Sound meditation

Sound Meditation

New moon meditation healing


sound meditation

12 new moon sound meditation to harmonize your body and mind with seasons and bring inner peace

You are in one of those situations...

You have enough of...

Your wish to...

You are ready for...

Then, join the new moon SOUND MEDITATION of the month!

1 meditation = more inner peace

12 meditations = a new habit for positive changes in your life

What you will get thanks to our sound meditation

A deep relaxation of body & mind...

  • Reconnect with yourself 
  • Boost your immun system

peaceful mind, & more energy...

  • Balance your emotions
  • Harmonize with the season

Refresh feeling to continue with joy...

  • Health prevention 
  • Soul healing 

An amazing journey toward change!

The amazing bonus...

Health prevention: prepare your body to each season & strengthen your organs

Body care

  • Self acupressure & self massage of the season
  • Balancing the meridian of the season and its organs

Mind care

  • Release one emotion every month
  • Integrate a positive sentence, transform your mindset

They talk about it better than we do...

The New Moon Sound Meditation is simply magical, the music is alternately powerful, soft enveloping cosmic, this meditation brings new sensations and feelings, adjectives are lacking to tell how unique this experience is, indulge yourself and do you your own opinion, to try in any case

Caroline Marmoz
That was really great ! I stayed there once the meditation was over to integrate, before going to sleep. I loved the music, the sounds... I saw shapes in my head, felt places in my body where it was vibrating more or moving, or warmth. I asked to be present during my dreams and I went to visit other wounds and fears. The next day from the morning, I had a lot of anger that came out. I tried to look at where it came from, why, and I needed to drink a lot, as recommended by Leiya on the explanation private page. I had to do some body exercises to release my anger through crazy wild dancing. This allowed me to settle an old story by writing that old anger down. The inner work continues, even a few days later. For only that price it's really a gift... I'm going back to writing my thesis : finally I have energy and motivation to do it ! Thanks.
Chloé Maiello

I have experimented with hypnosis sessions and care through sound vibrations in presence and via skype in pre- and post-heart surgery. Wonderful moments of calm and inner serenity. Unforgettable experiences. Thank you again.

François Lambert

A very unique concept never done before…

The course of our sound meditation

Follow the Season and the Chinese energy calendar

1. Before sound meditation: Prepare your body & mind

Daily, stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue, can quickly take your energy and peace states away from you. As a result, you might feel some lack of concentration, discomfort, sleep and digestion, lack of self confidence or self love…

Our sound meditation helps your to focus and bring your inner peace!

Self acupressure

before meditation

Chinese medicine
Massage of the meridians

  • Balancing the flow of energy flow in the meridian of the season
  • Self-acupressure and massages. 

Eyes exercices

Brain Gym & EMDR
to reset your mind

  • Reconnects your brain to gain concentration and improves your body capacities.
  • Integrate positive thoughts with eye movements to facilitate your transformation.

In traditional Chinese medicine, we prevent rather than cure a health problem. When energy does not circulate properly in your meridians, you may encounter various problems (weak muscles, fatigue, organs not functioning properly…).

Our sound meditation not only helps you to release stress and relax your body and mind, but also to maintain the energetic harmony of your body & mind!

2. The sound meditation 🎶

Meditation is very known for reducing the effect of stress in the body and mind, and very recommended by health professionals.

This is actually a very common practice for anyone into personal development and spiritual awakening. Indeed, it helps yourself to focus more and transform your mindset to achieve your dream.

For those reasons, meditation became a daily practice for most of business men and athletes to increase their performance and productivity.

Sound waves meditation

  • Relax your body & mind
  • Release your wounds
  • Reset your mind

Reiki healing

Soin reiki
  • A very soft, safe, comfortable feeling of love
  • Bring relief in your heart
  • Activates your self healing process

Combined with healthy food, good sleep, enough water, and physical exercise, sound meditation will bring your wellness and improve your health.

The wonderful positive side effects of our sound meditation:

  • Better breathing
  • Pain reduction
  • Improve your sleep
  • High feeling, out of time and space
  • More awareness, in the present here and now
  • Change of behaviour

Release yourself with sound meditation

New moon sound meditation & body mind healing

Harmonize yourself with the energy of the season.

méditation sonore

Our approach of meditation

For us, it’s very important that you feel confortable and at ease, whether you’re experienced or a complete beginner with meditation. This is why we love so much the sound waves healing meditation : the sounds has no language, the vibrations is somethings that every one can feel and understand easily in their body, their own cells.

Our meditation session act deep in your cells and harmonize the element and the organs related to the meridian of the season.


Heal your soul and awaken your consciousness

Let's join our sound meditation!


Choose your plan:

  • 1 moon meditation OR
  • 12 moon meditations

And process to payement, you will receive your confirmation by email.

  • Make sure you have installed the software on your computer / phone / ipad


  • The day of the full moon, check your email.
  • Your will receive your link to access the room.
  • Make sure to have a good internet connection, and nice headphone.
  • It will start at exactly 9pm Japan time (12GMT)
  • Connect 5 min before to make sure we start on time. We cannot accept late comers.


  • Make sure to be in a warm & quiet place, with a plaid with you as your body temperature will go down during the meditation
  • 10min – Introduction of the meridian / elements / emotion of the month.
  • Acupressure point and self massage to balance the organ of the season


  • 45min – Sit or lie down for the sound meditation journey (45min).
  • 5min – Landing and sharing circle.

The opportunity to release a new emotion each month!

The 5 elements in Chinese Medicine

Each season = 1 organ/vesicule + 1 element + 1 emotion to release!

The 5 seasons in Chinese calendar

Based on the theory of the 5 elements, the energy calendar includes 4 seasons

Each season last 72 days

  • Spring: corresponding to the Wood element (Liver/Biliary Vesicle).
  • Summer: corresponding to the Fire element (Heart/Small Intestine)
  • Autumn: corresponding to the Metal element (Lung/Groat Intestine
  • Winter: corresponding to the element Water (Kidney/Bladder)

Between each season, there is the 5th season call inter-season

Its duration is 18 days, and is connected with the Earth element (meridian Spleen/Stomach).

It is divided in 2 parts : 

  • 9 days to end from the previous season
  • 9 days to start the next season

In oriental medicine, we consider it’s important to prepare your body and mind to the next season to remain in good health. 

Choose your plan

1 new moon sound meditation

  • Experiment 1 sound meditation
  • Balance the meridian, organ, element of the month
  • Release 1 emotion 

12 new moon sound meditation

  • Adjust body & mind with seasons
  • Balance all your organs over the year
  • 12 emotional release
  • 12 new positive pattern for a new mindset
  • Energy healing to bring you relief and energy
  • Relax your mind with sound waves for more inner peace

It allows you to release specific emotions during each meditation. The sound waves healing are created according to the seasons and 5 elements of Chinese medicines. Indeed, they are part of nature and of our human body as well.

Private course guided meditation

With body preparation (90min)

Without body preparation (60min)

  • Breathing
  • Body scan
  • Release physical tension
  • Observe though and emotions
  • Develop your intuition
  • Immobile movement with the mental

We choose the emotional theme with the season

When the energies will help the most the emotional release process, the door will be all open for you to let go very softly and safely old pains hidden in your subconscious and in your soul. It also will balance your organs and help reset your mind. 

The remote healing

It’s a very strong amount of energy that will be sent across time and space in the direction of your soul, available whenever you are ready to receive it. This energy will act exactly where it’s need in your body, even if your conscious does not know it.

As a psychic healer, I totally trust the univers and connect with your soul, asking for the best. Like a channel, I let every things go through me and humbly give it back to the earth to rejoin the eternal cycle of life. 

The healing is however your responsability : the doors are open however what has to be healed will be healed if your soul, from the very deep of your heart, wants to heal and change. We are all the master of our life : such magic taking away being responsability are agains the law of univers… Magic can happen when your soul is ready to receive : it might be today, it might be in few week.

This is the reason why I offer you this full preparation before the healing meditation, it can facilitate and help your souls to be in a better position to receive the energy healing. 

About the Sound waves

Which kind ?

  • Tuning forks
  • Crystal and singing bowls
  • Bell, Lyra…
  • Cosmos Music arranged and created by computer

Their action on your body and mind ?

Our body is made of 70% of water. Water is very sensitive to vibrations in general, and sound vibrations act on the molecular structure of water. It allows the cell to “return to its original state”, as well as to be cleansed of its “memories”.

Why did I create the New Moon Healing Meditation ?

In this time of change, the earth needs more harmony between each alive beings…

How can we contribute ?

Changes always starts by your inner world. The outsides events are a reflection of your inner world, if you transform your mindset, you have the power to act on your own life, with consequence in the outside world. All start from a strong decision.

Did you know that when many souls gather to meditate together, it creates positive egregores of pur love and light ? Our thoughts and intentions act on the world and impact matter beyond time and space… You have the ability to create and manifest, in positive for you or in negative for you, however it’s all according to where you are in your own evolution. Very simply said, the more aware you are, the less your subconscious control your life. 

Since my young age, I have this deep desire to unify, harmonize, heal, creating bridge between ancient traditions and contemporary, natural medicines and new technology.

The new moon is a very special time for me as the sky is not enlightened by the clarity of the moon, but the moon is there, hidden in the shade.

This is a symbole, a metaphor inviting us to connect with our deep self, to prepare ourself for the renewal to come with a new month, a new season… The you of yesterday does not exist anymore, welcome and rebirth every month ! Set your intentions to prepare for the enlightening of your shades, and heal your dark sides.

A good timing to care about our inner world, our organs, and discover that the invisible car be visible to who is aware of its existence !


How does it works ?

The effects

  • Healing of the heart and soul
  • Sound vibrations and encoded music of sacred geometry
  • Harmonize and vibrate together with the Earth.
  • Intention to re-connect to oneself, to the Earth, to living beings.
  • Prayer for Love and Peace in the Universe

Why joining us ?

  • To prevent any health issue
  • To reinforce your body and mind to the next season,
  • To release some emotional tensions regularly
  • To benefit from a powerful soul healing with energy healing and sound waves
  • To learn a different way to practice meditation
  • To become more aware of your organs in your body

Connect with yourself, nature, the seasons, and the all group of people that is going to meditate together during the New Moon every month with you !

We are all connected on the earth, the separation is an illusion.Together, let us vibrate higher ! Let us spread love and harmony within us, and then extend our consciousness to the great whole. Together, everything is possible. 

The topic change every month


  • 02/12 – Thinking and fulfillment


  • 03/24 – Release anger 
  • 04/23 – Open to change toward joy 


  • 05/23 – Open to experiences & Accept is Feelings 
  • 06/21 – Release guilt & Forgiveness
  • 07/21 – Harmony, joy &  self love 


  • 08/19 – Release sadness 
  • 09/17 – Let go 
  • 10/17 – Appreciation


  • 11/15 – Confidence 
  • 12/15 – Inner Guide
  • 01/14 – Intuition 

"On the road to an incredible journey with the moon"

1 Moon sound meditation

  • The day of the new moon
  • Connect to your plateform (access: 5 days)
  • Body mind preparation
  • Sound meditation (healing music created with sacred geometry)

Experience and feel the benefits of sound waves and the energy healing. 

15€ | ¥1900

New Moon Meditation

12 Moon sound meditation

  • Each new moon
  • Sign-up to the member area (access: 5 days)
  • Body mind preparation
  • 12 sound meditation (healing music created with sacred geometry)
  • 12 emotional release
  • 12 harmonisation with seasons
  • 12 meridians balancing
  • 10 organes & 5 elements healing
  • Music created with sacred geometry


Keep your body and mind in good health, prepare yourself to each season to come.  Heal your deep wounds, from your heart and your soul. Release your emotions, for more inner peace!

148€ | ¥ 18 800

1:1 guided meditation

  • Private or small group of friend/family
  • Via zoom

Note: I’m on Japan Time UTC+9.

Guided meditation in music

60 min

35€ | ¥4500

  • Introduction
  • 30 min meditation
  • 10min silence
  • Sharing time

+ Body preparation

90 min

55€ | ¥7100

  • Introduction
  • 30 min preparation
  • 30 min meditation
  • 10min silence
  • Sharing time

A incredible experience

"A deep body mind healing"
sound meditation tokyo
Leiya and Naoshi
Light diffusers and sound wave healers

Join the global awakening

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