Three in one concepts Kinesiology

Three in one concepts

What is the “three in one concepts” brain integration method? An integral part of specialized kinesiology, it is incredibly effective in changing behavior patterns, and releasing emotional stress. Let’s take a look at how it works in detail to understand how it can help you. Whether in a therapeutic process or in personal development.

What is the “three in one concepts” method used in kinesiology?

Its origin

The three in one concepts kinesiology was developed by Gordon STOCKES and Daniel WHITESIDE. This method teaches us that we all have within us, solutions to the challenges that life presents us.

Why the need for this method?

While some people are able to bounce back easily and gain perspective on the situation, others have more difficulty. Particularly in transforming their way of seeing things and managing their stress. This sometimes leads to being stuck in the situation and suffering. With this feeling of not having a choice.

There is no judgment whatsoever to be had on the subject, as each individual is different. With a different history and heritage. Not to mention the different brain functionings that exist in human beings, which is far from uniform!

The tools in kinesiology “3 in 1 concepts”

  • The Accurate Muscle Testing
  • The Behavioral Barometer, allows us to put words to what we feel and desire.
  • The Structure/Function, language of the face, which allows us to better know ourselves and accept our strengths and challenges.
  • The Age Recession which reconnects and releases the body’s memory
Gordon stokes three in one concepts kinesiology

We defuse emotions from the past that block perceptions of the present. Without defusing the causes of the problem in the past, no action taken in the present survives the next similar stress. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for CHOICE where there seems to be none left…”

Gordon Stockes

The purpose of the “three in one concepts” method

The goal of the three in one concept is to help people who want to take responsibility for their personal growth and development. And that is by creating their personal and professional well-being through the integration of body, mind and spirit.

The system, named ONE BRAIN®, helps to identify the blockages that keep us locked in our reactive behavioral patterns, and to defuse the associated emotional stress through the integration of body, mind and spirit.

These blockages can be both on the energetic, physical, emotional level… As explained very well by the method of touch for health kinesiology, or “touch for health”.

How is this goal being met?

When we free our minds from the belief systems that limit our perceptions, we can transform our behaviors.

In fact, this method is very wide . It initiates an in-depth work on emotions, a release of blockages from past conditioning. But it also helps to develop self-esteem and motivation. And in, to regain the power to make the right choices and achieve its goals in life.

In addition, it allows for greater self-awareness. Accepting your uniqueness, and seeing your qualities and talents not yet valued. When you create your life, aren’t you happier!

What is the basis of the three in one concept Kinesiology method?

It is based on the integration of research and development in the field of applied kinesiology: biofeedback of the body through the muscle test, and corrections following the digital modes of the 3 in 1 Concept. And this with the Behavioral Barometer® chart and the age recession concept, as well as the skills of defusing emotional stress and understanding structure/function.

How the 3 in 1 concepts method works

This method allows for a gentle reconnection with one’s awareness of the choices we have in each moment. To create and live fulfilling and productive lives. And that is through the relationships we have personally and professionally.

This is a very gentle and non-invasive approach. Individuality and individual freedom of choice are respected through human consideration and ethical collaboration. Respect for the integrity of each person is relational ecology. Respect for self, and for others.

Everyone has an unexplored set of resources and potential within them. When we bring them to light, we see things differently. We change our perspective and can come up with new ideas and solutions to a problem.

This work is collaborative because you are the one with the answer. The kinesiologist walks beside you at your pace, and accompanies you to help you find them.

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Three in one concepts Kinesiology

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