like I trust the energy and you to receive it. 

Conduct of a session of Reiki Healing Tokyo

Before your reiki healing session in Tokyo, I will do a short interview and evaluation of your general condition: work, health, physical, family, emotional, mental. 

You lie down and you relax while I perform a Reiki healing session with sound waves: I often use tuning forks in some acupressure points.

At the end of the Reiki therapy session, you will have a landing time to integrate the change of energy flow inside your body before leaving. I will also take a sharing time with you to let you say what you need to release or express by word if necessary for you to do so.

What is Reiki healing Tokyo efficient for?


  • Malaise, Depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Stress (home, work), anxiety 
  • sleep problems,
  • Worries related to future situation
  • Muscle pains, recurrence of body pain, physical trauma, Lack of muscular flexibility 
  • Blood and lymphatic circulation disorders
  • Gastro intestinal and food disorder
  • Skin issues
  • Psychological trauma
  • Relations and communication
  • Lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem
  • Mourning
  • Paranormal, energy flow in your living place (geobiology, feng shui)

Benefits of your Reiki healing Tokyo session

Remote Reiki healing also available !

If you are in Tokyo and the Japanese Reiki session is for you, we prefer to see you in person. Remote healing is mainly for person that cannot more, are in hospital, or live too far.

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Reiki healing Tokyo is an energy treatments that can be use as an adjunction therapy complementary to modern medicine. It brings wellness, helps to reduce pains or side effects of medication, manage anxiety…  Note that you will never be asked to stop your current treatment or stop consulting your doctor: we work with medicines, not as a replacement.

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