Sonotherapy Tokyo

Sound wave therapy

Tokyo Mitaka & Yoyogi

Sonotherapy Tokyo helps you relax: sound waves travel deep into your subconscious to heal your body and transform your state of mind through the powerful effect of Reiki energy and sound waves.

What is sonotherapy?

Ancient art uses various instruments: Tibetan bowls, crystals, voice, but also therapeutic tuning forks in acupressure. The water in our body serves as a conductor for the sound vibrations which slow down the brain waves causing a deep state of relaxation. Some specific frequencies release blockages and tensions: they enter in resonance with our body and favor its reharmonization.

Individual session

Lie down and relax: you’re invited to a sound travel that deeply relax your body and calm down the 1000 thoughts running in your head… Time for healing!

We offer different kind of sessions:

  • Tuning forks & Reiki healing (at Yoyogi, Mitaka, Uenohara)
  • Singing bowls (at Mitaka)
  • Crystal bowls (at Uenohara)

Group session

We offer some sound healing concert upon request.


Lie down and relax. Let yourself be rocked by the very soft and captivating voice of Leiya who guides you to enter in a trans. Thanks to sonotherapy in Tokyo, you will enter the meditative world of dream, accompanied by healing sound waves : 

  • 10 crystal bowls
  • Full set of tuning forks
  • Singing bowls
  • Hang drum, tank drum
  • bells, Lyra, chime

Sonotherapy Tokyo

What is a Sonotherapy session ?

A session begins with a relaxation to calm down the body and mind through sound vibrations carefully chosen according to your problem or the chosen objective.

Then, you dive into a vibration space. The time and space dissipate, your consciousness stops its control and gives way to the expression of your subconscious.

You slowly enter a trans, a semi-sleep, guided by music, vocal, and/or sound vibrations.

What is a trans ?

It is a modified state of consciousness, more or less profound, which is carried out from a goal aimed at relaxing, caring, or transformation for its personal evolution.

It is a method accessible to all, just like meditation. Like everything else, the more it is practiced, the easier it becomes to reach that state, and get out of it.

General field of action

When to have a Sonotherapy in Tokyo?

  • Anxiety management: reducing stress, panic, worry, overthinking, over reaction to external stimuli (ptsd)…
  • Supporting behavior change starting by reducing the stress, to help you with addiction, eating disorders…
  • Reducing somatic pains (side symptoms of anxiety) dermatology, gastric disorder
  • Balancing your mood and helping you with any psychopathology by slowing down the brain activity.

How does this works?

  • The sound waves travel through air and bones conduction in our body.
  • It slow down the brain waves and bring you to a deep state of relaxation.
  • Some specific frequencies release blockages and tensions: they enter in resonance with our body and favor its reharmonization.
  • Ancient art uses various instruments: Tibetan bowls, crystals, voice, but also therapeutic tuning forks in acupressure.

What does sonotherapy does in your body?

The effects of soundwaves

Water represent around 70% of the constitution of human’s body. As you may know, it is an excellent conductor for electric waves.

The music being composed of sound waves, it is believed by some person to have an action on your cell’s water who resonating with the stimulus (information) received. This is not a proved claim: the main sounds that appears to travel well into the water are very high frequencies (ex: waves and dolphins)

However, sound wave is proven to act on our brain activity and through bones conduction.  For example, it is used by medical professional to determinate the origin or hearing deficiency.

Tuning forks are in Hz, a unit of frequency. Each tuning fork is at a different frequency. By using certain vibrations, we can helps the body to self harmonized. It can be used by hear massage, or applied on-body (sonopucture: acupuncture with tuning forks)

This causes deep relaxation, and facilitates access to altered states of consciousness: a subconscious space in which the release of the blockages is facilitated.

For exemple

The Mi at 538Hz is connected to the 3rd chakra, located at the level of the solar plexus. It is also associated with the element fire, and the color gold. It is called the frequency of love and promotes imagination, intuition and transformation.

Trying Sonotherapy with clairaudient and clairvoyant healers is an amazing experience you can definitely have in Tokyo!

Experiment amazing Sonotherapy in Tokyo


  • Gentle release of physical and emotional tensions
  • Harmonisation of the energy flow  in the body 
  • Purification of the soul
  • Deep restoration of your cells to their original pur states
  • Integration of deep positive changes in your life


  • 60 min in individual session.
  • 120 min for group session, and home session 

Including the welcoming and coming back time.

During your session of sonotherapy in Tokyo

I let you the choice to go back to the present time whenever you want. You go as far as you want to go. You can make the choice to stay in semi sleep and follow the story, dive into sleep or travel to the depths of the subconscious.

I make sure that everything goes well throughout the sonotherapy session in Tokyo or Online, and bring you back with a time of landing and sharing your experience.

Trust yourself : your brain will select and keep exactly the informations needed

You will feel completely relaxed after : it’s better not planning to be busy and rest to benefit fully from the session. Allow yourself an integration time !

Sonotherapy Tokyo - Price list

Home session

Leiya and Naoshi

2H  –  ¥ 36 000 (300€)

Other option:

  • You pay 100
  • Your guest pay 30€/pers (7 guest min)

Invite your family and friends at your home, and we lead the session : body/mind preparation to relax, hypnosis sound waves, closing circle. 

1:1 Session

(At Uenohara/Mitaka)


1H  –  ¥10000 ~ ¥12000 (65)

Leiya and Naoshi 

1H  –  ¥ 16 000 (120)

Home health

Leiya and Naoshi 

2h  –  ¥ 30 000 (250€)

This price may vary depending of the location,, how big is the house, and the specific work to do. Please contact us to talk about it.

Home health in Tokyo

with soundwaves

Tokyo & Online program

Every alive being carry some memories, same for places.

Have you ever been in a house or a place where you felt uncomfortable but you couldn’t identify why ?

This is what I’m talking about : we feel somethings is wrong, and do not feel comfortable to stay in this location.

Geobiology, Feng-shui, Radiestesy, soundwaves… can be use to make sure your living space is healthy for you and your familly and bring the purification and adjustment work that is needed. 

What do we do to heal your space?

  • Check the space and identify the change to do
  • Energy purification with vibrations/energies
  • Advice to change position of some furnitures or bed orientation
  • Verify it’s all done

Contact-us to schedule a free call to see how we can help you !


Order your Online hypnosis

Clean your cell's memories


I create your hypnosis according to your needs.

Hypnosis for a deep action on your subconscious, a release of your memories and blockages. A gentle transformation of your functioning patterns.

Welcome in this incredible flight in your subconscious to evolve on the path of inner peace! Jump on board for an amazing journey.

Order me the purpose of the hypnosis and I create it for you.

Then you can do whenever you want, from your couch!

For who ?

  • Are you beginning your personal and spiritual expansion?

  • Would you like to get rid of the weight of the past (ancestor, souls, wounds of the inner child)?

  • Do you feel tired, exhausted, don’t sleep well?

  • Would you like to start afresh with an energetic cleansing of body and mind?

  • Do you want to reconnect and heal your inner child?

  • You wish to harmonize the sacred masculine and feminine within you? Healing the relationship with the opposite sex? Healing your vajra / yoni? 

  • Any other specific pain you wish to get rid of? Ask what do you need, I create it for you!

Make yourself comfortable, sit or lie down, sleep or follow the story: trust your subconscious mind, it will keep what it needs. Do it as many times as you like!

What do they say about sonotherapy?

Presence | Online

Thank you again for your attention during a sonotherapy session at my home. I worked in self-hypnosis to recover all the sensations I received but it is not so easy, almost 2 years have passed. But I can only recommend this therapy to you. The notes of the tuning forks stimulate all the chakras and make the energy circulate again. This heats your body, impregnates you completely, physically and morally. Leyia found herself connected with my daddy, crossed over to the other side of the door of life and described authentic things to me that she could not know in any way, shape or form except from my daddy. It turns the senses back on after she let go for more than an hour. During the care, many birds were in the hedge right next door, behind the window. Another world came to help me through a difficult time. It took me some time to get back down to earth and react differently. My eyes opened differently..... Life belongs to us and it is up to us to take the right path, the one that suits us. I still stay in a bubble that protects me if I need it. If you want to feel good, then offer yourself this care without hesitation.
Christine Piole
Laboratory technician
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