3 in 1 therapy

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3 in 1 therapy

Body . Mind . Spirit

A wide spectrum of massage care and a delicate, warm and deep touch according to your needs. It Identify and release recent and old physical disorders, improve sleeping, digestion, circulation and physical performance. Get a new light and flexible body !

Based on Chinese medicine principles and comes from chiropractics, it uses gentle technics to test (biofeedback) and restore imbalances of the body, with curative / preventive benefits. It identifies the original cause of blockages stored in memory of the body, determines dysfunctions and corrects them. Hypnosis can be include.

The energy flow session restore your energy rate to a high level, clean your aura and your cells memory, and harmonize your chakra. It also take care of the akhash and the trans-generational memories. Various technics can be used such as sound-wave, plants, essential oils, minerals, colors.

What is 3 in 1 therapy ? 

It is 3 technics in 1 session : it act on the body (shiatsu, chiropractic), the soul (energy therapy), and the mind (kinesiology, sound vibrations).

The purpose is to : 

  • Identify the root cause and the cause of the problem (social, work, family, emotion, body, food, etc.) 
  • Release the soul memories, but also physical and emotional tensions with appropriate technics to harmonize the energy flow.
  • Reprogram your mind and help implement the actions needed for change.

Healing techniques are natural traditional medicines from different countries (China, Tibet, India, Indonesia, The Philippins, US, Europe…)

This session is specially designed for who wish to take care of their health with natural medicines, on a holistic way. This means it consider yourself as an entire person with your body, your mind, your spirit.

I may give you some advices about your diet, about some medicinal plants or mineral to use as well.

It aim for...

  • Relaxing your body with massage and soundwaves
  • Releasing your soul from your recent and old memories with energy work and acupressure point
  • Reseting your mind with kinesiology’s large field of action.
  • Starting a new life with the right actions, in alignment with your higher and true self

Optimizing your potential !

I research the original cause of your affliction and release it. 

I adjust my explanations to where you are now in your situation, and in your personal and spiritual evolution. Because everyone is different, I focus on you : I offer a different session to anyone who consult me. 

Beforehand, thanks to fill the form to know more details about your general condition : every sessions are prepared with good care. You can be sure that everything you share stay between me and you to respect your privacy . 

When to come ? 

You may feel some physical or emotional pains, or are in a situation right now because one of those aspect (body, mind, spirit) is not “aligned”.

It may be because of a disfunction in your energy flow, a mental blockage, thoughts or mindset, memories from your past, diet, physiological, a lack of physical activity, or you may be going in a direction who is not appropriate and aligned with your true self.

Life is teaching you that something has to be understand and change to recover harmony :  you learn how to understand and to listen to your body to answer to its needs. 

It is sometimes difficult to find the original cause of the blockage in question, and that is where I can accompany you to find it with your collaboration, in your cellular memories.

When I travel to your country, you can book a session.

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At Uenohara

1 H 15 (first time +15min)      ¥ 8,000

2 H                                           ¥ 16,000

At Mitaka

1 H (first time +15min)       ¥ 10,000

2 H                                        ¥ 16,000

At your home or work

1 H                                        ¥  10,000

2 H                                        ¥ 17,000


1H                                             ¥  8,000


*Conditions for “classical” request. You need active listening, brain reprogramming exercices, you may want to book a coaching+healing session.

Services in presence can be payed on the day. THANKS TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ON TH CALENDAR.

– Any appointment cancelled less than 24h before are due –

Remote healing : how does it works ?

  • BOOK via ter calendar 
  • PURCHASE (remote healing)
  • Explain your SITUATION (health, family, work, food, social) and formulate your problem and request.
  • SEND ME YOUR PICTURE (full size) by email, or the person (with autorisation, except special cases), the animal, the place -> contact@bodymind-therapy.com
  • Keep some family pictures or some foto of your living place : I may need it.
  • DOWNLOAD the free video conference app : zoom.us 
  • The day of the appointment, I connect to your soul without video first. I will search for your blockage’s origin, perform energy work in guidance (cell memories, soul pains, karmic links).
  • KEEP YOURSELF AVAILABLE during the all hour : I may need to contact you at any time via zoom (or whatsapp chat)

Try to be as precise as possible about what is your need, your questions, what do you expect from this appointment, so I can prepare it properly.

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