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Namaste, Welcome to Otomi Therapy

We help woman, man and children to take care of their health in Tokyo and Online, with the natural and holistic solutions that offers body mind therapy.

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Together, let's discover your full potential!

Body Mind Therapy helps you to live happy and free ...

I’m specialized in natural medicines and in the emotional langage of the body. I help to release your body and soul’s memories, trans-generation and alienating links, and reset your mind. Aware of your desires and needs, are you ready to become the person you have always dreamt to be ? Together, everything is possible!

Do you wish to change your life deeply in order to live in full consciousness, with more inner peace? We offer you many tools to move forward on the path, with joy, gentleness and benevolence.

By better understanding the link between your body, your mind and the surrounding space, we pay more attention to ourselves. In other words, it becomes more natural to move towards a healthy diet, to make sure you have a more serene living and working environment, to take care of your relationships. Certainly, you begin to align your thoughts, emotions and actions. Consequently, these different habits will create positive transformations all around you: you are changing!

By seeking and releasing the very origin of your physical and emotional blockages, I help you to evolve, and recover every little bit more control over your life. In conclusion, you feel more inner peace every day.

Specializing in natural medicines and mind-body therapies, I allow you to free your body and soul memories from trans-generational and alienating bonds, and to reprogram your mind.

Are you ready to become aware of your desires and needs, and to become the person you have always dreamed of being?

... Creator of your life

Are you motivated to make your dreams come true and move towards happiness, freedom and fulfillment from now?  

You want to share your talents and beauty with the world, but you don’t know how to do it or how to make the most of your talents?

The more you learn about how the world works, your place in the universe and the functioning of your body as a whole body-soul-mind; the more you will be able to evolve and bring more meaning to your life. Thus, you will be able to provide the necessary proof to your mind so that it integrates that everything is possible!

Stressed out, heavy with the weight of the past, are you tired of your recurring pains, digestive problems, or are you having trouble getting out of a complex situation? Whatever your worries, there are solutions, and I help you to find them with the psycho-body therapy!

Let’s relax your body, release the memories of your soul, and reprogram your mind. Ready to tap into your resources to perform effective actions now to start your new life, in full awareness of your true being?

Welcome on board! We are leaving for a multidimensional journey towards your well-being.

I am Emmanuelle Matsumura, your body mind therapist in Tokyo

I am your creative guide in your journey toward inner peace, and I coach you to achieve your dreams.

  • You want to change your life from now?
  • Feel aligned with your highest desires?
  • Do things who really matter, for you and for the earth?

Transform yourself and materialize your dreams with a professional support.

I traveled the world to gather a wide range of technics that I share from the heart to help you in your evolution.

Together, let’s take care of your body, mind, and spirit !

Sensitivity & Intuition

Artiste awakener of potential, serving your transformation. Kinesiologist, healer, dancer, she collaborates with Naoshi, sound healing composer.

Body Mind Therapy Tokyo - 3 in 1 - Energy & Kinesiology

Mitaka (Tokyo)・Online・Uenohara (Yamanashi)

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Awaken your inner artist, create your reality

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Mitaka (Tokyo)・Online・Uenohara (Yamanashi)

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When you live your dream...

You are happy because you live the life you love. You reached your goals, and you are where you want to be.

  • Creative  – You use it for yourself, your company, the collective
  • Confident  –   You know your value and learn how to share it
  • Aware of your full potential  –  You know how to use it
  • Loved and respected  –  You know your needs and how to communicate them with delicacy
  • Light and in peace  –  You know how to use your breath and share your beauty with the world
  • Humble  –  Your learn from every event of your life
  • Positive  –  You can read your emotions and transform them for the best
  • Free –  You take time for yourself and focus on the essentials

By embodying your dream, you share your values with the world and contribute to the collective dream of humanity.

Aware of belonging to a group, you have the energy and the courage to lead the actions that makes sense to you.

Your world is expanding, again and again : you have free will and know that each of your action is important. 

Step by step, change your life

On site – Online – Home

With body mind therapy Tokyo, a 3 in 1 therapy method, I help you to Relax your body, Release your soul, and Reset your mind.

Master your thoughts and emotions to live in alignment with your true self !







A body Mind Therapy, to recover the natural harmony




How to balance your Body, Mind and spirit ?

On site – Online – Home

We all carry memories in our cells, but they don’t define who we are ! They just teach you what you have to learn in this life : everything you went through was teaching you how to free your soul. 

On the way to forgiveness, learn to know yourself, breath and meditate, enjoy the moment. Then, time to decide how you want to be and feel. Change your life from now !

You have chronic body pains and you never figured out why ?

You lack of confidence and would like to be respected for who you really are ?

You struggle to release your resistances by yourself and need some support for that ? 

Body mind therapy bring your relief and lightness

Let me help you to relax and care about yourself with compassion.

Understand and let go your fears, pains, anger, worries, guilt…

Open yourself to joy, harmony, happyness and self love.

Live in consciousness, rise your awareness!

Your personal and spiritual development school in Tokyo

Aware of your Body

Rise your Spirit


Therapy & health

Harmonization and balancing of the body and mind by self-massage, body work and movement, tide with the season and its element.


Full 1:1 program (10sessions):


Sound waves

Each new moon, receive a remote healing during a sound waves meditation, tide with the season’s energy (Chinese energy calendar).


Members Only:


Energy Healing

Reiki healing japonese methods that uses the energy of the “ki” or vital energy. A spiritual and personal journey, from level 1 to master.


Members Only:

For presence course : contact us !

A time for healing and care in Tokyo, with Body Mind Therapy

Relax yourself through breathing

Harmonize your physical, mental, emotional health

Listen to, understand and feel your body

Develop your creativity, optimize your potentials

Live life with gentleness, respect and serenity.

Fully yourself, share your beauty

Receive your gift!

Your accompaniment for your natural health, and your personal and spiritual development.

Lives, webinars, articles, courses, retreats, special offers… 

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