Sonotherapy and Reiki healing


Sonotherapy and Reiki

Calm down the brain wave, deep relaxation and relief
A body and mind healing thanks to the therapeutic action of the sound waves and the energy healing.
Activate your self healing ability!
Set comfortably, and let the soundwaves action travel yourself into an hypnotic trans.

Combined with Reiki, they have a vibrational hypnosis effect that transmits messages to your subconscious and acts on your physical body and organs. Complete restructuring of your cells on a subtle level, and also physiologically.

Our body is very sensitive to sound vibrations… we are 70% water, and it is an excellent conductor of vibrations.

  • By zoom, in 1:1

Two action in one : the sound wave music healing and the Reiki healing therapy!

Stress, sleep issue, body pain, hypersensitivity, TDAH, exhaustion, memories, emotional, going through a difficult time… This is really for anyone, whatever you are going through !

It will bring you relief, and you might even fall asleep 😀

First, we talk so I can help you to unlock things and bring some awareness of what might be the issue hidden behind. Then, we start the sound healing, ending by a sharing time.

  • Fill the FORM to tell me your issue, or needs
  • Sit down or lie down
  • Relax : the sound wave and the soft Reiki Usui healing will clean your body and mind

Very powerful healing, and an amazing experience !


You wonder if this is for you?

We can MEET shortly by ZOOM first! Do you can decide if you would like to do it with me 🙂

-> contact me HERE (note : calendar is Japan time, UTC+9)

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