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Reiki healing Tokyo

The healing power of vibrations

Reiki healing Tokyo release your body, mind and soul's memories

Welcome to Reiki Healing Tokyo! Reiki is an energy treatment from Japan that balance your body & mind, helps you to find peace and self-heal.

Our body talks to us all the time. Pains, physical and emotional issues… Do you notice those important signs? If yes, you probably noticed it is not always easy to understand the meaning, or what your body is teaching you.

When you start to become more aware of the connection body mind spirit, you realize that you can be more in control of your health, with natural solutions. Consequently, your natural healing power is slowly awakening.

However, it’s not always easy to do every thing by ourself as you might lack of specific knowledge concerning the human body and how to bring back its natural balance. Moreover, have an outside point of view on your situation from an extra-sensorial person can be very helpful : we see and feel a lot about yourself and the root cause of your health or relational issues.

You can have a feeling of emptiness and intense fatigue, inexplicable fears that hinder your personal evolution, some misunderstanding about why we experiment some events in your life… Or you wish to change things in your life or about yourself, but it’s difficult because don’t have the necessary keys due to a lack of distance with the situation. 

There are many reasons for each issue, but there are not always obvious or visible. And if you take care only about the outside consequences in your body and not about the root cause, it tend to come back, which you don’t want to.

With gentleness and benevolence I guide you on the path of wellness with Reiki Healing in Tokyo. I consider all your being : body, mind, spirit and living environment to help you to regain your natural ability to self-rebalance and self-heal.

My vision is very wide, and I listen with humility this energy that I channel and let flow where it has to flow. After my graduation in aesthetic and cosmetic, I conduced some personal research about natural medicines around the world. It allowed me to be initiated by the nature, and also by wonderful people with who I discovered various energy work and holistic natural medicines, that enriched my family knowledge in herbal medicine, magnetism, geobiology and radiesthesia, sonotherapy etc. 

Reiki Healing Tokyo session, the methods

For me, any energy work is similar. Reiki Healing, and any other energy work, all act from love and universe energy. Any energy healers are a channel of something bigger than us : the univers. We all are part of it. There is no superiority or inferiority. Separation are illusion in the univers point of view. Energy is there, and there is nothing to seek very far from us and all is around us, in the nature and in our human nature.

As a medium and extra sensorial, I channel, can have access to some akhash and cells memories, soul and heart wounds. I may use plantes, minerals, sounds (tuning forks, singing bol), colors, oracle cards… and if one of your relative on another dimension come, they come, but I will never ask because I trust.

Each Reiki Healing Tokyo session is unique because each being are unique, but we all are similar as we are human being, with our own histories and soul path. Come with an open mind and just relax : you need to do nothing but be and trust, like I trust the energy and you to receive it. 

Conduct of a session of Reiki Healing Tokyo

Before your reiki healing in Tokyo, I will do a short interview and evaluation of your general condition: work, health, physical, family, emotional, mental. 

You lie down and you relax while I perform a Reiki healing session with sound waves: I often use tuning forks in some acupressure points.

At the end of the Reiki healing session, I always keep a landing time for you to integrate the change of energy before leaving, and we share about what you need to express.

What is Reiki healing Tokyo efficient for?


  • Malaise, Depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Stress (home, work), anxiety 
  • sleep problems,
  • Worries related to future situation
  • Muscle pains, recurrence of body pain, physical trauma, Lack of muscular flexibility 
  • Blood and lymphatic circulation disorders
  • Gastro intestinal and food disorder
  • Skin issues
  • Psychological trauma
  • Relations and communication
  • Lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem
  • Mourning
  • Paranormal, energy flow in your living place (geobiology, feng shui)

Benefits of your Reiki healing session in Tokyo


Reiki healing Tokyo is an energy treatments that can be use as an adjunction therapy complementary to modern medicine. It brings wellness, helps to reduce pains or side effects of medication, manage anxiety…  Note that you will never be asked to stop your current treatment or stop consulting your doctor: we work with medicines, not as a replacement.

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