Phycocyanin super detox

What is phycocyanin ?

You’ve certainly heard of this powerful antioxidant: phycocyanin. This pigment present in a micro-algae has incredible properties to strengthen your immune system, even more than spirulina. 

The human body, a wonderful organism

100,000 billion cells

A machine whose main activities are done automatically

Which regenerates naturally

Our cells renew themselves regularly without us being aware of it.

Can live 120 years in good health

If there are no obstacles to disrupt the regenerative mechanisms.


Major Barriers to Well-Being

Science has identified the major obstacles

Who are at the origin of all our little and big discomforts.

  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Cellular intoxication
  • Lack of energy

Nutrient deficiencies

In 5 years, our power supply has undergone more upheavals than in all the previous centuries…

In particular, our diet has major deficiencies in micro-nutrients: these trace elements, vitamins and mineral salts that our body needs every day.

An orange today contains 100 times less vitamin C than in 1950…

And with good reason:

  • The depletion of the soil

Through intensive farming that does not allow him to rest, and a lack of crop rotation …

  • The use of chemicals

Weed killers, excessive fertilizer, you name it. Thanks to Monsanto for its generous contribution…

  • Fruit picked before ripening

To withstand the transport of several kilometres before being sold and consumed

  • Genetic selection of varieties

By favouring those offering better yields, resistance to insects and better adaptation to weather conditions… 

  • Genetic manipulation and GMOs

Ingeniously created seedless fruit to ensure a sustainable and controlled seed sales market, with a focus on aesthetics and a more pleasurable consumer experience. Fortunately, seed banks of old varieties serve the resistance… 

  • And so on…

Thwart the laws of nature, and this is the result. You’ll understand my strong commitment to the environment.

A degraded environment

We live in an increasingly degraded environmental context of air, water, soil… And we have to deal with chemical aggression ingested or inhaled of all kinds.

  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Pain

Better prevent than heal

The benefits of fasting.

Fasting has long been used for its diuretic and therapeutic virtues, and a diet of several days would indeed regenerate the body.

The ketogenic diet 

It is a dietary pattern based on centuries of scientific research and, combined with regular physical activity, is said to be one of the best strategies today.

To be clair, I personally don’t practice this diet being vegetarian. But I felt interesting to share about this vision. However I take good care to bring good lipids into my body and lower the quantity of cholesterol. Indeed, I always encourage everyone to listen first to its own body. For exemple, when you experiment something, please do it with good care, and take time to study it before. It is not good to jump on a new diet has the body takes time to adjust.

If you need any support with a change in your diet, feel free to contact me : I know A LOT about efficient diet and natural healthy food, following the season and respecting your own body and physiology.

The phycocyanin

The phycocyanin is adaptogenous, increases the body’s ability to adapt to different stresses, whatever their origin.

On the calendar, select “Online” and “Free discover call”. Then select the day of your choice.

You need any help with choosing the appropriate diet for yourself  ? Consult a holistic therapist, that will always advice the best for you by considering your body, mind and spirit condition.

Balancing your weight, feel more strenghs, improve your general health, boost your body naturally to improve your physical performances, food disorders… I know A LOT about the subject. I spent year to study about it, this is an important part of my work. Feel free to contact me.

The cyanobacteria

To start with, they appeared about 3.5 billion years ago ! They played an important role in creating the atmosphere necessary for the development of life.

In fact, these organisms share with plants the ability to photosynthesize using light and water to reduce carbon dioxide, a process that is accompanied by the release of oxygen.

We can add that the Aztecs in Mexico fed on Spirulina. Moreover, around 1200 to 1521 AD, the Kanembous skimmed the surface of Lake Chad.

Today, it is established that this is true for a series of lakes in Africa, subtropical and tropical Asia, and South America.

The phycocyanin

The blue gold of spirulina.

  • the main element of spirulina
    7000 times more active than spirulina
    20 times more powerful than vitamin C
  • An elixir with multiple and powerful effects
  • Constitutes a real “treasure for the well-being”.

A unique extraction process

Provides a phycocyanin completely free of membrane residue.

Effects of phycocyanin

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Increases natural defences
  • Booster effect

Who is phycocyanin for ?

Phycocyanin is for anyone who wish :

  • To preserve his health capital
  • Optimize your physiological capacities
  • To restore a transiently deficient state

Anti-aging stem cell stimulation

Contains polysaccharides that are able to stimulate the repair of damaged DNA in cells.

Improve your daily wellness with phycocyanin

  1. Detoxification (healing crisis)
  2. Micro-nutrition
  3. Energization
  4. Cellular communication

The healing crisis is a natural and beneficial process, even if it seems painful and painful to experience. Indeed, when we go through this period, all our aches, symptoms and negative emotions are accentuated. The body becomes painful and the mind becomes fragile.

Do you know the corposphere ?

The entire universe is made of energy, and your body is no exception to this rule.

The chakras

Each chakra has its own resonance frequency with sound variations.

Phycocyanin brings a vibration in coherence with each of our chakras.

It’s the ideal food…

The energetic virtues: detoxifies the heart chakra and thymus, purifies the mental and astral body.

You may know that we have a physical body (the only one taken into account by western medicine), but also 7 astral bodies that we also take into account in traditional medicines, especially in traditional eastern medicines. 

Note: This information is for educational purposes only, and does not dispense with consultation with a health professional.

Interested to try some great phycocyanin?


_/|\_  Namaste _/|\_ 

I wish you a wonderfull day… phycocyanised !

Phycocyanin super detox

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