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Magic nature life style, a blog to inspire! All for natural health, happyness, beauty, inner peace… Natural medicines, healthy recipes, DIY cosmetics and house cleaning for your daily eco life.

Ecology & nature

Because a magic nature life style consist in living in nature and respecting my ecological value, my blog cannot be restricted to one subject.

Indeed, when you want to live a nature lifestyle, you have to consider your all surrounding. Observe first, and co-create and find balance and harmony with the all environment and its alive being.

You are a nature lover? Concerned about the earth? Ecology oriented? Or nothing of that… BUT you are curious and open minded for following my experimentation and adventures to be inspired? You are at the right place !

Natural life

With authenticity, I share my adventures around the world, natural medicines, healthy food recipes, DIY cosmetics experimentation and self hygiene and home care products, observations in my garden and surrounding…

You will find everything you need for your holistic natural health. Be ready to have lots of fun!

  • Body mind health tips
  • Home made natural medicines
  • Healthy diet & recipes


  • DIY natural cosmetics, self care products, ecological house cleaning products
  • Natural agriculture & gardening in Japan
  • Japanese life philosophy & culture

Healthy Lifestyle

Ready to take care care of your body and mind? Let’s start the adventure together! Become an actor of the change. Feel free to comment, and contact me for any questions!

Emmanuelle Matsumura

Body mind therapist in Tokyo, Dancer & nature lover

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