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3 in 1 therapy

Body . Mind . Spirit

Graduated from a prestigious French school in body care and aesthetics, she performs Shiatsu and various techniques. Those were refined during her research in natural medicine and physical therapy in many countries. Her touch identifies and releases memories of recent and ancient physical tensions. It also improves circulation, digestion, physical performance, for a light and flexible body.

Based on Chinese medicine principles and comes from chiropractics, it uses gentle technics to test (biofeedback) and restore imbalances of the body, with curative / preventive benefits. It identifies the original cause of blockages stored in memory of the body, determines dysfunctions and corrects them. Hypnosis can be include.

Using general energy work including Reiki and oriental approach, it restores your energy rate to a high level, clean your aura and your cells memory, and harmonize your chakra. It also take care of the akhash and the trans-generational memories. Various technics and kind of vibrations can be used such as sound-waves, plants, essential oils, minerals, colors.

Take care of your body (shiatsu and chiropractic), mind (kinesiology,) and spirit (Reiki and soundwaves).

RELAX, RELEASE and RESET, to maintain the homeostasis : natural physiological balance of the human body.

☯What is 3 in 1 therapy ? 

It is 3 approaches possible in 1 session, that act on Body, Mind – Emotion, Spirit, with the following methods :

  • Shiatsu
  • Touch for health Kinesiology
  • Applied kinesiology (Body/Mind)
  • Hypnosis
  • Energy work with Reiki 
  • Sonotherapy

☯The purpose of body mind therapy

☯Technics used

Healing techniques are natural traditional medicines from different countries (China, Tibet, India, Indonesia, The Philippins, Europe, Japan, Latin america, Australia…)

Kinesiology comes from chiropractic and Chinese medicines principles, considering the relation between the meridians, the muscles, the organs, the elements the emotions in the human body, and its relation with its general environment.

This session is specially designed for who wish to take care of their health with natural medicines, on a holistic way. This means it consider yourself as an entire person with your body, your mind, your spirit.

I may give you as well some advices about your diet, skin care, some medicinal plants or cristals (lithotherapy) to use.

It aim for...

  • Relaxing your body with massage and sound waves
  • Releasing your soul from your recent and old memories with energy work and acupressure point
  • Reseting your mind with kinesiology’s large field of action.
  • Starting a new life with the right actions, in alignment with your higher and true self

Optimizing your potential !

I research the original cause of your affliction and release it. 

I adjust my explanations to where you are now in your situation, and in your personal and spiritual evolution. Because everyone is different, I focus on you : I offer a different session to anyone who consult me. 

Beforehand, thanks to fill the form to know more details about your general condition : every sessions are prepared with good care. You can be sure that everything you share stay between me and you to respect your privacy . 

When to come ? 

You may feel some physical or emotional pains, or are in a situation right now because one of those aspect (body, mind, spirit) is not “aligned”.

It may be because of a disfunction in your energy flow, a mental blockage, thoughts or mindset, memories from your past, diet, physiological, a lack of physical activity, or you may be going in a direction who is not appropriate and aligned with your true self.

Life is teaching you that something has to be understood and change to recover harmony :  you learn how to listen to your body to meet your needs. 

It is sometimes difficult to find the original cause of the blockage by ourself. I can help to find it, in your cellular memories, with your collaboration.

Follow us, don't miss us when we travel !

How many time ? 

Sometimes one session is enough. But memories are likes autumn leaves : one flies away, but there are still others on the ground. Some are there since such a long time that they are already very deep in the soil : they changed shaped to be transformed in soil. 

Starting a session with me is opening the door to a deep change. This is why I don’t want to let you alone during your transformation;

Here is the 4 reasons why a follow-up work together is important :  

If you had a physical pain or emotional/relational issue, you will benefit of the session for a while as it’s already a deep cleaning of the body, mind and soul.

But If you don’t look deeper on it what’s the initial reason of why you came, some part of it might come back : body pains, same problem you always meed in your personal and relational life. 

It happen that the mind is changing fast and the body can’t follow, which mean that you have difficulties and news pains to deal with in your body.

This is totally normal : it’s the self healing process of homeostasis. You will really understand the important of connecting the body and the mind by doing some practices such as méditation, dance therapy, Reiki self-treatment…

Another memory has been rising a bit closer to the surface. From your deep subconscient (the hidden part of the iceberg in the see) close to the surface (not visible yet, but sometimes appearing when the water around is in movement. It an invitation to take of it and release it too !

It can be or not related to the initial reason of the first consultation. A logical continuation in your personal evolution, in which I offer to accompany with benevolence. Because we created a relation of trust and the fact I know much more about you in a session, it makes each time more easy to dive into your subconscious. You are a the good direction : you become lighter and lighter.

We all have up and down in life and this is normal. As professional working with physical and emotional aspect, it’s important to ensure you are doing fine after coming to me by and do a check-up. It’s also in the logic of chinese medicine approach to prevent rather that heal.


At Uenohara

1 H (first time +15min)          ¥ 8,000

2 H                                           ¥ 16,000

Online / Remote

1H                                             ¥  9,000

*Conditions for “classical” request. For paranormal and healthy housing: contact-us.

At Mitaka

1 H (first time +15min)       ¥ 10,000

2 H                                        ¥ 16,000

  • Services in presence can be payed on the day. THANKS TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ON THE CALENDAR.
  • Any appointment cancelled less than 24h before are due.
  • THE FOLLOW UP PACKAGE gives you the priority toward other customers, even if we reach our customers limit, your spots are saved. This is also an engagement between you and me that ensure you to take action toward your evolution. 


Follow-up package

A single session will bring you various effects such as relaxation, inner peace, high energy, relief…

However, when you have specific things you want to work on, especially when the cause is very deep in your subconscious, it might require more sessions.

My purpose is to really help you to go through a significant transformation and reach what you want. If your goal is recover energy, recover a good sleep, digestion, circulation… Or go over a physical / emotional trauma, phobia or allergies… The time to integrate the change in your body and mind may be a bit different.

Indeed, the body needs time to adjust to a new mind set. Moreover, a self healing process starts after a 1st session. This is really different from a person to another, but what we call a “healing crisis” can happen. Simply said: it can be a detox, or memories coming in the surface to be released. Be reassured: the human body is amazing and release only what you are able to overcome.

However, It is not comfortable to be alone during the change, can be longer, and there is some physiological basics you need to learn about natural health and that I am very happy to teach you: remember, it’s about empowering you!

2 to 4 weeks after

  • With Kinesiology – Identify the root cause of your trouble : Body (Touch for health) or Mind-Emotion (3 in 1 concept)

3 to 6 weeks after

  • With Kinesiology – Go further, same session goal as previous one (Mind-Emotion) on another subject, or try another method such as hypnosis.

3 to 6 weeks after


* In the case I figure out the subject concerns a much more complexe situation and/or If we need to overlap the timing (2h session) to finish the process:

  • It’s a mutual agreement, and  I can do it only if I have no appointment right after
  • You will adjust the price after the session concerned.

Remote healing - How does it works ?

  • BOOK via the calendar above : “Online – Reiki Therapy”
  • PURCHASE “Online Body mind Therapy”
  • SEND A FULL BODY PICTURE of the receiver, by email, before the appointment.
  • DOWNLOAD the video conference app.
  • CLICK ON THE ZOOM LINK received by email the day of the appointment to meet. Then we close the video. Remain available please, I may need to share things via the chat. 

If you have some family pictures or living place photos : I may need it.

I connect to your soul without video first. I search for your blockage’s origin, perform energy work in guidance (cell memories, soul pains, karmic links).

Be as detailed as possible about what is your need, your questions, what do you expect from this appointment. I you are not, don’t worry, your body and souls talk!

* Bodymind-therapy is complementary and not a replacement of the conventional medicines. You are responsable of doing the necessary action such as consult a doctor when require.

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