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Together, let’s discover your full potential

Welcome to Otomi Namaste

Live happy and free

I accompany during your personal and spiritual development with body-mind therapy and coach you during your journey toward inner peace.

I’m specialized in the release of your body and soul’s memories and emotions to help you living free from trans-generation and alienating links.  

Let’s realize your dreams ! Become the creator of your reality. 

Creator of your happiness

You are motivated to achieve your dreams and move toward your happyness, freedom and accomplishment from now ? 

I accompany you starting by relaxing your body, releasing your spirit and reseting your mind. Let’s do effective actions from now for your new life with your new self. 

Leiya, artist and therapist, is dedicated to your transformation and your empowerment. Her works, especially the hypnosis and meditations are supported by Naoshi, composer & sound waves therapist.

Step by step, change your life

Every change is a progress. Become the master of your thoughts and your emotions : inspire the world ! 

energy treatment


  • Massages
  • Sound waves
  • Body manipulation
  • Danced movement
  • Breathing
  • Body relaxation
  • Brain Gym
woman meditating


  • Cells memory
  • Trans-generation memory
  • Emotion release
  • Energy flow
  • Meditation
  • Self-accupressure
happy couple


  • Visualisation
  • Positive sentenses
  • Though observation
  • Believing transformation
  • Preparation to the change
  • Planification, organisation
  • Personal development

I am Leiya, body-mind therapist and I am your benevolent creative guide on your travel toward inner peace.

Choose the best for yourself, take care of your Body Mind Spirit ! Achieve your dreams and goals in life from now . 

Transform your life with a professional support with holistic therapy, coaching, and art-therapy. 

You can choose your best match : individual session, 1 and 1 coaching, art-therapy group session.

3in1 Therapy

Body Mind Spirit therapy

3 in 1 therapy to take care of your body with massage and chiropractic, your mind with kinesiology and reprogramming, spirit with energy session.


Video Coaching & remote healing

Understand yourself to change your believing with benevolent support. Increase your self confidence with exercices, personal development and go to actions.

Art therapy

Dance meditation and Soundwaves

Experiment the benefit of meditation in full consciousness of dance and free movement, or with sound waves hypnosis. 

  • Quest for meaning
  • Actor and creator
  • Confidance
  • Welcome and gratidude
  • Serenity and harmony
  • Motivation and joy
  • Re-connected
  • Decision land action
  • Intuition

When you live your dream...

You are happy because you live the life you love : you reached the success and serenity you was hoping.

  • You use your creativity for yourself, your company, the collective
  • You know your value and learn how to share it
  • You are in possession of your full potential
  • You respect yourself, you know your needs and know how to communicate them with delicacy
  • Confident and light you radiate and inhale deeply
  • Your learn from every event of your life
  • Your mind set is positive and you can read your emotions to balance them
  • You have more time for yourself and can focus on the essentials

By embodying your dream, you share your values with the world and contribute to the collective dream of humanity. Aware of belonging to a group, you have the energy and the courage to lead the actions that make sense to you. Your world is expanding, again and again: you have free will and know that each of your actions is important. Let’s co-creating ! 

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