mental physical health Tokyo

Mental physical health Tokyo


We take care of your mental and physical health, in Tokyo & online, with holistic therapies. Thanks to a combination of the western approach to physical therapy (chiropractic, Kinesiology), Chinese medicine & Japanese treatment (shiatsu, Reiki), & Psychology (EMDR), we help you to balance your body & mind health.

“By combining physical & mental therapy, I help you and your family to improve your body and mind health & balancing yourself with your natural & social environment.

Kinesiology, Reiki, Sonotherapy, Psychology plus many therapies & natural holistic medicines from around the world will accompany you to optimize your potential”.

I lived, learned, and worked in many countries, with various cultures. My purpose is to bridge knowledge and different approaches for improving our health and life experience, while opening wider perspectives of understanding”.

Emmanuelle Valette-Matsumura (Leiya)

松村 エマニュエル (レイヤ)

body mental therapy Tokyo

*The “alternative” medicines are not a replacement for conventional western allopathic medicine, they work well together.

*My approach is integrative and based on compassion and true listening, in a safe environment. 

I help you with the 3 important pillars of your health


The health of your body


The health of your mind


Your surroundings

When body, mind, and soul are “balanced”, we feel good. Nevertheless, various events in life can sometimes disturb this harmony. As a results, this can lead to various health concerns, more or less important.

This can be due to a dysfunction of your energy flow, thoughts, memories, nutrition, physiological disorders, lack of physical activity, bad posture at work… Or perhaps you are going in a direction that is not beneficial for you?

However, you don’t have to go through this alone: consulting a therapist can show you another vision of your current issue.

Basically, when we are within the problem itself, it is not easy to take a step back. And the longer you wait, the bigger the problem seems or gets. Life can teach us that something has to be understood and changed in order to regain harmony.

It is important for your well-being to learn to listen to your body in order to meet your needs, and to do in-depth work on all the axes of your being. Of course, the older the root cause is, the deeper the unreleased emotion is hidden.

On our own, we can’t always restore balance: asking for help is like a team working with a professional. 

Your body mind therapist helps you to recover you mental physical health in Tokyo.

Your wellness is my goal

Doubts, worries, anxiety and emotions

Take too much space ? Make you lose your means? You feel short of energy, lost ? But you want to change, make the right choice and move forward ?

Passages of depression or physical pain

Are recurrent but you want this to change permanently to regain good health and a stable mood?

Eat healthy, sleep well, think positive, focus

Are your goals knowing that it will improve your life, but you struggle to remain determined in your resolutions ? Or the stress is disturbing your good balance ?

Your place, your desires, your happyness

Are things that you are concerned about. You can't feel fulfilled, confident and at peace in your heart, not knowing your verse or going into life to be aligned with yourself ?

Harmonious relationships

Is what you want with your partner, your children, yourself, but communication is sometimes a problem?

You need a new direction in your life ?

That you dream about but you don't know how to make it happen? You have made the decision to take action but ordering them seems difficult ? You have reached a goal but are not satisfied ?

Together, everything is possible.

My mission is to help you discover yourself, heal you gently, and find the mental physical health balance to have the harmonious and serene life you desire.

mental physical health tokyo

Must be remembered that working together is a true collaboration around the same goals: your holistic health balance, for more inner peace. Truly, the more motivated and open you are, the faster you move forward. However, patience is part of the journey: moving at your own pace allows durable improvement. You have the keys inside you, I guide you to find them and share tools when the time comes.

I believe that life can become lighter, simple, and more beautiful when we live aligned with our truth. Learn to be in the moment, leave our minds and go back to our body.

Discover and use your full potential, our therapy for mental and physical health

meditation online

I invite you to open your perspectives

A learning opportunity

My goal is to help you regain your power of action by opening new perspectives, starting today.

I am not just your guide and healer, I teach you to relax, to breathe, to reprogram your state of mind and to create your reality.

But also to develop your creativity and intuition, to feel and listen to your body, to understand your relationships and the one that matters most: the one you have with yourself.

A benevolent listening

From where you, I give you a safe space to share anything, with no judgement. But also tools to discover who you are, release your body & pain, transform your perspectives, & learn to take care of yourself by listen more to your body & your  intuition.

I’m always there if you feel you feel like slipping into the bottom of the wave and want to get back to the top. Even higher each time, until your inner sea reaches more calm & peace. 

Who am I?

Leiya, Emmanuelle (Valette) Matsumura, body mind therapist in Tokyo and online, and artist at the service of your transformation. The holistic health approach of the individual and natural alternative medicines are her field of expertise.

After studying Theater (Roy Hart – Body & voice), literature & philosophy, she graduated from the reknowned Peyrefitte school of body care aesthetics cosmetic perfumery in 2005 after 3 years of study. She learned with experts & medical care professionals giving her solid knowledge in biology, biochemistry, skin anatomy, cosmetology, and in perfumery… Which she uses today to create natural remedies with herboristery and aromatherapy.

Being surrounded by her collegues dancers and physical theater performers, she specialized in body treatment: shiatsu massage, and lymphatic drainage.  Her practice was supporting muscle recovery, preventing injuries, and sharing technics with micro-movement and visualization for movement optimization.

Aside, she was offered to be a brand representative for luxury perfumeries and cosmetics, & also had a career as a make-up artist. By crossing the distance lines & touching people, she was doing a lot of physical care, health prevention, and psychological support to models facing food disorders, stressed brides into cultural mixt weddings, and actors in need of focus and relaxation.

In addition, she was teaching oriental and Indian dancing in social centers and private schools in Lyon, plus performing with her dance company in West Europe. The purpose was to bridge art & therapy, and education about culture, traditions, music, and dance. She was helping many women, men & children of any age, disadvantaged social environment, with disabilities… to understand their bodies, gain confidence, recover from cancer and other diseases, find their potential, and to connect their “inside” to their “outside” for health, wellness & beauty.

She traveled to study Balinese & Thai massage, ayurvedic massage & tantra, and Reiki. And trans-generational memories, psycho-emotional language of the body, aromatherapy, herboristery, lithotherapy, neuroscience, and psychology etc… Her journey was based on life experience and professional growth among physical therapists and health professionals in 35 countries

Then, she invested in a kinesiology course to bridge western & Asian medicines. This allowed her to connect art therapy, personal development, physical/physiological therapy, and psycho-emotional therapy to have a fully holistic approach based on various cultural perspectives.

“Willing to dive deeper in humanhood and expand my field of expertise, I conducted my own anthropologic research in natural medicines & holistic therapies around the world”

But before living, I had the opportunity to be back to theatre and contemporary dance and train at the CND of Lyon. I joined some visual arts projects with music and improvisation, incorporating therapy or cathartic dimension. I also trained in Strasberg methods (acting method using sensorial memories).

I fully departed from France in 2014. After many countries and lots of knowledge about natural remedies, our path crossed with Naoshi, Japanese composer and sound therapist. We now share life close by the alternative community of Fujino near Tokyo, and combine our art and therapy skills. OTOMI THERAPY practice was (re)born in Japan.

Today, I’m body-mind therapist and artist in Tokyo.

I invite you on a therapeutic journey together, towards inner peace & natural health balance, online and in presential.

I have changed everything, to better accompany you

therapist artist

Respect and self love

My creative partner

sonotherapist tokyo

Purify your cells, increase your vibration.

Naoshi Matsumura, Studio shupilita, is a famour specialist of sound vibrations in Tokyo, who composes therapeutic computer music. He developed his musical activity in the United States, then toured in Japan with groups, or solo as an ambient/electronica DJ.

Today, he collaborates with visual artists, notably for exhibitions like “Mirrorbowlers” and performs in festivals and events. He is very active in the city in ecological transition “Fujino” which he has contributed to the development since 2011.

Since our meeting, we co-create sound meditations and hypnoses and perform in concerts, shows, school interventions etc. in France and Japan.

Its particularity: see the shapes and colours of the sound vibrations. It invites you on a cosmic and magical journey.

Live your life serenely...

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

By transforming your reality, you act on the world. Live life with gentleness, respect and serenity. Explore your being in the here and now, share your talents with the world. 

Taking care of you is a good decision

It’s a wonderful way to connect with yourself, get to know yourself and then transform yourself for the better… and shine!

Your transformation contributes to harmony and balance

Everything is inter-connected in nature and in the living world, visible or invisible. When you change, there are positive repercussions around you: on your loved ones and your environment.

... free yourself!

Living the life you dream of is possible

One step at a time, I help you to move smoothly towards inner peace and to take your holistic health into your own hands!

Towards inner peace

My role is to inspire you to draw on your resources to create your reality, through more knowledge of your desires and needs.

I believe that nothing is more important than living in awareness and harmony with your being and the universe for a brighter extension of the world.

I put my experience as a psycho-corporal therapist and my in-depth research on the natural medicines of the world at your service.

“My ability to feel your body and hear beyond your words allows me to identify where your real problem is. I consider your whole being and the result affects every aspect of your life.”

Your body speaks

You were born with memories

Karmic, trans-generational… New programmes have been created according to what you experienced in your childhood, your education, the society in which you evolved … But also certain models of thought and functioning that you yourself created as a child. 

Your subconscious controls your life

You may be wondering why you are still living the same situation, in spite of all the work done on you? Your body has kept everything in its memory and functions according to the same habits? The rest is part of a more complex system: the law of attraction. 

Your evolution is limited

If you haven’t achieved the desired goals in your life, it is very likely that you have subconscious blocks. As a result, you don’t do the right things in line to move towards your goal: you are on autopilot.

This can be transformed

The good news is that we can change everything! By releasing the emotions linked to memories, you will be able to run your life with more awareness. This way, you can gradually listen to your thoughts, control your emotions, and change your actions. 

Miracles can happen when you free yourself from your memories with mental physical therapy!

Do you want your free will back? Live your life according to your own values?

Our approach of Mental physical health Tokyo helps you to release your memories, control your thoughts and emotions, to create your reality. 

“I help you free yourself from the origin of your subconscious patterns to create new ones, and thus positively transform your life.”

Heal your wounds

As a lover of nature, sensitive to the elements and to the inter-relationship between all things on earth, I infuse you with a multi-dimensional vision.

My psycho-corporal therapy goes beyond your physical being. Extrasensory, I see and feel the invisible. By dancing, I purify the place. In therapy, I harmonise beings.

I collaborate with Naoshi Matsumura, composer of cosmic therapeutic music to bring you unique and magical treatments! 

The positive consequences of alternative medicine

By embodying your dream, you share your values with the world and contribute to humanity’s collective dream.

Aware that you belong to a group, you have the energy and courage to carry out actions that make sense.

Your world is expanding: you have free will and know that each of your actions is important. 

CREATIVE – For yourself, your company, the collective

CONFIDENT – You know your value 

AWARE of your full potential – You know how to use it

LOVED AND RESPECTED – You can identify you needs and know how to communicate them with delicacy

LIGHT AND IN PEACE – You can breath deeply and share your beauty with the world

HUMBLE – Your learn from every  event of your life

POSITIVE – You can read your emotions and transform them for your best

FREE – You take time for yourself and focus on what’s essential 

How can we work together?

Specialist in mental and physical health balance Tokyo, online.

Professional services

Schools, Specialized education, Company

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