Deal with seasons change

depression saisonnière

Deal with seasons change

Being well prepared to deal with seasons change is important for the body and mind. In particular, Fall season is the great time to boost the circulation of Qi in the lung meridian and the large intestine to strengthen the immune system. It is a good way to avoid allergy symptoms, prevent cold and flu. But also to regulate your digestion, calm your mind, and avoid fatigue and seasonal depression. Asian physical therapy like shiatsu and energy therapy like Reiki can help you to balance body and mind thanks to its holistic approach. And then, preparing for autumn to enjoy the magic of its colors!

Physical therapy to deal with seasons change


Shiatsu (指圧), is a manual, osteo-articular, energetic, and holistic therapy originating in Japan. The treatment consists of restoring the balance of the whole body with pressure applied with the fingers, hands, sometimes elbows and knees. Namikoshi shiatsu was officially recognised as an authentic manual therapy by the Japanese Ministry of Health in 1955. And the European Parliament considers it as “non-conventional medicine worthy of interest”.

Get ready for autumn! Harmonising body and mind will help you to get over the autumn colds, flus and allergies. I strongly recommend a session:

  • 4 – 5 time per year
  • Just before seasons change

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Adjust to seasons change with Kinesiology Touch for health

Based on the principles of Chinese medicine, TFH kinesiology highlights the link between the 14 meridians and the muscles of our body. This method was developed by an American chiropractor, John Thie, from the research of the American chiropractor George Goodheart, who was at the origin of “applied kinesiology” (1960s). A system that links our posture with all aspects of the human being: structural, nutritional and emotional. Stress causes an imbalance in one of the three aspects of our body, manifesting itself by a drop in muscle tone. By determining the primary origin of the blockages of the vital energy through a set of muscle tests, it is then possible to restore the homeostatic state of the body. 

The sessions are particularly recommended for preventive health, for individuals subject to stress, following changes in your life. For example:

  • Moving house, especially abroad, disrupts our regulatory system and affects our sleep cycle. 
  • A break-up or an emotional shock has an impact on the whole organism. 
  • A fall transforms your overall balance, which can cause muscle tension and inflammation affecting the tissues if not quickly restored.

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Energy therapy to cope with fatigue

Fill up your energy with Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing method aimed at improving the body and mind. It is also an invitation to follow a philosophy of life with respect for oneself, others and the living. A reiki treatment always begins with a time of listening, followed by the application of hands on certain parts of the body. This aims to put the energy or “qi” back into movement in the whole body and organs.

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Reiki healing is recommended if you are :

  • Fragile, stressed
  • Pregnant, or recovering
  • Not feeling yourself, your chakras seem “blocked

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Sonopucture is a method that uses tuning forks that are applied along the acupuncture meridians, instead of needles. A session of 2 usually combines the 2 methods, plus a Reiki therapy session. It is highly recommended for:

  • Sleep problems
  • Mental exhaustion
  • Relaxation

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Sonotherapy is a therapy using sound waves that act on the water in your cells and by transmitting vibrational waves to the bones. This allows both to act on the spine and release tension, but also to help your body to self-harmonize. The binaural sound have an action on our brain, facilitating relaxation. 

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Sound meditation healing

If you are interested in sound therapy, you might like also to try our sound meditation program 

➡️ SOUND MEDITATION TO “Release the 12 emotions that stop you from living fully

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Deal with seasons change

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