Art therapy

Therapy and arts

woman dancing with white cloth

Dance meditation

Experiment the benefit of dancing : meditative, sacred, and ecstatic. Dance heal your body, mind and spirit and allow you to relax, release and reset yourself. Every session is a deep healing. It allow your to take a time for yourself, to empower yourself, and to benefit from the benevolent group energy. Let’s re-connect to the inner world and the cosmos while socializing and dancing ! Every session include stretching/yoga, meditation, kinesiology, posture.

Sound wave and hypnosis​

You’re invited to travel to the depth of your subconsciousness and transform your mindset. The soft voice of Leiya will rock you and the soundwaves will make vibrating your cells. This will bring you an intense relaxation, until you reach a modified states of consciousness. Your physical and emotional tension will be release, your energy flow balanced, and you will integrates positive changes in your life.

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