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Namaste, Welcome to Otomi Therapy

Live happy and free

I accompany you during your personal and spiritual development with body-mind therapy, and coach you during your journey toward inner peace.

I’m specialized in the release of the body and soul’s memories, to help you living free from trans-generation and alienating links.  

Let’s realize your dreams : create your reality !

Creator of your life

You are motivated to achieve your dreams and move toward your happyness, freedom and accomplishment from now ? 

I accompany you starting by relaxing your body, releasing your spirit and reseting your mind. Let’s do effective actions from now for your new life with your new self. 

Emmanuelle Matsumura, therapist, artist and reiki instructor, is dedicated to your transformation and your empowerment. Her works is supported by Naoshi, composer & sound waves therapist, especially the hypnosis soundwaves and the dance therapy workshops. 

I am Emmanuelle Matsumura, I am a body-mind therapist and a dancer, sensitive and intuitive.

I am your creative guide in your journey toward inner peace, and I coach you to achieve your dreams.

You want to change your life from now ? You want to feel aligned with your highest desires, and do things who really matter for your and for the earth ?

Transform yourself and materialize them with a professional support thanks to body mind therapy, coaching, and reiki course. 

I traveled the world to gather a wide range of technics that I share from the heart to help you in your evolution. Let’s take care of your body, mind, and spirit together !

  • Quest for meaning and oneness
  • Actor and creator in conscious
  • Confidence and success
  • Welcome and gratitude
  • Serenity and harmony
  • Motivation and joy
  • Re-connected and intuitive
  • Decision and action
  • Positive mind set

When you live your dream...

You are happy because you live the life you love : you reached the success and serenity you was hoping.

  • You use your creativity for yourself, your company, the collective
  • You know your value and learn how to share it
  • You are in possession of your full potential
  • You respect yourself, you know your needs and know how to communicate them with delicacy
  • Confident and light you radiate and inhale deeply
  • Your learn from every event of your life
  • Your mind set is positive and you can read your emotions to balance them
  • You have more time for yourself and can focus on the essentials

By embodying your dream, you share your values with the world and contribute to the collective dream of humanity. Aware of belonging to a group, you have the energy and the courage to lead the actions that make sense to you. Your world is expanding, again and again: you have free will and know that each of your actions is important. Let’s co-creating ! 

Step by step, change your life

On site – Online call

With 3 in 1 therapy (body mind spirit) I will help you to become the master of your thoughts and your emotions. 


Kinesiology & Hypnosis

Energy flow

A wide spectrum of care technics to help you

  • Shiatsu and Traditional chinese medicine
  • Chiropraxie and Touch for health
  • Stress release, Age recession, Brain Gym
  • Eyes movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), EFT
  • Visualisation, meditation, hypnosis
  • Reprogramming and positive sentense
  • Channeling, Reiki, Magnetism
  • Minerals and medicinal plants

Ready to move forward ?

Online call – Online Courses

I coach you to move into action. Time for success, alignment and achievement : inspire the world. Every change is a progress ! You will be surprise : all start with eco-relation with yourself.

Clear goal, clear results

Organize your mind

Stop thinking, do it

A time to take good care of yourself

Relax yourself through breathing

Harmonize your physical, mental, emotional health

Listen to, understand and feel your body

Develop your creativity, optimize your potentials

Live life with gentleness, respect and serenity.

Fully yourself, share your beauty

Boost your personal development

Learn to master energy

I teach you Reiki healing japonese methods, combined with magnetism and geobioly. A spiritual journey and a personal development, from level 1 to master. 

Clean your cells memories

I bring you through a journey in your subconscious with hypnosis : transform your mind and release your memories, at your own pace. 


(Also on site)

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