10 meditation classes online


10 meditation online class

With music therapy – 3 month validity

1:1 or very small group, by zoom | The them change each session.

Guided meditation classes online, with music to bring your clarity and inner peace.

On the way to mindfullness, calm down your mind, breath & feel.

60min – Adapted to you, and according to the season energy. You will focus on your body, your breathing, regarding what you need to work on.

It will bring you inner peace and clarity, release your emotion, calm down your mind.

Program of a class

  • Share your state of the day and your needs
  • Centering time, with healing music
  • 30 min guided meditation + music
  • 10 min silence
  • Sharing time.

Your meditation online class is very good for:

  • Learn breathing
  • Focusing
  • Start mindfullness
  • Hyperactive,
  • Attention deficiency,
  • High potential,
  • “dys” trouble,
  • Learning & memory issues,
  • Difficulty to focus
  • Stress
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