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Body mind therapy Tokyo, or body psychoanalysis, is for everyone, at all ages and stages of life. 

Take care of your physical and mental health in Tokyo

Combining approaches from traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to shed light on the origin of your blockages, body mind therapy is a brief therapy to gently help you to restore the psychological, physical, emotional and energetic balance of your entire being.

You can benefit from this therapy whenever you need, or come regularly for faster and significant results. It is by correcting the origin of your physical and emotional blockages that your body can regain its natural state of homeostasis.

  • Thus, your posture aligns and stabilizes itself durably, and you recover your amplitude of movement.
  • Your symptoms, pains, and diseases can disappear.
  • You change your attitude towards your physical and emotional life issues.
    You transform your behavior.

The axes of body mind therapy

Physical therapy・ Mental and emotional health・ Energy balancing


Massage Shiatsu


Three in one concepts


Reiki thérapie Tokyo

Specialities of your body mind therapist

A combination of Physical therapy, Psychotherapy, Energy therapy

More tools of our body mind therapy Tokyo

Balance the body ・Heal the heart・Transform the mind


  • Touch for health – Chiropractic
  • 3 in 1 concepts -Emotional release
  • Brain Gym – Learning & memory
As well as:
  • Physiology
  • Naturopathy
  • Nutrition
holistic therapy tokyo


  • Morpho-psychology
  • TIPI, emotional stress release
  • Hypnosis, visualisation
  • Age recession
  • Cognitive and behavioral therapy
  • Lithotherapy, Bach flowers, essential oils

Examples of the field of action of body mind therapy

  • PHYSICAL THERAPY: Shiatsu / Sonopucture / Kinesiology “Touch for health” 
  • MENTAL THERAPY: Kinesiology “3 in 1 concepts”, EMDR, Hypnosis, Kinesiology “Brain Gym”
  • ENERGY THERAPY: Reiki, Lithotherapy

Physical ・ Physiological

Psychique ・ Emotional

Learning ・ Relational

Allow your body to return to its state of homeostasis: its natural ability to balance itself.

*We act in the field of our competences, in collaboration with the conventional medicine, not in replacement. 

Your body mind therapist

Since 2005

Body mind therapist tokyo

Emmanuelle Matsumura

  • Psychopraticionist specialised in brief therapy
  • Kinesiologist [Touch for health, 3 in 1 concepts, Brain gym, EMDR, EFT, Tipi, PNL]
  • Certified Massage therapist & Shiatsu practitioner
  • Graduated superior technician in body & skin care (aesthetic-cosmetic-perfumery)
  • Movement & Dance therapist, contemporary dancer & world dance teacher
  • Certified in Theater teaching and acting
  • Graduated make-up artist
  • Reiki Master teacher
  • Trained Sonotherapist and sonopuncture tuning fork specialist

With body mind therapy relax your body, release your wounds and transgenerational memories, reprogram your mind for a conscious resilient life.

* holistic: that consider the totality of your being (structural, physiological, emotional, mental, spiritual, environnemental, etc.)

Together, let's discover your full potential

Our wellness & personal development courses

Reiki course・Dance Therapy & Brain Gym・Sound Meditation・Japanese Qi gong

Prevention health・Path to inner peace and mindfulness

Learn to breathe・Reconnect with your body・Inner peace and harmony・Self care and body-mind balance

*related to the inner character of the person, subtile aspects of human being, and life philosophy.

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Your body mind health support with brief therapy.

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