Spiritual retreat Tokyo

Wellness spiritual retreat Tokyo

Meditation | Japanese Qi gong & dance | Healing nature

Wellness spiritual retreat: take care of your body and mind only 1.5 hours from Tokyo, in a family environment. In the heart of the mountains, permaculture, and traditions: on the way to mindfulness. Fill up with energy for a new impetus in your life!

This wellness spiritual retreat is for you!

Back to basics: reconnecting with the essentials of simple, healthy living.

A sharing of generous tools for your personal and spiritual development, as well as ecological relationships, to start with.

Start with a physical and emotional health check and a welcoming circle.

  • Body care with Japanese Qi Gong and dance therapy.
  • Mind care with meditation and outdoor nature activities: mountain and river.
  • Onsen in the mountain
  • Sound healing concert – sound travel
  • Regenerate your cells with organic vegetarian meals, accompanied by organic herbal teas.
  • Individual therapeutic treatments, and an optional herbal programme (drainage, digestion or immune system).

On the road to mindfulness: awakening and reconnecting with yourself, in nature!

Healthy eating, physiological and mental functioning, personal development…. discussions are open! Or on the subjects of cosmetics and homemade cleaning products, and the possible path towards zero waste and respect for the environment… a process we have already been on for many years.

Spiritual retreat Tokyo: experience Japan

Welcome in our slow life

Discover the experience of miss Fon that came here to enjoy treatments and meditation, to find her path in life.

A time for yourself in nature

Beautiful mountain

In the serene scenery of Yamanashi’s mountains with bamboo, cedar and pin forest, nurture yourself during our spiritual retreat. In the heart of Japanese traditions and natural agriculture, align body and mind with the season thanks to our wellness program.

retreat Tokyo

Healing nature program

Awaken your (self-)healing potential and your senses for more wellness and inner peace! Leiya will teach you how to feel Reiki energy and some self care and acupressure. A deep reconnection with yourself, in nature.


Calming the thoughts for clarity of mind, inner peace, and resilience. On the way to living with full awareness, in acceptance of what is, in the present moment. 

Japanese Onsen

Enjoy the wonderful Kosuge local onsen close by Otomi Therapy saihara center. You will find a bubble bath inside, sauna, and great rotenburo with forest and mountain view. Can’t be more perfect for a wellness retreat!

Vegetarian BIO cooking

Organic dishes with local and Japanese food, prepared with love by Leiya! Taste our delicious homemade fermented drinks, to boost your immunity and replenish your intestinal flora. And for the French touch: homemade bread!

cuisine végétarienne bio
sonotherapy tokyo

Sound wave meditation

We cannot imagine a spiritual retreat without offering you to experience healing sound waves! Have a rest: relax fully your body and mind. Regenerate your cells, purify, and free yourself from old memories that you no longer need, to live in the here and now.

Night in a japanese house

After a meditative sound journey, fall asleep on a futon, in a tatami room, in the traditional way. We only welcome small groups so that each person feels comfortable, with that little air of childhood camp! 

Retraite bien-être Tokyo

Morning Qi qong

Balance your body and mind and harmonise them with the energy of the season. Strengthen your organs, in health prevention. Discover energy work with Reiki and Kiko.

Dance therapy

Reconnect with your body, to the beautiful music and Dj set of Naoshi and the guidance of Leiya. Release physical and emotional tensions in a joyful, gentle and caring way. 

Dance therapy

A time for yourself

Sensory awakening and forest walk to reconnect with nature! A simple and warm welcome far from the stress of the city, in a caring atmosphere created by Leiya and Naoshi.

Individual treatments

For private retreat

reiki thérapie Tokyo
A beautiful moment in the nature with an amazing host. Take the time to know you better and enjoy life, thank you so much for this wonderful memory 🙂 In fact it was such a great experience that I lack of words to describe.
Secretary, translator

Your guides for your wellness spiritual retreat close by Tokyo

Emmanuelle Matsumura

Psychophysical therapist, danseuse

a.k.a Leiya

  • Kinesiologist specialised in cellular memory and postural balance
  • Psychopratician: mental and behavioural reprogramming
  • Reiki master and meditation teacher
  • Shiatsu practitioner and massage therapist
  • Sonotherapist and dance therapist
Emmanuelle Matsumura

Naoshi Matsumura

Artist composerStudio Shupilita.

a.k.a NaosisoaN

  • Composer and 3D sound scape designer
  • DJ ambient electronica.
  • Sonotherapist
Naoshi Matsumura
"Thank you again very much for this Weekend, this moment of sharing in simplicity, this openness to the other, this discovery of the other also. A very rich weekend of teaching, relaxation, returning to nature and letting go. All this did me a lot of good. Today I feel lighter and "cheerful" to continue it. You always have the words to reassure. It is with great pleasure that I will come back for another retreat. You are both so soothing."
Leather worker


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- RETREAT WITH FRIENDS (group of 3~6 peoples) -

2 relaxing days together to reconnect with nature and celebrate the seasons



– Price per person –


Flexible, depending on availability. Reservation from March to October, week/weekend on request.

  • OTSARA (19)-20-21 MARCH – Equinox
  • LITAH (16) – 17-18-(19) JUNE – Solstice
  • LUGHNASADH – 23-24 JULY 
  • MABON (28)-29-30 SEPT – Equinox
  • SAMAIN (28)-29-30 OCT

We prefer groups of friends or families. Are you alone? Ask to be informed, and we will add you to a group!


  • 1 night
  • Organic vegetarian meals / vegan upon request
  • Medicinal plants, macha
  • Seasonal Qi gong / Brain gym / Dance therapy
  • Mountain walks / Sylvotherapy (forest bathing)
  • Meditation at the river
  • Live meditative concert / sound healing hypnosis
  • Sharing/talking time 


  • Onsen +¥750
  • 4 detox drinks +¥2000
  • Included: pick-up from Uenohara station if needed, stay, meals, wellness program.
  • Not included: onsen (¥750), detox drink for immune system boost with herbs/algae (¥2000), individual treatment (¥10000~¥32000)
  • Children: Welcome to join on a Private Retreat, unless other group participants agree (discount for 0 to 6 years old).
  • Schedule: day 1: arrival around 1~3pm, day 2: departure around 4~6pm
  • Days: preferably Wednesday/Thursday, Thursday/Friday, Friday/Saturday, some Saturday/Sunday
  • Number of persons: 2 to 7 max
"I have an elevation feeling, with lighter perspective. Light, just like if I was flying now!"
"My body is back! I had neglected it recently, I'm very happy to feel it again."
"I reconnected with my imagination during the sound travel, which I though I was lacking of!"


Nature getaway to disconnect, find yourself, and take care of your body and heart.


retreat relaxation tokyo


2 DAYS Programme

  • FREE pick-up at Uenohara
  • 1 night
  • Organic vegetarian meals
  • Herbal tea, Detox drinks 
  • Time for yourself (river, mountain, temple, sanctuary)

Extra: onsen +¥850

Therapy treatments

  • Sweat dream Sound healing 
  • Seitai 🇯🇵 Shiatsu + Reiki (2h)


Retreat Transformation Tokyo


2 DAYS Programme

  • FREE pick-up
  • 1 night
  • Organic vegetarian meals
  • Herbal teas, Detox drinks 
  • Time for yourself (river, mountain, temple, sanctuary)
  • Hot spring

Therapy treatments

  • Sweat dream sonotherapy (1h)
  • Body care 🇯🇵 shiatsu + reiki (2h) [OR Dance therapy & body work]
  • Age recession Kinesiology  (2h)


Retreat therapy tokyo


3 DAYS programme

  • FREE pick-up
  • 2 nights
  • Organic vegetarian meals
  • Herbal teas, Detox drinks
  • Time for yourself (river, mountain, temple, sanctuary)
  • Hot spring

Therapy treatments


  • Sweat dreams Sound healing 


(A morning meditationQi gong)

  • Reiki healing (1h)
  • Body work shiatsu/seitai (2h)


  • Age recession (2h)

*Prices may vary according to CB fees, conversion, and your bank. For bank transfers in ¥, $, €: ask us.

Discover the traditional and spiritual perspective of Japan, for a new turn in your life!


A quiet space to enjoy life and promote harmony in relationships



Program 2 DAYS

FREE pick-up in Uenohara 
1 night stay
Organic vegetarian meals
Herbal teas
4 Detox & Immun system boost drinks (phycocyanine, CBD, Kombucha)
Time for yourself (river, mountain, temple, sanctuary)

1h shiatsu or kinesio each
1h sonotherapy/reiki couple
Onsen: +¥850


thérapie couple


Program 2 DAYS

FREE pick-up in Uenohara 
1 night stay
Organic vegetarian meals
Herbal teas
4 Detox & Immun system boost drinks (phycocyanine, CBD, Kombucha)
Time for yourself (river, mountain, temple, sanctuary)

1h treatment each
1h couple therapy (movement, communication..)
1h sound therapy together
1h qi gong & auto-shiatsu + meditation
Onsen: +¥850

RELAX with your family

retraite en famille

Relax or Therapy FEE, + following rate per child:

Sound travel and qi gong included for the whole family, or outdoor games for the kids.

Up to and including 6 years old:
Without treatment: +¥7000.
With 45min kinesio: ¥15000
7~12 ans :
Without treatment: +¥12000
With 45min kinesio: +¥20000
Onsen: +¥850

*plus small booking fee 

"Just like home... "

Wellness spiritual retreat Tokyo, Nature escape


  • 2 large rooms, total of 18 tatami, that can be separate with shoji doors
  • 8 futons available
  • 1 living room with chemine (1 single sofa bed)
  • Old countryside Japanese traditional house
  • Japanese bathtub, sink
  • Wifi
  • Onsen: 20 min by car
  • Diet – Full board: Our natural and healthy cuisine is an integral part of the therapeutic stay. The vegetarian meals (vegan, IBS welcome are made with local, unprocessed products, and are based on Japanese cuisine (except for the homemade bread), following the principle of the “5 elements”. Adapted to the season and the needs of the body of each participant. 
  • A la carte program is possible for private retreat: contact-us.


Our treatments




We like to offer a combination of therapeutic massage and chiropractic: enjoy both relaxation and physical therapy!


  • Thai yoga massage
  • Lymphatic drainage / Blood circulation massage
  • Deep tissue / Slimming
  • Reflexology


  • Tantra Yoga – Breathing & kundalini energy

Treatment fees


  • 45~60min ¥10000
  • 105 min ¥16000
  • 3h ¥26000
  • 4h ¥32000


  • 1h ¥15000
Thank you so much for the weekend. It was so wonderful to nurture ourselves in nature, with your guidance, and teaching. We were all in agreement on the way home — the praises we were heaping on you! ♡



¥55000 All included* – 420€

JULY (Japanese holiday) – Date to come (or on request with your family & friends)

On the way to a resilient, mindful life

  • Guided and silent meditation
  • Japanese Qi gong (all levels)
  • Dance therapy with a professional dancer and therapist
  • Therapeutic music concert
  • Creative writing or intuitive drawing
  • Free time : mountain hike, forest therapy, river walk, zen walk

Enriched by…

  • Discussion on healthy eating that respects your body and the environment
  • Deep relaxation and walking in the beautiful mountains of Yamanashi
  • Mindset to change yourself and your habits
  • Manage your emotions and sensitivity, learn to calm your mind
  • Use your intuition to organise yourself, work and make decisions

-> 30% non-refundable deposit to cover organisational costs.

*Food & program, except onsen fee : +¥750.

6 peoples maximum.

Note :

  • We changed from 4 days to 3 days according to the general request.
  • 4 days wellness spiritual retreat is possible by private request.

Special summer offer : 

  • 3 Days wellness spiritual retreat can be plan any week-end on august, please contact-us asap : first come, first serve!
Thanks again for your hospitality this weekend! Everything was very good: the programme, the meals, your flexibility, the environment... I loved the nap and the sound meditation! A nice break in our Tokyo life 🙂
Elementary school teacher

Wellness spiritual retreat : a wonderful experience

You have spoiled us a lot! We really enjoyed the food with its touch of local grass. In any case it was a weekend that was good for everyone and some will do it again. Thanks for everything.

Enjoy your wellness spiritual retreat!

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