Reiki Healing Tokyo

Reiki healing Tokyo

Japanese レイキ Reiki session in english


Your Reiki Healing Tokyo in english! Reiki レイキ is an energy treatment or energy therapy from Japan that balance your body & mind. It helps you to find inner peace and recover your natural self healing ability. 

The healing power of vibrations in Tokyo

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Reiki healing tokyo

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What is Reiki healing Tokyo?

Reiki: beyond energy healing, a life philosophy

Reiki was rediscovered and developed in Japan by master Mikao Usui. Rediscovered because it is not something new in itself: it is about the energy of the universe (REI) and how to make it circulate without using one’s own “chi” or “KI”, that is to say, the vital energy passing through us and connecting us between heaven and earth.

Firstly, the Reiki energy treatment includes a preliminary interview with the “patient”. To clarify, we call it reiki therapy because it is not only about energy healing, but about how to approach life as a whole. Importantly, it’s a real philosophy rich in profound teachings.

Why to receive a reiki healing in Tokyo?

Physical benefits

  • Pain reduction
  • Relief of symptoms
  • Increase your energy
  • Support during the healing process (post operation etc.)

Mental benefits

  • Calm the mind
  • Stress, Fatigue
  • Emotional management
  • Self-confidence
  • Psycho-generational, relational

Spirituel benefits

  • Liberation of soul’s memories
  • Acceptance, philosophy of life
  • Centering, protection, clarity
  • Energetic space cleaning
  • Awakening of psychic potentials

Likewise, reiki healing is also used to work on situations: conflicts, examinations, operations, job search, projects… 

It’s important to mention that studies now show that Reiki therapy contributes greatly to reducing pain, anxiety and the side effects of drug treatments. Today, many hospitals incorporate reiki into their structures. 

Reiki healing Tokyo

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Reiki healing tokyo

What can a レイキ reiki treatment heal?

Although the healing effects of Reiki therapy are surprising, we prefer not to talk about healing or curing. Indeed, we prefer to say reiki healing is relieving certain pathologies and accompanying.

REIKI THERAPY STRENGTHENS YOUR IMMUNITY DEFENCES: accelerates the natural healing process, promotes cell regeneration and the elimination of toxins.

The benefits of a レイキReiki healing Tokyo

reiki energy healing tokyo

レイキ Reiki therapy adapts to your needs by acting on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

A gentle journey to serenity with your Reiki therapy in Tokyo

It’s time to turn off your brain with your レイキ energy healing session!

To start with, lie down, and travel with the gentle and reassuring flow of reiki energy.  Then, Leiya, your reiki therapist in Tokyo, will help you to relax deeply and regain energy and joy. With gentleness and kindness, she will guide you on the path to well-being with Reiki therapy. Now, it’s time to recharge your batteries and regain your natural self-healing abilities.

Certainly, from a simple relaxation treatment, to psycho-genealogical work, or to the reduction of the negative effects of a heavy medication treatment, Reiki has a very wide field of action.

As well, I am consulted for sleep problems, physical pains (sciatica, capsulitis), as for mental disorders (depression, anorexia, behavioural disorders), as for palliative care, complicated relationships (family or work), heavy energetic disturbances, or support in parallel with chemo-therapy to reduce burns.

Remote healing session and consultation for special cases: hospitalisation, distance...

Reiki healing frees the wounds of the soul

Although there are many reasons for every physical or emotional problem, they are not always obvious or visible. However, if you are only concerned about the external consequences in your body and not about the root cause, it tends to come back, which you don’t want. To clarify, we all carry memories from our past: our own life, past generation, pains… which can be release thanks to a reiki energy treatment.

Moreover, I consider your whole being: your body, mind, soul and living environment. As a results, this will help you regain your natural ability to rebalance yourself and activate your self-healing potential. In other words, Reiki, gentle healing energy of the universe, comes to touch within you the hope, and reconnects you to your inner light.

During my personal research on natural medicines around the world, I am grateful to have encountered many healers and wonderful therapist with whom I discovered various techniques and energy work. Also, I spend a lot of time alone in nature and learned from mother earth. All this has enriched my life experience, and my family knowledge in phytotherapy, magnetism, geobiology and dowsing, sonotherapy…

Today, my life experience is a strength: I feel by empathy and am able to know where your issues are located, vivible or invisible.


Your レイキ Reiki healing Tokyo, in english!

How does Reiki energy therapy work?

Firstaval, it has to be mention that any energy treatment is similar. The “light workers” all act with love. We are channels of an energy greater than ourselves: the universe. There is neither superiority nor inferiority. Any separation is an illusion from the point of view of the universe. The energy is there, and there is nothing to look for far away from us. Also a magnetizer, a radio-resthesist, a geobiologist, I let myself be guided by intelligent energy. Absolutely everything is around us, in nature and at the heart of your human nature.

Indeed, as a medium and extra-sensory, I channel various information. I can access certain akhasic, cellular memories, your wounds of the soul and heart. I can use plants, minerals, sounds (tuning forks, singing bowl), colours, oracle cards… and if one of your relatives in another dimension comes, he comes, but I will never ask because I trust.

Also, it has to be said that the distance is of no importance for energy. Surely you can experience a remote reiki healing and you will see the results of the reiki treatment.

To conclude, each session is unique because each being is unique, but we are all the same as human beings, with our own history and the path of our soul. Come with an open mind and relax: you have nothing else to do but be and trust, just as I trust the energy and you to receive it. 

レイキヒーリング | 霊気療法

How does a Reiki healing session in Tokyo take place?

  • To start with, Iprocess to an interview and analysis of your general condition accompanied by a herbal tea adapted to your needs. Everything is evaluated: work, physical and mental health, emotional blockages and injuries, family situation and trans-generational memories. 
  • Then, you lie down and relax. The Reiki energy will act where you need it, and release energy blockages on the physical and subtle levels. To increase the effectiveness of the Reiki treatment, tuning forks can be used in accupressure, or magnetism techniques as well as my extra-sensory potentials. An action is effectuated to open your energy centres, fill in the gaps, release possible parasites, cut alienating links and restore the overall energy circulation.
  • Finally, a landing time is scheduled at the end of the session. This will allow you to come back gently from the trip, integrate the change of energy, and share with us what you wish to express before leaving. I also share with you some simple advices you can apply at home to improve your health and wellness.

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM A REIKI TREATMENT? Everyone: animals, plants, children, pregnant women…

Notice about Reiki healing Tokyo

 In short, Reiki healing Tokyo is an energy treatments that can be use as an adjunction therapy complementary to modern medicine. For exemple, it brings wellness, helps to reduce pains or side effects of medication, manage anxiety…  However, note that your Reiki therapist will never ask you to cease any drug treatment or stop consulting your doctor: we work with medicines, not as a replacement.

What about learning Reiki for your spiritual development?

Learn amazing tools for your spiritual development including meditation, a life philosophy, and hands-on Japanese healing technics.

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