How to overcome anxiety

How to overcome anxiety ?

What is anxiety?

Stress is a physiological response of the body to a situation that will require immediate adaptation. If it becomes chronic, we talk about anxiety.

If Stress can have a positive reaction on the body boosting performance through the secretion of adrenaline hormone, in the long terms, it can lead the body to a state of exhaustion. Indeed, in anxiety, there is intervention of the mind, related to emotions. Anxiety attacks can be a consequence when the body can no longer handle it. 

What's happening in the body ?


When we feel stress or fear, our body releases cortisol a stress hormone.

What is cortisol ?

Cortisol is a steroid hormone, one of the glucocorticoids that regulates a wide range of vital processes throughout the body, including metabolism and immune response.

Where is this hormone produced ?

In the cortex of the adrenal glands then released into the blood, which carries it throughout the body.

The secretion of cortisol is mainly controlled by three areas of the body that communicate with each other. the hypothalamus in the brain, pituitary gland and adrenal gland. This is called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. 

When blood levels of cortisol are low, a group of cells in a region of the brain called the hypothalamus release corticotrophin, which causes pituitary gland secretion of another hormone, adrenocorticotropic hormone, into the bloodstream. 

High levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone are detected in the adrenal glands and stimulate the secretion of cortisol, resulting in increased blood levels of cortisol. As cortisol levels increase, they begin to block the release of corticotrophin releasing hormone from the hypothalamus and adrenocorticotropic hormone from the pituitary gland. 

As a result, corticotropic hormone levels begin to decline, which in turn leads to a decrease in cortisol levels. This is called a negative feedback loop.

What are its functions ?

Almost every cell contains receptors for cortisol and cortisol can therefore have many different actions depending on the type of cells on which it is acting. These effects include :

  • The control of blood glucose and the regulation of metabolism,
  • Anti-inflammatory action,
  • The formation of memory,
  • Control of the water / salt balance,
  • Blood pressure and fetal development.

When is it produced ?

In many species, cortisol is also responsible for the processes involved in childbirth. 

Cortisol plays a very important role in helping the body react to stress.

It can be produced during an attack by a predator, or a big stone that falls near us … Nowadays, in principle, this type of danger is not as current, unless you live recluse at the end background of amazon for example. However, the body continues to act in the same way.

The release of cortisol can also happen when your boss comes to talk to you, when you get caught in traffic, when you have worries about paying your bills, when you have to take an exam or a competition … but also whenever you think scary or disturbing things.

Biological reaction of the body in a survival process : 

  • Our pulse increases,
  • The blood pressure increases,
  • The sugar of fat comes from the blood to make itself available for transmission to the muscles.
  • A blood flow between the arms and legs, the brain is less vascularized and there is a phenomenon of “reverse hemisphere” and a less consistent operation.
  • A strong dehydration,
  • Breathing is accelerating,
  • Perspiration (cell membranes become permeable to reduce pressure and regulate body temperature),
  • The pupils dilate …

What are the consequences of excessive production of cortisol ?

Nowadays, the stress rate is rather high in the population and this hormone produces much more than it should. It acts on our brain and therefore affects :

  • Our ability to memorize, to learn
  • Our immune capacity and bone density
  • May be the cause of weight gain
  • Increased blood pressure, cholesterol
  • Heart problem,
  • Mental illness, depression,
  • Reduces our resistance 


The body usually seeks an immediate solution to release this stress overload into the body. When the person reaches a state of exhaustion, that his anxieties are chronic and that his body can not anymore, a vagal discomfort can then occur in “solution” of emergency release by the body.

These can be more or less frequent and it is then necessary to carry out a background work to eliminate the overflow of cortisol in the body and learn to manage his anxiety by searching the root causes of his emotions, his thoughts and his deep fears / concerns.


Anyone who suffers from anxiety suffers from a problem related to one of the basic needs of the human being : certainty. It means inner security, one that avoids pain and increases pleasure. Anxious people often do not realize that this basic need is not satisfied and is really deep within themselves.

They may also feel helpless about our lives, have fears in their lives. And this has the effect of a response of the body by these reactions described previously (fight or flight) and too much production of cortisol. And when that happens, you feel even more anxious. The body produces even more cortisol. Etc etc … until it reaches a level such that anxiety attacks occur repeatedly, or that a possible heart attack occurs, being unable to respond to this deep need for security.

A direct reaction would be screaming, crying, running during a sudden rise of anguish … but in our society there is no real possibility of reacting like this, and there is no possibility for this energy accumulated in response to the production of cortisol to escape. So it must be put in place a way to do it regularly at first to reduce the level of anxiety.

What are the long terms solutions ?


This is not for me the best option to treat anxiety from my point of view: this is not good for the body in the long run and become addictive. When you take a medicine, it acts as a chemical substitute that your body produces at that time. When you take the medicine, your brain orders to stop producing this substance by itself. When you stop taking the drug, it takes a while for the body to replicate that substance naturally, which is difficult for many people to endure ... and they quit weaning.

However, if it helps you for a while, or it's your belief that you can not do without it, it may be. Warning: I always talk about the case of anxiety and not other pathologies.

Natural Alternatives for the Treatment of Anxiety

  • Medicinal plants in infusions such as valerian or passionflower (passiflora incarnata) for sleep, or St. John's Wort in the evening, as a 3-week treatment (prevention / treatment of depression).
  • Homeopathy: Ignatia 15CH (hyper-emotivity), Gelsemium 15Ch in the background (chronic anxiety, track, tremor, concentration disorders),  Aconitum Napellus 15CH (anxiety attack, sweat and palpitations). Argentum Nitricum 15 CH (fear panic, vertigo, acute anxiety), Arsenicum Album 15CH (fear of the night, fear of being alone), Ambra Grisea (nervosity). Arnica 15 CH (associated muscle pain). Coffea Cruda 15 CH (sleep disorders due to cerebral hyperactivity). Arsenicum Album 15 CH (nocturnal awakenings with anxieties)
  • The L72
  • Magnesium
  • The Bach and the Rescue in case of an anxiety attack 
  • Essential oil of peppermint in case of faint
  • Lavender essential oil to relax before sleep
  • minerals: amethyst, rose quartz, blue chalcedony, lapis lazuli, black tourmaline

CBD and CBG oil as a food supplement

Research on the subject demonstrates the natural soothing and anxiolitic effects of cannabidiol on the mind (THC-free and legal). I was able to test the benefits and many clients were very satisfied. I invite you to consult the full article on the subject!​

Your diet

There are some foods that increase anxiety, others that decrease it. Choose a diet that stabilizes our blood sugar level.

When the blood sugar level suddenly decreases and becomes low. In this case, the part of our brain that creates the physical reaction of flight or combat is triggered… So there is a chance that you will feel anxiety in your day.

Reduce :

  • Coffee, particularly refined white sugar, frying, highly carbohydrate carbohydrate, alcoholic beverages, but also tobacco…

Increase the consumption of :

  • Nori, Kimchi, edamame
  • Grains : quinoa, brown rice, farro, squash and nuts.
  • Dark chocolate, blueberry, maca.
  • Vitamin B12 and B6, Omega 3: linseed oil.
  • Chamomile tea, Udon tea, Oat straw tea (oat straw tea) 


There are many meditation methods to soothe the body and mind. I invite you to learn more about the practices and benefits of meditation in this article. I propose a simple method to start, and how to go further gradually. 

Relaxation by breathing

Inhale deeply through the belly, open the ribs. Then exhale and dig your belly. A small very short apnea can be performed in full lung and empty lung, while it remains very short (not for pregnant women). Combine this with other exercises and see what works for you.

Release your emotions

I also encourage you to write your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Everything that comes, your worries, stressful thoughts… Go as fast as you can so you don’t have to analyze. Even if it doesn’t make sense, release this energy, get it out of you. If you need to write insults go ahead: this is not the time to be politically correct, just write everything that comes. It really liberates and you will sleep much better! ​

Relaxation thanks to music

Create playlists to reduce your anxiety. Composers are able to use vibrations to release emotions blocked within you, and create a real escape from your stress. Deep transformations can occur, just by the effect of vibrations on your body. Indeed, being composed of 70% water and water reacting instantly to vibrations, music has a powerful effect on your being. However, avoid any music that stimulates your nervous system, increases stress and nervousness, or causes you negative emotions.

I offer you with joy to listen to this magnificent composition by Naoshi Matsumura a.k.a NaosisoaN. Its website:

Settle down comfortably, and enjoy!​


Sleep enough, at least 8 hours: this reduces stress… When you sleep, you realign with each of your subtle bodies, you release all the resistances you have worn during the day. Allow to release its resistances by sleeping, it is so simple. The fight/leak reaction is triggered more easily when you are sleep-deprived or do not have enough sugar in your blood. 

Before you sleep, make sure you feel good. Your attention should not be focused on worries. If you sleep with worries, you can wake up with them and start your day on the wrong foot… We dream based on what we thought in our day, especially what you thought before you went to sleep. Then think about some nice things when you get into bed. Prepare the next day by thinking about positive things, what will make you succeed. 

Listen to music, watch a movie (non-violent), read a book, play games, or hug your family. Write in his gratitude journal the things that have been beautiful in your day. Why not give yourself massages with your loved ones ?

Structure your diet according to what we have seen before: avoid eating too heavy, especially in the evening. Prefer snacks such as fruit, seeds between meals for example. 

Physical exercise

Physical activity allows you to use the extra cortisol produced. 20 to 30 min is already enough for the body to produce endorphins, hormones that help relaxation. Qi gong,Tai chi, Yoga, meditation, meditation, meditative dance  : all activities soothing the nervous system.

Doing group activities is also very beneficial. When we connect with other people, we also reduce the cortisol level in the body. Our parasympathetic nervous system is under sedation when we are in close relationship with other people, when we feel a connection with them… Human beings are social beings. Isolation increases anxiety.

With the years, I have developed my own well-being method by movement. Being a dancer and passionate about art therapy and traditional Chinese medicine, gradually the sacred organic dance was born. It is a method of harmonizing the elements in the body and the energy circulation in the meridians. I invite you to discover it below !

Gardening and nature

Gardening allows you to be in contact with nature, and to enter a state of meditation.
This allows you to refocus on a simple activity, and take the time to observe nature.

Every plant that grows, the animals and insects that live in your garden teach you about the ecosystem and the natural balance of things : beautiful lessons in humility.


Try to find opportunities to laugh: when you laugh, your body can no longer believe it is in danger, because it receives a message that you are safe. Watch videos that make you laugh, comedians, try to find all kinds of fun you can find.

Love yourself, respect yourself

Respect yourself, go at your own pace. Be honest with where you stand. If you feel that it brings you a little more control and love of yourself to go beyond your limits, then do it. Don’t force yourself to do what’s difficult now. Go step by step. Allow yourself to find what is good to make you feel good during your day. Choose how you wake up, how you organize your day, your life, how you go to bed…

If you suffer from anxiety it is because your system is highly sensitive. That doesn’t mean there’s not something wrong with you. It is even potentially the opposite because your sensitivity is very beautiful and you will gradually learn to use it for beautiful things for yourself and others… Taking this time for you, taking care of yourself is essential to get better.

Never listen to others’ projections: they don’t have to tell you if you should live in this or that way, or impose their perspective. Find out for yourself what makes you feel good and allow yourself to do it. Don’t judge yourself for having to structure your life in such a way as to have a pleasant life. If you live in alignment with yourself, you organize your life around your desires and needs. There’s nothing wrong with that! Just make sure you are always open to the outside world.

Take care of your thoughts

Anxiety is a reflection of your thoughts. Thoughts are vibrations, which you can transform. When you feel anxious, identify and question your thoughts. Observe and question your beliefs.

Then change them, step by step. You will be surprised how fast this can go. And if it doesn’t change as quickly as you would like, agree to take more time for yourself, for your evolution.

You’re moving forward, that’s good! Celebrate each small transformation to encourage yourself.

Body and mind do not move at the same pace: the body is always slower. Don’t panic if physical pain comes back or appears: everything is connected in the human body. The old one has to evacuate to make way for the new one! The mind moves, the body moves too.

If you are pregnant and suffer from anxiety :

My personal experience

I have suffered from anxiety myself for a long time since childhood. When we suffer from something ourselves, it pushes us to look for ways to treat it in order to get better. It is with joy that I share today what has worked for me, but also for many of the people I have accompanied. 

The evolution of scientific research on the subject has provided many explanations. At the time, I felt dissatisfied with the answers given by the doctors, and what I clearly felt in my little considered body. Not wishing to respond positively to their proposal to prescribe drugs, I conducted my own research. I started by analyzing my body’s reactions one by one, convinced that there were links between each other. I also tested various natural solutions: St. John’s wort, L52, euphitosis, Bach flowers and Rescue, Ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, art therapy… During my studies in biochemistry and general and cutaneous biology, but also accompanied by friends biologists I continued to explore the subject. I still learn today by listening to clients in session, often confirming the results of my research and the effectiveness of the solutions we adapt together. 

I emphasize that it is important to find solutions and “wellness routines that work for you. Not having you in consultation, I can only list a panel of solutions here, but it is up to you to do the work to get better! 

If you wish to be accompanied, I would always be happy to have you in individual consultation in person or remotely. You will never be asked to stop any ongoing medical treatment prescribed by your doctor, no matter how I see it.

Here is a little ritual I propose : 

When you wake up, take the time to breathe in and out deeply, to gently recover your body, to stretch.
To wash, to dress in awareness of one’s movements and sensations, which is just like a meditation 
Eat something quickly: in the morning it’s where the cortisol level is highest, and it’s also the time when your blood is low in sugar. Be careful to find out what stabilizes your metabolism and don’t increase your sugar level too much either. Fruits, various shoots (soya, broccoli etc.), almond or coconut milk, banana with seeds.
Write your emotions on a newspaper in order to release them regularly
Write a gratitude journal or practice it every day 
Exercise alone in kind, or with others
Drink. This helps your liver to release excess hormones, which is one of its roles. Be careful with the tap water that is treated: find out where it comes from. Choose spring water (which you can very easily recover yourself with large cans to avoid over-consumption of plastic). You can also structure it with shungite, charcoal (takesumi in Japanese), or magnetize it with your hands and your mind.
Allow yourself to do things that make you feel safe and relaxed. 

Do what is comfortable and good for you. If you are afraid to do something, don’t force yourself: don’t punish yourself in addition to your fear. It is gradually and through listening to oneself that one must leave one’s comfort zones, and not in suffering. If you want to move a little bit, go ahead. But if you feel strong resistance, find a less difficult alternative to do beforehand to give you confidence: working in steps is much easier.

Remember, it’s all right! Getting out of anxiety and living peacefully is possible. Everyone progresses step by step, at their own pace. If you need help, don’t be alone. I wish you to have a good time with the article tips and don’t hesitate to give me feedback in the comments or even to share it.

Create your reality

People suffering from anxiety may have difficulty realizing that they are creating their own reality. They have not yet found a way to meet their basic need for security and that they can organize their lives to have fun, not suffering. Little by little, it becomes natural, the anxiety disappears to give way to a serene life.

Please, remove your attention :

  • All things that make you feel victimized
  • All things that make you feel like you don’t control the circumstances of your life
  • Any feeling that the world oppresses you and there is nothing you can do about it
  • That you feel victimized and have to deal with it

Instead of it, focus on :

  • What gives you a sense of control in your life (in the sense of choice and creating your life)
  • The reality that what you want
  • Give yourself power !

The more you feel you are managing your life, the less anguish will manifest itself because fears will no longer have the material to exist.

Lots of softness and ligntness on your day !

_/|\_ Namaste  _/|\_

How to overcome anxiety

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