The benefits of cooking with ghee

cooking with ghee

The benefits of cooking with ghee

The benefits of cooking with ghee, clarified butter, are well known in ayurveda. Did you know that it is also done in France, and for a long time? In this article, I reveal everything. Why cook with ghee, its many health properties, and how it is a good alternative to butter. Lactose allergy sufferers: take notes, it will be of great interest to you!

What is ghee?

A little history on ghee cooking…

When I talk about ghee or cooking with ghee, connoisseurs tell me “oh yes that Indian Ayurvedic clarified butter!”. Except that in reality, it is not a uniquely Indian method…

At the time, refrigerators did not exist, so it was necessary to be inventive to preserve food containing water. In France, in the mountain pastures, it was also customary to make clarified butter. It was then used for cooking as a substitute for butter or oil. At that time, it was necessary to think of everything because we moved mostly by bike, there was no refrigerator, and hospitals were far away. So we had to avoid getting sick, limit our travel, and avoid throwing away.

When I told my paternal grandfather, from generations of farming, he laughed when I said “it’s good for you.” In his time, we didn’t have the problem of gmo’s, pesticides, lactose allergies etc… The important thing for him was to enjoy the good vegetables from the garden cooked by my grandmother, and to have energy!

Ghee, clarified butter without lactose and casein

You don’t tolerate dairy products? This could be your solution!

Cooking with ghee: a good fat for your health

Possessing a high smoking point, cooking with ghee, therefore, makes it easier for you, unlike butter. Indeed, it is not recommended to cook with butter or margarine because by heating it, the molecular structure is then transformed. It then becomes harmful to health.

Ghee can be heated to higher temperatures (up to 250 degrees) without changing its molecular structure.

A very long conservation

During the process of making ghee, water evaporates. It is usually the presence of water that makes a food keep less well. So you can keep your ghee out of the fridge for a very long time!

But isn’t fat bad for your health and to keep in shape?

Not at all, on the contrary, it is necessary! For example, butter and vegetal oils are excellent for your health… as long as you eat them uncooked and vary them.

Furthermore, good and bad cholesterol should not be confused. The body has a wonderful ability to regulate itself. But when we eat fried food too much, too much sugar, a lot of processed food, it weakens this balance and tires the body. Consumers of ready-made meals, and bought on the go combini beware…

The body can produce cholesterol naturally. Too much cholesterol may indicate a hormonal imbalance. Indeed, our body needs cholesterol to produce sex hormones. Or it may be an inflammatory state related to stress. One dysregulation often leads to another… and your body then has difficulty dealing with it. Again, you need to look at the big picture, not cut and paste what seems to jump out at you. There are many internal and external factors.

Properties and health benefits of cooking with ghee

Supports your digestion

Prone to heartburn? Cooking with ghee can help!

Of course, the first thing to do is to understand the cause of your heartburn. Quite often it is due to hyperacidity, itself due to an acid-base imbalance in your body. This can be a direct consequence of prolonged stress and an unbalanced diet.

Ghee comes in like lightly “lining” your stomach with a protective layer (simply put, I’m vulgarizing). Unlike clay, which is often prescribed for heartburn and weak intestines, it will not constipate you. On the contrary, ghee is slightly laxative, which naturally leads us to its next property.

Of course, we’re sharing general properties here, this is in no way a “self-diagnosis”! In case of doubt, make an appointment for a personalized follow-up. I am able to advise you and guide you, or even redirect you in certain particular cases.

Regulates bowel movement

It contains a short-chain fatty acid called butyric acid. This helps to rebalance the intestinal walls. If you suffer from various intestinal inflammations, this is for you! Whether your transit is slow or fast, cooking with ghee can be interesting.

In one case, the slightly laxative properties will improve transit. On the other, it will reduce inflammation and strengthen the tissues of the intestinal walls. Of course, in one go you won’t see the results, it’s like anything else it’s over time that you notice the difference.

Supports the immune system

Containing phenolic acids, this gives ghee not only anti-oxidant but also anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is therefore interesting for our immune system to cook with ghee.

Mental stabilisation

It is very common for people suffering from cerebral hyperstimulation to encounter various health problems. Sleepiness, dispersion, lack of attention, difficulty in finishing a project started despite the desire and the efforts made. This is called “excess Vata” in Ayurveda. It is then said that consuming ghee helps them to center themselves, anchor themselves, and stabilize the mind.

Supports the proper functioning of your body

According to the Ayurvedic approach, consuming ghee has a beneficial effect on cell and tissue function. It also has a beneficial effect on all the body’s systems, including the endocrine system. It strengthens our “Oja” which is the vitality our body needs to balance our physical and mental health. I think it is not necessary here to translate this in the sense that it helps the body to maintain its homeostatic state.

Cooking with ghee supports your nervous system, bone and eye health

Cooking with ghee allows you to increase your intake of fat-soluble vitamins A E D and K.

Vitamin A contributes to the proper functioning of our eyes, particularly our retina.

Vitamin E slows down the oxidative processes that contribute to cell aging.

Vitamins D and K are necessary for the proper functioning of our bones and nervous system.

Note: I share in each article knowledge in nutrition and biology in a simple language accessible to all. The popularization certainly leaves room for some shortcuts from a scientific point of view. But it allows also to open the door to those who have difficulty reading complicated terms. I like to make sure to include our DYS and ADHD friends who sometimes have trouble following the thread. If you have something to say, please contribute in a caring and constructive way.

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The benefits of cooking with ghee

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