Avoid seasonal depression

Seasonal depression

Avoid seasonal depression

The heat of summer is giving way to autumn and its falling energy: it’s time to prevent seasonal depression! The arrival of the cooler weather and the decrease in light affects our mental health. Balancing the body and mind at each change of season helps to maintain a good balance. Indeed, this common symptom called “seasonal affective disorder” SAD can be prevented through therapy, diet, dance therapy and adapted physical exercises.

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What is seasonal depression ?

Why do you feel tired, weak, depressed, every season change ?

Seasonal depression, also called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” SAD is a kind of depression. It general start at the same time every year, and last the all season. For some people, it’s fall until winter, for other it is spring and summer (more rare but happens in country with rainy season).

Big season change before each equinox are always a big thing for the body and mind. It can affect our physiological balance with fatigue and our mouds with depression and sadness. Remember that you’re one entire being connected to nature. Ideally, better to always prevent than cure!

For exemple, the sunlight time reduce from fall, and it contribute to this depressed feeling. Your biological rythm needs to adjust, which is cold the circadian rythm. Also, This can affect the serotonin production to low down. And this chemical present in your brain which play a role in your happy feeling. Moreover, the level of melatonin can also drop during that season change for the same reason, and affect your mood.

Do you remember, i told you about this in my article “How and why to practice gratitude” ? To help you feel more happy !

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Symptoms of seasonal depression (body and mind)

You feel your energy being drained, lack of motivation. Various mood string and sadness… a blues feeling.

  • Feeling depressed from the morning
  • Tired all the time like if you energy was drained
  • No motivation or interest in anything, and difficulty to focus
  • Mood swing, negative thoughts, anxiety
  • Sleep disorder
  • Low appetite or craving in specific high calory food, weight change

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Treatments for seasonal depression and fatigue

Slow down and listen to yourself to avoid seasonal depression

Learning about chinese medicine and various old world traditional medicines and holistic therapies taught me one important thing. We, Humans, tend to forget we are not born with super power than can defeat the laws of nature! Our body has to be listened and cared about all the time, not only when we are sick. We are sensitive and sensorial being, of course season and weather affects our physiology and our mental health. By being aware and preparing yourself to fall and every season change, you can significantly reduce those symptoms.

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Exercise, get some fresh air and enjoy the morning light: anti-fatigue remedy!

Yes, the basics… but knowing it doesn’t mean doing it. Come on, let’s get motivated: let’s grab our basket and head out to the mushrooms and chestnuts with the family! If you can’t get motivated, you can book your dance therapy programme.

Or discover the benefits of kiko (Japanese qi gong) or do-in: Chinese self-massage and Japanese stretches from Shiatsu. Or train in reiki: this Japanese energy care method will teach you self-care. But also meditation and personal development exercises.

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Get support to keep your spirits up!

Don’t stay alone by just accepting “it’s like this” because it can be released! Body balancing with physical therapy and energy therapy can be not only necessary but very efficient to put you back on track! There are thousand of reason for this to happen… but this is not forever.

But I have to tell you something important too… When a depression come every year at the same date, it can have another kind of meaning. A past memories, an unresolved issue that is calling your attention. This memories can be related to an event that is stored in your body. Or even a transgenerational memory. This is called the somatic language of the body and can be treated with Kinesiology 3 in 1 concept.

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Avoid seasonal depression

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