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Holistic therapy, natural health & Inner peace

We help women, men and children to take care of their health, with the natural and holistic solutions that offers your body mind therapy Tokyo.

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Holistic therapy Tokyo

Namaste, welcome to Otomi Therapy. Holistic therapy & Body Mind health

Together, let's discover your full potential!

Body Mind Therapy Tokyo | Kinesiology & Energy

Working together means a transformation journey. A therapy for your body, mind, and soul, with quick result.



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Natural & Holistic solutions for health

Awaken your inner artist, create your reality

Body mind therapy Tokyo support you, & makes sure you find the light behind the veil.

School - Personal and spiritual development

Transform yourself step by step. I help you release and change your old programs, believing and memories softly.

Dance therapy / Body Care

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Reiki course

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Meditation class

Since 2005

For the health & healing of your body, mind and spirit.

Also dancer, I’m expert in the body emotional langage, the biological decoding & movement analysis.

* Holistic therapy: Provide a support by considering the wholeness of your being (physical, physiological, emotional, mental, spiritual, environment etc.)

Body Mind Therapy Tokyo helps you...

In a states of peace and relaxation, I help you to release the memories of your body and soul, from recent to very old. I also work on your trans-generation and alienating links, that you carry in your cells without alway even knowing it.

Then, we reset your mind by transforming your “old programs & behaviors” with body mind therapy in Tokyo (Online when we cannot meet).

Whatever your issue is, there are solutions! I help you and your family with body-mind therapy with joy, gentleness and benevolence.



  • I listen to you carefully. Then, I ask you questions about your life style. 
  • Health include the physical body, the mind, the soul’s memories. But also your living place, surrounding, relationships, habits, diet, social environment, etc.
  • After a body health check-up, I process to a general balancing (physical & energy)

By seeking and releasing the very root cause of your physical and emotional blockages, I help you to transform yourself and recover the control of your life.

Most of the time, a first session will consist in a global holistic health check up, and an energy healing (oriental traditional medicine approach) with deep relaxation to balance your body and mind. A very general and complete energy treatment, with some advice for your health.

What a first session brings to you…

  • Relaxation and relief. You might also feel lightness, and more clarity.
  • In the next days/weeks you will still feel the benefits: more inner peace and joy, and some change around you..
  • The transformative journey is JUST starting! 

...To live happy & free

In the STEP 1, we relaxed your body, and started to clean your memories. Now, I will help you with deeper memories release, and moreover, to transform your mind with kinesiology work.

The more you release and transform your mind, the closest you get to the true version of yourself.

Sometimes, some goals like those seems too far, too hard, too much for today, but Together, everything is possible!

Allow me to mirror you your creative mind power. I help your to tap into your ressources and we will find out the right goal that your mind can believe in today.



  • We will find out your positive goal to achieve today.
  • We clarify it using your body langage: the mind can trick us, body never lies.
  • We seek for the root cause of your issue until we find it and release it. 

When we work together on a goal in a 2h session, onces we processed to an emotional release (meaning we found out the age of the initial cause of your problem), we do not need to work on the exact same goal again: it’s done.

THE NEXT SESSION will be working on another issue that you could not see before, as the first one was covering it… memories are like layers, or an iceberg: they rise at the surface, one after another!

Some results you can have by working together…

  • You can make choices in your life that are in alignment with you true self.
  • You are free from what was stopping you to change: your creative power is back!
  • You can move forward lighter, with more ease.

This is a collaboration. I guide you, you own the ship.

I do certain things on the invisible & energetic level that you might not able to see directly. For the rest, my work is helping you to release yourself!

... Creator of your life

Welcome on board with body mind therapy, your healing center in Tokyo for natural health

We travel you on a multidimensional journey towards holistic health. In the different step of life, we encounter different challenges and have different needs following our evolution.

We all love our family and wish the best for them

When we work on ourself, it impacts them positively as well. And of course, a great harmony in our relation is very important for more inner peace in our lives. 

You tried a session and it was efficient for you?

Now, we created a nice and trustful relationship, you might feel ready to bring your family members.

A few exemple people consult with their child, or send me their husband

  • Recurring back pains, belly pains
  • Sexual issue in the couple
  • Preparing a pregnancy (preventing the memories and emotional transmission)
  • Energy check & healing for your new born
  • Your child is crying for no reason.
  • Sensitivity, hyperactivity
  • High stress, anxiety
  • Learning trouble
  • Skin issues
  • Health prevention (prevent illness during season change and medicinal plants)

You're offering you a real gift that impact positively your surrounding

Our modern life style has been putting many of us away from an intuitive way of living. It manifest on many aspects: food, relational, work environment… But there is a way to transform things: reconnect to ourself, heal what has to be healed, and create a new reality from deep inside.

As a consequences, with those new believing you create new habits, and your actions are different than before. Why? Because you think differently, so you make different choices! To resum, you’re offering yourself a great gift… but not only: it impact your family, your relatives, your surrounding, and the earth : you might think more about her as well 😉

Step by step, change yourself

With body mind therapy Tokyo, a holistic therapy method, I help you to Relax your body, Release your soul, and Reset your mind.


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Reiki healing


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Harmonize yourself with Body Mind Therapy Tokyo




How to balance your Body, Mind and spirit ?

We carry memories in our cells, but they don’t define who we are ! They just teach you what you have to learn in this life to free yourself.

On site / Online / Home

You have chronic body pains and you never figured out why?

You lack of confidence? You would like to be respected for you who are?

You struggle to release your resistance by yourself and need some professional support for that?

Body mind therapy Tokyo bring your relief

Let me help you to relax and care about yourself with compassion.

Understand and let go your fears, pains, anger, worries, guilt…

Open yourself to joy, harmony, happyness and self love.

Aware of your body, elevate your mind, rise your spirit

How to live consciously ?

Your personal development school in Tokyo to raise awareness

All course include amazing healing music 🎶 SONOTHERAPY 🎵

  • BREATHING and EMOTIONAL HEALING with our online sound meditation every new moon.
  • SELF CARE & BODY WORK : harmonize & balance body, mind with nature thanks to online dance therapy courses
  • LIFE PHILOSOPHY: an awakening journey to live in alignment with your true self with healing Reiki course Tokyo. 
danse thérapie

Dance Therapy

sonotherapy tokyo

Sound meditation

Reiki healing

A time for healing and care, with Body Mind Therapy Tokyo

Relax yourself through breathing

Harmonize your physical, mental, emotional health

Listen to, understand and feel your body

Develop your creativity, optimize your potentials

Live life with gentleness, respect and serenity.

Fully yourself, share your beauty

Align your though, emotions and actions

Receive your gift!

Bring sunshine in your days

Morning meditation

+ sound healing !

Your accompaniment for your natural health, and your personal and spiritual development.

Lives, webinars, articles, courses, retreats, special offers… 

Change your life from now ! Master your thoughts and release your emotions, time for healing & self care.

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