Author : Emmanuelle Matsumura

Otomi Therapy accompanies you on your journey toward inner peace and in the achievement of your personal and professional goals with body mind therapies and coaching methods.

Seasonal autumn food

Seasonal autumn food Leaves turn color and fly away, plants offer us their seeds. What is the best autumn diet to adopt to boost your immunity? It’s not easy to know which fruits and vegetables are in season, when supermarkets offer almost everything, all year long… But nature has its rules. Eating local and seasonal […]

Psychosomatic disorders : the langage of the body

Psychosomatic disorders : the langage of the body Psychosomatic disorders, physical symptoms with emotional origins, can be release by understanding the somato emotional language of the body. By being deciphered, it allows to free body and mind from these blockages. Thanks to a reading of the relationships between emotions, vertebrae and organs, we have keys […]

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