Psychosomatic disorders : the langage of the body

psychosomatic disorders

Psychosomatic disorders : the langage of the body

Psychosomatic disorders, physical symptoms with emotional origins, can be release by understanding the somato emotional language of the body. By being deciphered, it allows to free body and mind from these blockages. Thanks to a reading of the relationships between emotions, vertebrae and organs, we have keys that allows us to identify the origin of the tensions stored in the body. And thus, to be able to release them to make room for new conscious behavioral patterns. 

How does the body memorize events? And how does this method of releasing associated stresses lead to well-being and behavioral changes?

What are psychosomatic disorders ?

Definition of psychosomatic disorders

It is the link between the body: “soma” or physical body, and the emotions: the psychic. Hence the term somato emotional also called psychosomatic. This link is well established in the scientific community. And there is still a lot of research to be done on this vast and fascinating subject. Our human body and our psyche have not finished surprising us! 

A psychosomatic disorder is a physical manifestation of an unbalance created from an emotionnal origine. 

Body memory and cellular memory

The perinatal memory

The body stores physical and emotional traumas, but not only. Everything that is experienced since conception, in the womb, is recorded in the memory of your cells. Did you know that your body builds its base of “stable” functioning from the perinatal period. A system or reference state of sorts to which you can return when there is an imbalance. 

Sometimes this base is not optimal, for example if the mother has experienced a lot of stress during her pregnancy. This can affect the child, who is born with an anxious ground. Of course, this can be treated very well by releasing the tissue memories. And by gradually transforming the terrain as well as the behaviors.

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Muscle memory

In fact, every fall (even the smallest) that you have had since childhood is also memorized by the body (muscle memory). This is how I am able to find in your body the different physical injuries of the past. And at what age, with the help of muscle testing. Thus, kinesiology can also allow you to increase your physical performance. And this, by releasing the memories of the body and reprogramming it through movement.

Emotional memory

When you experience a strong emotion, it generates stress in your body. And this stress impacts your muscles directly: they react by contracting. The tension remains stored in a specific place in the body. Each similar tension will add to the previous one… until the load of tension is too high and the body cannot handle it anymore. 

This then translates into certain symptoms. These dysfunctions can be physical pain, digestive problems, sleep problems, behavioral problems, etc. 

If you notice the first symptoms of an imbalance, do not wait to consult, the sooner the better. The sooner the better. The ideal is to prevent, as always. Ideally with a follow-up in body mind therapy which considers the physical/physiological as well as the psycho emotional aspect. That’s why I use a set of methods, influenced by the current of holistic medicine and oriental medicine: shiatsu, kinesiology, psychophysical therapy, emdr, eft, TIPI method, CBT, NLP … Far from being alternative medicine, they are for me complementary medicine, although the term is commonly used!

For which psychosomatic disorders can I consult ?

You can make an appointment for somato emotional treatment to free many psychosomatic disorders and blockages. And this, whether the symptoms manifest themselves as pain or discomfort, but also behavioral. 

Some examples psychosomatic disorders (non-exhaustive list)

  • Emotional trauma, recent or old
  • Feeling of stress and accumulated tension
  • Difficulty in expressing emotions
  • Recurrent pain and/or inner discomfort
  • Repeated situations followed by similar physical manifestations
  • Unexplained behavioral disorders, unexplained reactions to certain colors, smells…
  • Cognitive difficulties, writing or reading, specific movements that are difficult to perform without anatomical reasons

What is the objective of these sessions? How do they solve psychosomatic disorders?

First of all, to determine if the origin of the disorders are psychosomatic. Then, to search for it in age recession (3 in 1 concept method), starting from the body to create a link with the emotions. Then, it is possible to bring awareness to the psycho-emotional origin of the physical pain, symptom or feeling of uneasiness that exists on the physical and physiological level.

By understanding our body’s messages in relation to symptoms, discomforts or illnesses, we can make the necessary connections for total healing. Our body has a natural self-balancing capacity. If it fails to return to a state of homeostasis, it is not a minor issue. Signs of imbalance gradually appear, more and more intensely, until we can no longer ignore them. 

When we start this somato-emotional work together, your brain goes into “search mode”. All the elements related to the event come up from the subconscious to the consciousness to be released. Including coincidences and synchronicities, family files, forgotten memories at the bottom of drawers… A process that often continues after the first session, including in dreams. Hence my requests to do “homework” by noting them according to a certain method! 

Indeed, our body speaks to us all the time. When we learn to listen to ourselves and to know our body better, we can take better care of ourselves. We also become more responsible for our health. This role is not to be put completely in the hands of health professionals: they are there to accompany you. But your body belongs to you, and taking care of your health is essential and a gesture of love for yourself.

How those psychosomatic disorders are released ?

The relationship between emotions, vertebrae and organs

The emotions we experience every day have an effect on the human body. According to the emotion, the body reacts through its tissues (fascias, muscles), in a precise way. It is in these places that tensions are installed, which are related to emotional memories. The latter are contained in the limbic system, which is the crossroads of the choice of emotional and neurovegetative reactions.

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Emotional reactions influence the body’s systems

Each reaction to an event similar to the one already experienced and recorded in the limbic system will be distributed in the body by the supporting connective tissue that is the fascia. They will be organized by the neurovegetative system and its neurotransmitters, the endocrine system, and the release or not of hormones. Already, the connection between the subconscious and the involuntary nervous system is made. 

The different systems (digestive, respiratory, circulatory…) will react to the summation of excitatory influxes, in relation to an unconscious emotional memory. This memory may have been completely buried sometimes, and is not always necessarily painful.

The influence of stress on the body

Our body functions by automatic mechanisms. The repeated stresses of our contemporary lifestyle disrupt these mechanisms. And cause dysfunctions in our systems: endocrine, digestive etc.. The nature of the stress can be related to the disorder caused. 

Act on the cause of the problem to resolve psychosomatic disorders

For example, a person consults us for a recurrent back pain. The osteopathic lesion can be corrected to relieve the problem by putting the vertebra back in place. However, if we do not correct the bodily tensions that are causing the injury to the vertebra, it will move again. 

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These body tensions are sometimes related to a bad posture, or a specific recurrent behavior. More deeply, it is often a knot formed by the tissues during a past event, where the person was not able to manage his emotions in the situation experienced and eliminate it. The somato emotional approach allows the release of the emotional memory that caused the tension in the body. The latter causes the osteopathic lesion, the origin of the pain.

It is exactly the same with food allergies, skin problems… As long as the emotional memory located in the tissues is not completely released, the problem persists. It is a progressive work, but it always bears fruit! 

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It is exactly for all these reasons that kinesiology and osteopathy are very complementary. No surprise: the origin of kinesiology is a form of osteopathy / physiotherapy from the US, called chiropractic. It was enriched by Chinese medicine thanks to the research of Dr. Goodheart. Beyond the disciplines, there are always subjects in which we are specialized. For my part, everything related to the body’s memories and biological decoding is at the heart!

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Conclusion about psychosomatic disorders, and somato emotional reading of the body

Our human body is more complex than it seems… but at the same time, its functioning is very logical. It follows with perfection the laws of the living and of our universe. That we do not manage to completely read and understand! The progress of scientific research helps us greatly, but there is still so much to discover about the magic of life! Humility is required, because our brain, as brilliant as it is, is not able to pierce all the mysteries. But at the same time enough to allow us to read our body and to free its memories.

You’d be curious to find out how things that seem harmless today were absolutely not so for your body. As a baby for example. And I don’t give this example by chance… Because already during the whole maternity, your tissues start to store memories. Not to mention those already present in the transgenerational memories

This is why my approach considers the individual in his or her globality: physical – chemical, psychic – emotional, spiritual, environmental… I use many tools. I use many tools and all my extra-sensory potentials to go as far as possible in the search for the original cause of any problem. A deep process, which could seem longer… but which remains a brief therapy!

This is why I chose kinesiology which is in a sense a body psychotherapy. This allows me to incorporate this somato emotional work as well as the Japanese approach of namikoshi shiatsu massage, Usui reiki treatment, and sonoponcture according to what I consider most appropriate. Because although it is different in the west, in Japan these are recognized methods and complementary to western medicine. 

Our human body is more complex than it seems… but at the same time, its functioning is very logical. It follows with perfection the laws of life and of our universe. That we do not manage to completely read and understand! The progress of scientific research helps us greatly, but there is still so much to discover about the magic of life! Humility is required, because our brain, as brilliant as it is, is not able to pierce all the mysteries. But at the same time enough to allow us to read our body and release its memories.

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Psychosomatic disorders : the langage of the body
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