Dance Therapy Tokyo

Dance Therapy Tokyo

Rebirth to yourself, just be! Let the flow of life flow inside you.

Dance therapy Tokyo reconnect your body and mind. Activate your self-healing natural process, with the healing sound waves of our music!

Online session / 1 : 1 course – Group

Dance Therapy Tokyo Balance your body and mind

Movement & body work

In traditional Chinese medicine, we prevent rather than cure a health problem.
When energy does not circulate properly in your meridians, you may encounter various problems (weak muscles, fatigue, organs not functioning properly…).

This is why the seasonal assessment is recommended to maintain the energetic harmony of your body. We offer you to take some self care dance therapy lesson online to prepare your body & mind to each season, and make sure always remaining in good health!

Chinese medicine

Acupressure points
Meridians massage

The session begins by balancing the flow of energy circulating in the meridian of the season with self-acupressions and self-massage. 


Qi Qong

Let’s prepare and strengthen your body to welcome the new season and prevent possible weaknesses thanks to gentle stretches inspired by Do-in and Qi qong.


Brain gym and EMDR
Mind reprograming

Reconnects the two cerebral hemispheres, activates your focus and improves your body abilities. Positive sentences are integrated with eye movements to facilitate your transformation.

Dance meditation

Free movement
Guided by soundwaves

Entering the soft intuitive movement with invitations: we gradually embody the element of the season and connect it to our material/body.

Dhyana, silence of the soul...

...Discover U.M.U Dance therapy Tokyo

Umu means “birth” and “nothing”.

  • Umareru = to birth
  • Mu = nothing, zero… With the philosophy it can be as well the every and the all : oneness

Experiment the benefit of dance Therapy Tokyo

Reconnect body & nature.

One of the rare dance therapy in Tokyo and Japan...

This therapeutic approach makes it possible to transcend some of his blockages in a subtly modified state of consciousness, facilitated by the effect of sound vibrations.

Each session is a profound treatment: take time for yourself, regain your decision-making power, and enjoy the benevolent energy. Reconnect, re-establish links with yourself, nature, the universe. We are always connected with the universe and beings, we are never alone. 


90 min

55 €


60 min – Validity : 5 month

350 €



Example of a Dance Therapy goal's session

Fire element  (month of june)

  • Release of guilt and forgiveness 
  • Balance the energy flow in the heart muscle : pericardium
  • Mind reprograming : ” I accept the responsability of my own development and I am related to those who facilitate in total freedom” 

-> Please, have a look on the programs of our “NEW MOON SOUND WAVES MEDITATIONS“, we follow the same evolution based on the season’s energy.

Heal body and mind, with a nommadic world artist and dance therapist in Tokyo

Body therapist but also a contemporary dancer and actress, she is called “Leiya” in the artistic world. She shares with you her rich life experience having and offering you a wide range of danced flavors.

Many people have trusted her and allowed her to attend ceremonies in different countries. She has been able to spend time with “shamans” and tribes from all over the world and passes on her knowledge with heart.

She loves to dance in nature and invites you to improvise “in situ”: intuitively dancing the space, the present moment, interacting and connecting, expressing the invisible, transforming the energy of the space and purifying it to raise its vibratory rate.

Her career as an artist committed to ecology and change has been rich: she has collaborated with musicians, toured with music groups, performed and taught world cultures in international schools (Gypsy culture in India, Japanese Zen culture in France…). 

Come and discover his method of movement therapy: “sacred organic dance”, which aims to harmonize the elements in your body and improve energy circulation in the meridians and organs according to the seasons. A preventive and creative method, which can be “therapeutic”. Try an online course: a gift for your expansion!

To know more about UMU and Leiya’s performance -> Visite her professional dance website

Dance Therapy Tokyo, healing meditation in motion

Meditation is not always easy to access, especially in the beginning. For some people it is not easy to remain static, however meditation can be done in a wide variety of forms: while doing the dishes, contemplating a landscape, walking, through movement …

Many philosophies or spiritual practices integrate meditation:

  • Whirling in Sufism.
  • With the kotodama (sound of the mantra of symbols) in the Reiki, method of energetic healing and spiritual development.
  • The slow, silent, mindful walking in Zen Buddhism

We propose various forms of meditation through movement to be experienced together, and accessible to all, whether you like body expression or not, it is an experience far beyond: a search for uniqueness, a release from emotional stress, a calming of body and soul, a deep relaxation of the being.

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Ecstatic dance

No shoes, no booze, no chichat. Warming up with kinesiology, a special DJ set with a music evolving to encourage the “letting go”. Dance crazy and release yourself, or just relax. 


Dance with the univers and the planet. Experiment the mystical ecstasy, the way of love, the quest of the divin within ourself, the oneness. An invitation to discover the poetry Rumi and the sacred music.

Zen Walk

Coming from Zen bouddhisme, this is a silent walk, in a state of contemplation, in full awareness. A deep meditation and a connection to yourself and your environment. 

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Spiritual awakening & wellness

Ecstatic Dance


New Moon Meditation & Sound Healing


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