Tuning forks course・sonotherapy


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Tuning forks course・sonotherapy

PRESENTIAL Tuning forks course

This tuning forks course teach you sound healing and relaxation purpose: on and off body, the technics, how to use them in an energy treatment, and find the harmonics. All the basics for sonotherapy. Dive into the old tradition of sound healing.

One course focuses on one subject, and it will take whole day.

It’s possible online but you do need your own set, and a good sound system!

PROGRAMME to learn how to play tuning forks

  • Bowls constitution, making process
  • What are Sound waves?
  • Effects on the body & mind
  • Apply on the acupressure point in the meridian lines
  • Observe & feel the waves flow
  • Chakra treatments
  • Healing on and off the body

DURATION of the sonotherapy class

  • PRESENTIAL Intensive 5h~
  • OR VIRTUAL CLASS of 5h (or 2.5h on 2 consecutive days)
  • In 1:1 or small group
  • Private Facebook group, my WhatsApp


Tuning forks course・sonotherapy


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