School for spiritual awakening

School for spiritual awakening

Personal and spiritual development

Start a life in full consciousness thanks to our school for spiritual awakening. Discover your amazing potential! Become aware of your body and mind, you are part of a bigger picture in life on earth and in the univers.

Leiya share her life experience as an extra-sensorial being, an artist and a healer, who traveled the world to learn about natural medicine with a very grounded, organic, ecological and permaculture point of view.

Welcome on an initiatic journey into human nature on earth. Connect spirituality with nature, biology, and the arts of healing: don’t seek high, all is here!

Vibration and Energy is same. Magnetism, thought, sounds, all is in movement: the movement and energy of life.

We all can awaken our multi-dimentional potentials. Are you ready?

Together, let’s explore the magic of the life. In this reality and this dimension, you will expend from where you are, and contribute to the global awareness.

Online Courses


Reiki thérapie Tokyo

Reiki Healing

Healing and Self healing

  • Level 1 : initiation
  • Level 2 : in deepth
  • Level 3 : therapist
  • Master : instructor 

Bonus: pendulum, crystal…



Dance Therapy

Body work

Harmonization and self body-care to balance your body and mind: self-massage and acupressure, Qi qong, body work and movement. All tide with the season and its element.


sonotherapy tokyo


New Moon Healing

Prevent health issue by relaxing your body and mind with meditation. Benefit from the New Moon energy with sound waves: each month heal your wounds, related to the seasons meridian.

We wish you a nice journey with us !

Thanks for your trust.

Love and light on your day !


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