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Brief therapy to improve the body & mind health


body mind therapy tokyo


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Body mind therapy・Tokyo

Body mind therapy Tokyo offer you holistic therapies & online sessions & courses, for a global approach to health.




body mind therapy tokyo


  • TFH Kinesiology [Chiropractic+TCM]
  • 🇯🇵 Akahige Seitai [Chiropractic]
  • Massage therapy [Shiatsu, Thaï]
  • Dance therapy


  • 🇯🇵 Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Sonotherapy
  • 🇯🇵 Auto shiatsu [Kiko]


  • Clinic hypnotherapy (Ericksonian)
  • Strategic psychology, NLP
  • Age regression, Stress release
  • EMDR
Take care of your physical and mental health in Tokyo or online: act on the root cause.

Body mind therapy ・For all, at any stage of life

Personalised treatment・ Comprehensive, holistic and integrative approach.







Therapy consultation in French, English, Spanish, (Japanese)

The axes of body mind therapy Tokyo

Physical therapy・ Relaxation・ Mental health

* holistic: that consider the totality of your being (structural, physiological, emotional, mental, spiritual, environnemental, etc.)

What is body mind therapy?

Your natural health balance・A therapy and a philosophy of life

Combining the global health approaches of traditional Chinese medicine, Japanese chiropractic and the western psychology, we shed light on the origin of your blockages.

Body mind therapy offers brief therapies that helps you gently restoring the psychological, physical, emotional, and energetic balance. And also to resolve recurring issues and old patterns: anxiety, somatized pains, habits… As well as helping you dealing with futur situation, life challenges, and overcoming mental difficulties related to health conditions.


holistic therapy tokyo

The online therapies for body & mind

Balance the body ・Heal the heart & Release stress・Change your mindset



  • Anxiety, depression
  • Trauma
  • Phobia, addiction, habits
Dance・Auto shiatsu
Self massage


  • Self image, confidence
  • Flexibility, motricity, body care
  • Self expression, creativity


  • Sleep, stress 
  • Pain reduction
  • Focus, center, clarity

Personalised treatment plan

According to the main cause of imbalances, the therapy can alternate physical therapy, psychology session and energy treatment. We also provides advices favoring your change: nutrition/herbs, self-massage,  stretch/bodywork, breathing, communication… We can create a treatment plan for significant and faster results, or you can benefit from our casual therapies.

By correcting the origin of your physical unbalances, releasing your emotional blockages, and transforming your perspectives on life challenge, you find yourself responding differently to situations.

The benefits of the therapy on body and mind

On one side, your behavior change: with new process within you to manage your emotions.

On the other side, your body regains its natural state of homeostasis, your overall health improve, and you might find your physical & mental performances increased.

  • Thus, your posture aligns and stabilizes itself durably
  • You recover mind flexibility and wide amplitude of movement.
  • Your symptoms, pains, and diseases diminish or disappear. You feel lighter with more energy
  • You change your attitude  and your perspectives towards your physical and emotional life issues, with more resilience
  • You transform your behavior toward more positive ones, improve communication, deal with emotions
  • You improve your lifestyle from nutrition to mindset and body strength, and relationships.

You are involved in the therapeutic process

The integrative therapeutic process, is also psycho-educative. It helps you to understand how your subconscious works, as well as to become awareness of old patterns that lead to some behavior that can be transformed.

You might learn also about your body: anatomical movement, your physiological reactions, the emotional mechanism and more, in order to become an actor of your evolution.

Therapy is learning.

Somatic therapy & strategic psychology

A therapeutic method going through the body to release the mind AND a A strategic psychology approach being solution oriented and person centered.

Why to consult in body mind therapy?

Physical ・ Physiological

Psychique ・ Emotional

Learning ・ Relational

Allow your body to return to its state of homeostasis: its natural ability to balance itself.

How many sessions in brief therapy?

Depending on the issue, 2 to 12 sessions are required, until the individual’s balance is completely resolved and stable.

Then, we can continue together and work on other objectives, and various aspects of your overall health. Or help you with various relaxation tools to maintain serenity and harmony by releasing stress (meditation, brain gym, self-hypnosis, massage). But also, to support you in managing the challenges of daily life, and in improving your functioning patterns (psychology).

Conduct of a session


After a period of discussion, during which the consultant shares his or her problems, the therapist helps him or her to become aware of, and then verbalize, the first objective to be achieved.  The therapist will also ask you questions about your life and physical health conditions.

  • 2. MUSCLE TESTING [online: different assessment]

With this goal in mind, the therapist locates muscle tone conflicts that indicate a stress [or set of stresses] in the body. The practitioner will then plot these dissonances on the health triangle [physical/nutritional/emotional/energetic] to assess which elements need to be rebalanced according to their nature, and will try to contextualise each resonance in the person’s experience, back to the root cause.


Physical therapy / Psychology / Energetic

After this first phase, the therapist proposes a choice of techniques adapted to the situation. Throughout the process, the person is accompanied in his or her awareness, which is necessary to put the self into perspective. This distancing leads to a modification of their physical posture, behaviour and actions. The person will thus be able to go beyond his or her limits, progressively accessing his or her full potential to gain new momentum. 

A protocol for each session’s goal

Depending on the reason for the consultation, the course of the session will vary. A consultation for the resolution of a trauma or for support during a serious illness will not have the same course as for well-being and personal development.

Online: adjusted treatment


If you used specific technic like hypnosis, age recession, or deep massage, you need time to “come back”. Then, we will have a sharing time with advice to improve your health durably: nutritional advice, herboristery & aromatherapy, self-massage, meditation or physical exercises…

And we decide if we need another appointment, or even a regular therapy.


The body  & mind continues its balancing process, it is advisable to drink well and rest to integrate the changes on the structural level, but also on the subconscious level.

chloé maiello
chloé maiello
Un grand merci à Emmanuelle pour sa patience, sa générosité et sa rigueur dans ses connaissances et le côté synthétique pour aller à l'essentiel. J'ai aimé son enseignement car en plus d'avoir la parole fluide, les mots justes, elle a pu me faire passer des idées et des enseignements grâce au corps et aux expressions. Le mouvement m'aide à intégrer dans le corps et la psyché. C'était un réel plaisir que de suivre les heures de modules en duo. J'ai beaucoup hésité avant de me lancer au niveau 1 du reiki et finalement, c'est très juste de l'avoir fait car j'avais besoin de pratiques concrètes dans mon quotidien. Un grand merci 🙂
Apparently,she has very deep knowledge of anatomy,and she also watched the invisible friend coming with me ,whom I stayed together for a long time. If I still doubt any thing to know her from Google,I have no doubt after the therapy was finished. When her hand was near my old surgery wound,the muscle starts to contract under my clothes by Reiki,I even hasn't told her there is a wound there.In the 2.5 hours therapy later,she easily heals my migraine,and a lot of pain from each part of body caused by emotional unbalance,martial arts damage and long time desktop job. I just can say, her service deserves that money. the hour price is not expensive than many massage place in Tokyo(amazing!!).and I am fine until today with no pain. I am ready to come back to her place at anytime if my pain for long term can't be cured in other place. Emmanuelle 's the most personality is her good heart,even she owns so deep neuroscience knowledge and Reiki. I also will obey her advices, to keep good life habits is very important.I may join her Zen class and Reiki class later, to understand the relationship between body, emotion and soul , because what she understands is far more than me, thanks for Emmanuelle's help!!!
Denitsa Puleva Macrobiotics
Denitsa Puleva Macrobiotics
I had an amazing effect right after the therapy with Leya. I have never experienced before such calmness and peace of mind, happiness and harmony within myself. I would recommend it to everybody!
Oksasha Makarosha
Oksasha Makarosha
Reiki, Reiki, Reiki, what a pleasant journey! Low frequencies have been big part in our lives, because of the society around, without minor knowledge of low frequency and what it might cause for individuals who is trying to fight it solely, that was very difficult time until we met Sensei Emmanuelle and started to differentiate between " Low and High" , "hate and love", the correct way to flow as a water between them, accept their existence and embrace the light, without putting our concern and worries in the dark. The feeling of heaviness in the body and the burden we have been carrying all past years have been lifted, that was outcome (result) of studying Reiki energy with Sensei Emmanuelle. Our beloved Sensei gave us the power and strength to heal body blockages and allowed to understand how to work with energy to heal past, present and future, which invoved karmic healing and understanding, because the way to overcome your karmic block is to understand the messages of the Universe which related to that specific karmic block within you. We have learned as well variety of meditation and what is the best way to meditate. It was an interesting time when our Sensei was explaining (storytelling) about Master Usui and others who followed his blessings journey, so much to learn from those journey. We are very grateful to our Universe for giving the opportunity to meet such an amazing person as Leia Emmanuelle , "Our mystical guide". It is a honor to be her student, she has a pure heart, full of light and has a lot of knowledge and empathy for everything and everyone. Our big thanks to her for offering to people the chance to learn from her. She is highly appreciated for her intention to awaken and enlighten people on Earth. With respect Mohammad and Oksana from Qatar
Maria de la Paz Carucci
Maria de la Paz Carucci
Thank you Sensei for the experience!Really grateful for the space you offer ,to move in a safe place and begin to heal or become stronger. Loved the group of ladies and was awesome to meet them🥰.See you next time!
Alexandra Watanabe
Alexandra Watanabe
The session was complete bliss. Emmanuelle was extremely knowledgable about so many aspects of health and healing, and addressed many of my long-term physical and emotional issues in just one session. I feel like I found a hidden treasure and will most certainly be back for more magical moments! Thank you Emmanuelle!
khaoula bouhalli
khaoula bouhalli
Emmanuelle was a blessing during this whole process. Her way of teaching is immaculate, she always makes sure to give you the information needed to spark your curiosity and thrive for more. I truly enjoyed the course with her and I am planning to definitely go see her once borders reopen. I am forever grateful for the knowledge you shared with me Emmanuelle. Merci infiniment
J Stanford
J Stanford
I took the Reiki Usui course with Emmanuel. She is very knowledgeable and informative. Emmanuel has a relaxed and calming presence. I felt very comfortable and safe. Since the course, I meditate using the Reiki principles every day. As a result of my training, I am more attuned to my spiritual side and feel as I am being transformed and guided to a higher self. And that is wonderful.
Say Mi
Say Mi
My experience with Kinesiology was mind-blowing. I have been suffering from many-body pains and scoliosis for 6 years. Many life traumas definitely needed healing. I had the 2hr session and left feeling relaxed. The next day I woke up having No Pain at all. I hadn't felt like this before. I am still in awe. Ten days after, I decided to start my journey with Reiki. So far I have only taken level 1 at their home in Uenohara but the whole experience of their amazing view, the sound of the river, the birds, and the immersion into Reiki were all fascinating to me. Everyone living this human life must have something to heal. Leiya has an incredible ability, that if you allow and want it, could change your life.
Kiwi Wiki
Kiwi Wiki
I had a lovely time with Emmanuelle and her husband during my 2 days retreat. I consulted her as I had backaches and some past trauma experiences due to several back surgeries. She helped me to find the emotional causes of my backaches and heal the physical pain, always with kindness and respect. I will go to see her again when I feel down or in pain.
kinesiology tokyo

Your body mind therapist

Since 2005

Emmanuelle Matsumura

Emmanuelle Matsumura


  • Licensed hypnotherapist clinician (Ericksonian) & strategic psychologist [Australia]
  • Kinesiologist trained in Touch for health, Age regression, Emdr, Stress release, NLP
  • Somatic therapist and dance therapist


  • Certified in Akahige juku seitai [Japanese chiropractic]
  • Kinesiologist [chiropractic & TCM]
  • Government licensed Aesthetic Body care, Specialized in Massage therapy [France]
  • Shiatsu massage & reflexology practitioner [France/Japan]
  • Certified in Thai massage [Thaï ministry of health]
  • Specialized massagist for recovery & mental health: chemo, injury, dancer


  • Certified Reiki Usui Ryoho master teacher
  • Trained Sonotherapist and sonopuncture, specialized in tuning forks
  • Experienced herbalist, aromatherapist, and natural medicines


  • Trained contemporary dancer [K.Cremona, H.Eghayan, CND Lyon, P.Doussaint]
  • Meditation & art teacher (social, cultural & education centers)
  • Certified dance teacher in ethno oriental dancing
  • Certified Actress and Theater teaching and acting 
  • Trained in Strasberg acting Method (sensorial memories), Body & voice (Roy Hart)
  • Graduated make-up artist & SFX prothesis
  • Art director of “Yalisaï cie” – Performing art therapy 

With body mind therapy relax your body, release your wounds and transgenerational memories, reprogram your mind for a conscious resilient life.

Together, let's discover your full potential

Courses online and in Tokyo

Prevention health・Path to inner peace and mindfulness

Learn to breathe・Reconnect with your body・Inner peace and harmony・Self care and body-mind balance

* Related to the inner character of the person, subtle aspects of human being, and life philosophy.

Contact your body mind therapist

Your body mind health support with holistic therapy.

Lives, webinars, videos, art events, Blog articles, courses & workshops, retreats, special offers.

*We act in the field of our competences, in collaboration with the conventional medicine, not in replacement. 

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