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Reviews for kinesiology & Reiki healing Tokyo sessions and online with Leiya, from Otomi Therapy. Your holistic therapy services for natural health and inner peace. 

Together let's recover your energy. Heal, unify & harmonise your beautiful self!

Kinesiology & Reiki Therapy Tokyo

I strongly believe that helping everyone to get their free will back can affect the world positively. Knowing yourself, understanding your body and mind, the nature and the univers are the key for alignment. We tend to respect more what you understand.

Knowing your reason to wake up every morning is the key for happiness. What is yours ? Let’s find out together ! 

With my support and wide range of creative technics, you will be able to master your body, mind, spirit faster and achieve your highest personal or professional goals in life. Let’s collaborate to co-creation tomorrow’s world, starting by yours!

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Kinesiology / Shiatsu


I wanted to find a wonderful holistic practitioner for my daughter but instead...found more than that. We found someone who almost immediately could identify and relate to her and some of her issues. My daughter was able to totally relax with Emanuelle (Leiya). She, “loved her vibe” and, “felt very comfortable and relaxed”. She walked in feeling stressed out and on the brink of tears but left there feeling very calm, lighter, Euphoric!!” She said it was an amazing experience. We will definitely go back!
Argie martin
Japan | US


I consulted Leiya because my 2-year-old son did not stop crying for no particular reason .. no matter what I was doing, he would not stop. During her session, she showed kindness, benevolent listening and gentleness. My son didn't know how to speak, so she did a Kinesiology session on me who was in physical contact with my son. She then did a body work on him and eliminated his blockages. Since that day, my son stopped crying and I gained serenity. One session was enough. It's bluffing, go there with your eyes closed.
Nelly Guilbert
Coach conscious parenting, France


Leiya performed a session of kinesiology on me at a time when I did not feel good about myself, not in phase with my job at the time and I knew that the end was coming.
A few weeks after her session, I resigned and started a naturopathic training. It was 6 months that I wanted to start and I did not dare because of limiting ideas like the fear of running out of money for example. I think this session with Leiya helped me with this transition. I keep a very beautiful memory!
Chloé Maiello
Naturopath, France

Shiatsu | Kinesiology

I came to see Leiya because my body was sore.
I had a huge pain on my lower back and felt very tired : I just started a new job and it was not easy to adjust.
After receiving the treatment with leiya, what I wanted to do and what I should to were so clear, and I was able to concentrate. My body and mind became so light, thanks a lot : Leiya is a fairy !
Miwa Fujimori
Sale adviser, Japan

Body mind therapy | Dance therapy

Leiya is a really helpful personn with a lot of ressources. If you are stressed or worried by something, even without knowing what, she'll be able to make you really more relaxed, using dance, music, kinesiology...It's really nice to work with her!
Cindy Piole
Music student, Fr

Kinesiology | Space purification

Thank you so much for the great energy purification you did in my appartement and the treatment. I really felt much lighter, serene, and happy afterwards! My cat felt it too 🙂 Thank you again for your generosity and your careful listening!
Sahra T

Kinesiology | Shiatsu

I really felt renewed and at peace with myself after the therapy. Even after a week, I still feel that I am still releasing and healing and it is a very good feeling, it’s like I am free of pain. I can say that I have my peace of mind. I have never felt so good about life before. I have a much clearer mind right now. I feel more comfortable with myself and my choices. Thank you so much!!! ❤️🙏🏼
Physical therapist


What a fantastic and wonderful experience. When you walk in, you’re obviously talking to a stranger, but it’s a stranger that you’ve known your whole life. In her care, you are in such a safe and welcoming space, full of love and light. Leiya (Emmanuelle) isn’t shy about not having the answer right there. Nor does she make you feel bad that you also aren’t there to give the answer. Instead, it feels like a brand new path that you both are setting on, where you both have the answers but need to do the work, but the journey is guided by such a delicate hand that hides massive reserves of strength. I absolutely implore if you’re looking, to give her an opportunity to lead you with a feather touch in to a place where you can deep dive into your wellness—while still feeling completely secure. To quote Yeats, “Education is not the filling of the bucket, but the lighting of the fire.”

Kinesiology | Reiki Course

My experience with Kinesiology was mind-blowing. I have been suffering from many-body pains and scoliosis for 6 years. Many life traumas definitely needed healing. I had the 2hr session and left feeling relaxed. The next day I woke up having No Pain at all. I hadn't felt like this before. I am still in awe. Ten days after, I decided to start my journey with Reiki. So far I have only taken level 1 at their home in Uenohara but the whole experience of their amazing view, the sound of the river, the birds, and the immersion into Reiki were all fascinating to me. Everyone living this human life must have something to heal. Leiya has an incredible ability, that if you allow and want it, could change your life.
Sayuri MIyazaki
Pilates teacher

Otomi Therapy Tokyo

Reiki healing / Sonotherapy

Sonotherapy | Reiki

Thank you again for your attention during a sonotherapy session at my home. I worked in self-hypnosis to recover all the sensations I received but it is not so easy, almost 2 years have passed. But I can only recommend this therapy to you. The notes of the tuning forks stimulate all the chakras and make the energy circulate again. This heats your body, impregnates you completely, physically and morally. Leyia found herself connected with my daddy, crossed over to the other side of the door of life and described authentic things to me that she could not know in any way, shape or form except from my daddy. It turns the senses back on after she let go for more than an hour. During the care, many birds were in the hedge right next door, behind the window. Another world came to help me through a difficult time. It took me some time to get back down to earth and react differently. My eyes opened differently..... Life belongs to us and it is up to us to take the right path, the one that suits us. I still stay in a bubble that protects me if I need it. If you want to feel good, then offer yourself this care without hesitation.
Christine Piole
France | Laboratory technician

Reiki course

Emmanuelle was a blessing during this whole process. Her way of teaching is immaculate, she always makes sure to give you the information needed to spark your curiosity and thrive for more. I truly enjoyed the course with her and I am planning to definitely go see her once borders reopen. I am forever grateful for the knowledge you shared with me Emmanuelle. Merci infiniment
Khaoula B
Tunisia / Qatar

Reiki | Sonotherapy | Kinesiology

I recommend all the forms of healing and body mind services that Leiya offers because the results are incredible..
. Leiya's potential to feel and see through others allows her to act with the best means, adapted to each individual, in order to realign energies and heal problems.
I highly recommend her.
Patrick Deblaize
Technicien, Jp/Fr

Reiki | Sonotherapy | Kinesiology

Knowing Emmanuelle was a step in my life. Sessions of magnetism, kinesiology or other techniques she uses are a great help and a real relief. The initiation to Reiki is for me a very rich discovery that I think will accompany me in my life. I also discovered Naoshi's music*. It was a very intense moment. It accompanies my self-massages in the morning, it is a real plus to start the day. A big thank you to both of you.
Marie Antoinette Bourgaut
Specialist feather Hermès

Reiki session & Reiki course

Reiki session was a truly deep and healing experience for me🙏 After receiving it I went on to study Reiki level one with Leiya ( Emanuelle) , she is such a kind and experienced teacher, I am very grateful.
Daria Zadorozhnaya
Actress, Japan

Kinesiology | Reiki course

Add a great reiki training level 1 with Emmanuelle. She is very generous and a great healer.
Hélène Queguiner
Ecology in company

Reiki session, course | Kinesiology

On 26 octobre 2019 I spent many hours with the lovely Leiya せんせい(sensei ) in Tokyo. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of Reiki霊気. Anything that helps my spirit and the light of the world, I'm willing to do. We always need more good in the world, right?! I highly suggest working with Leiya. She's got profound wisdom beyond her age and is a kind sweet spirit. Thank you so much ! I really appreciate it.  
Emily Hopkins
Full consciousness educator

Reiki session, course | Kinesiology

I follow the Reiki certification level 1 with Emmanuelle and I loved it ! I learned so much in a peaceful, beautiful and safe environment ! Emmanuelle is passionate about Reiki and healing in general and she transfers her passion through her teaching. She gives us the right tools to be able to practice Reiki on ourself and our love ones. I came out of this course with a lot of new ressources, clarity and confidence on my own healing journey ! Thank you for your beautiful work and the love you spread on this planet! Merci!
Brigitte Noreau
Coach Full consciousness, Japan

Otomi Therapy Tokyo

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