How to stop a panic attack

How to stop a panic attack ?

During a crisis the person feels an imminent danger, a fear of losing control, or one of death. It is a fear coming from the subconscious, awakened by a particular thought and / or situation. You can progress little by little in crisis management, and learn to spot the first signs.

Even if it does not seem rational, for the person in crisis, what she physically lives is real. Once the process is underway, we must try to defuse the crisis as soon as possible.

Anxiety attacks affect both women and men, and are not so infrequent. Talk around you, you will be surprised answers. Generally we tend to surround ourselves with similar people without even realizing it, it is played on a vibratory point of view.

Often the fear of having a crisis is likely to create another: a vicious circle that it is desirable to stop quickly. To act in the long term, I advise you to read the article on the subject : a substantive work is essential.

What is happening physically ?

When you have an anxiety attack, your brain believes that you are in real danger of death.The blood inflows much less in your frontal lobe which makes you confused, disoriented, with potentially impulsive reactions… and it increases in your thalamus which indicates a sensory overload that leads to unusual perceptions.your body acts exactly according to what your thoughts are, you’re not going crazy be reasured. It’s a reaction coming from your brain.

What are the symptoms ?

  • Sweat

  • lack of breath or hyperventilation

  • the heart beats fast, tremors

  • chills

  • hot flushes

  • nausea

  • headache

  • cramps

  • chest pain, your throat tightens

  • the ends become numb

  • fainting can occur

It is also possible to have the feeling that reality is unreal. Or the feeling to be detached from oneself. The brain is struggling to tell the difference between reality, what you perceive, and your thoughts

What to do if you feel a crisis coming ?

  • Put yourself in a quiet place from the first symptoms. If not better than the toilet, it will do the trick.
  • Put one hand on the heart and the other on the solar plexus, at the level of the stomach.
  • Close your eyes and ignore the outside world by completely returning to yourself.
  • Inhale deeply, inflating the belly, then exhale at once, at one time.
  • Repeat this several times. You will feel your heart rate slow down slowly.
  • Water wood if you have any nearby, as soon as the tremors have calmed down a bit.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, take a drop of peppermint essential oil under the tongue, or Rescue (Bach flower).
  • Repeat a positive sentence such as: “I am calm, everything is fine”.
  • Visualize yourself in a bubble of light protection and full of love, or in your inner garden.
  • I advise you to always have your rock soothing (see above). You can also have it in a necklace around the neck. Remember to purify it regularly in the right way. All stones do not support the sun. If you have a doubt, put it on a flower of life or in a Tibetan bowl that you sing.

As soon as you find your mind a little, remember that everything is fine. Your sense of danger is not real, but a physical reaction to a creative thought of a strong emotion. No big rhynoceros on the horizon ? Everything is fine then, no risk of immediate attack !

What to do if someone has a panic attack ?

  • Gently ask for calm around the person in a nice way, without raising the tone of the voice.
  • Sitting or lying down, to prevent it from getting hurt in case it faints.
  • Make him feel by gentle physical contact that you are there without being intrusive. Prefer the shoulder or the back, avoid thighs or belly which are more intimate areas for some people. If it needs to lie down, put your hand gently on the forehead: this will activate the revascularize its frontal lobe gradually.
  • Offer to breathe deeply together, do the same for him to copy intuitively.
  • Bring water or a coat (prefer something sweet and reassuring) to cover it if it wants. If he has a rejection reaction, do not take it for yourself: the person is not able to express otherwise than by primary reactions, his brain is no longer coherent.
  • Do not judge him/her and stay in love, reassure the person. Do not talk too much : he/she needs to feel calm and safe. These waking processes are unconscious and can bring the person into a state of regression. It’s normal, he/she will slowly calm down.
  • Do not panic yourself, even if it can sometimes be impressive. Visualize a beautiful quiet meadow, with tall trees, she will be able to feel your vibration calm down and hers will adjust to yours naturally.
Good luck and above all be reassured : nothing is insurmountable.I am delighted to share with you all my way and experience, having suffered myself of this issue when I was younger. Today, I am accompanying many people who are marvelously advancing on the path of serenity and fulfillment. If you are concerned about it, I want you to be sure that yes, you too can do it !


How to stop a panic attack

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