Healthy food

Tips for a healthy, balanced and conscious diet, with products that are good for your health! For health prevention, and to strengthen your body.

Seasonal autumn food

Seasonal autumn food Leaves turn color and fly away, plants offer us their seeds. What is the best autumn diet to adopt to boost your immunity? It’s not easy to know which fruits and vegetables are in season, when supermarkets offer almost everything, all year long… But nature has its rules. Eating local and seasonal […]

Phycocyanin super detox

What is phycocyanin ? You’ve certainly heard of this powerful antioxidant: phycocyanin. This pigment present in a micro-algae has incredible properties to strengthen your immune system, even more than spirulina.  The human body, a wonderful organism 100,000 billion cells A machine whose main activities are done automatically Which regenerates naturally Our cells renew themselves regularly […]

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